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Love is Divine and show it not to a swine!

Deep love sweetens the dreams in sleep!

Affection can cure the worst infection!

Logic of love can do a miraculous magic!

Love is the only tool that can heal to cool!

If you love, you can feel the God-above!

Love at first sight may lose later might!

Believe not in eyes as they may hide heart's lies!

Both body and mind must be loved, only then bliss is allowed

Love may be a feather in cap or become a deadly trap!

M V Venkataraman

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When love is pure

Success is sure

Love is a cure

It helps endure

If there is no care

By being so fair

Like the holy Air

How can we bear?

When love is true

It will then rescue

Via a positive view

It makes hope new

If you don't love one

Let telling be done

It will be a brief burden

Or tears under the Sun

If your love is false

For you if one falls

His heart, it mauls

Due to untrue calls

Use not love to cheat

It may be now sweet

Soon, will come defeat

Let truth and love meet!

M V Venkataraman

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When love is strong, partner will come along!

When love is weak, for you, none will seek!

If you give a forceful chase, ahead are sad days!

If you touch her leg and beg, that love is no big!

If sharing the bed is the need, that relation will bleed!

That love not ending in marriage is just a mirage!

If you marry due to lust, be prepared to face the worst!

Mutual love's absence teaches bitter lessons!

Marrying for formality will create sorrow for eternity!

Marrying after love is blessed by the Lord-above!

M V Venkataraman

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When she is gone, what is the use of dawn ?

Her leaving me has made me my own enemy ?

When her eyes pierce mine, I understand what is Divine !

When her hands I hold, mind thinks not of even gold

When she left me for good, my emotions are now staying dead

When she looked, my heart she booked, but my love, she overlooked

Her refusal has made my body and mind an empty parcel

Away she went and now, my mind,only sorrows severely hunt

As she hasn't remembered me, I want my days to be numbered

The worst punishment is her stopping with me an involvement.

















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We can feel happy or sad

It depends upon our views

Optimism is a safety pad

When comes a sad news

We can turn easily mad

Or decide to wisely muse

Shock or hope can be had

Both we can surely produce

If we worry, our life turns bad

If trust and faith, we choose

To our peace, we then add

Fearing is of negative use

It stops our feeling glad

If our mind, we abuse

We to loss become dad

God surely rescues

If hope and trust we clad.





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Love can build or break

Love can cure or give ache

If one's kindness is fake

Soon apply the brake


If one kindly proposes

And the other refuses

Wisdom, if one chooses

Peace, it then produces


Love is to heart a fuel

No love is indeed cruel

Love's power is dual

1 is loyal, two, no duel


Love multiplies courage

And ends one's rage

It heals at every stage

Is it not an advantage !


Love does a miracle

By removing obstacle

it helps us finely tackle

As we never at all buckle


Please love always

On all the coming days

Love has God's grace

As peace, we all face


To love, go ahead

With guts in head

Let kindness be said

Let hatred fall dead


When are affectionate

We cancel an ill-fate

Make mood truly great

By opening heart-gate


Love contains a remedy

To end any kind of tragedy

To offer solace it is ready

And rescue from a jeopardy


Love surely heals wound

By saving at each bend

It can wonderfully mend

Upon it, we can depend








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If kindness is missing, only doom. we will be kissing

If we can't lovingly tolerate, we then reach a sad state

If we fail to reciprocate love, life, we easily complicate

If we don't adjust and love, we will get no one's trust

Always if we doubt, our peace of mind will be out

Once we miss a kind person, we create hatred-prison

If we fail to give back a smile, our life will surely fail

If anger is by us used, we are to a demon reduced

If we foolishly drop a proposal, our grief is colossal

An understanding wife removes in life each strife.



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Sorrow has made a theftNo joy to kindly upliftMind is terribly upsetDo I to fate owe a debt?Fate is cunning terriblyI am living very feeblyRelations are demolishedHappiness is finishedDevils laugh at me loudlyAfter downing me cruellyMind is feeling devastatedAs bitterness is by it tastedGloom has made a tentIn my heart to badly huntI am made mentally blindAs nothing good, I findSun and Moon come and goTo be happy, I don"t knowHeart feels life's severe weightWorry has shown its real mightMy hopes are shatteredI am terribly batteredI only to God ever appealHoping He would healHe alone is my true hopePrayer alone gives scopeI possess no gutsBut, in heart, cutsI am madly drivenAway from HeavenBy fate, I am kickedBy devils, I am trickedI run madly here and thereAs there is none to careGod goes away from meBy behaving like an enemyMy path has thornsGetting sad dawnsI am to suffer destinedTo quit, I have opined.
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Love can soothe our emotion

And give us the best elation

Having a kind relation

Is a lovely possible sedation


When love is in our possession

We succeed in our mission

As love gives us permission

To reach our destination


Love gives us real protection

It makes us do the best action

It gives to two great satisfaction

Its greatness is just no fiction


Love can give maximum cooperation

By avoiding in life possible separation

When love is in its noble operation

Joy to enter makes a preparation


Love puts to heart a healing lubrication

It creates in life a comfortable occasion

Peace of mind, only love can sanction

Love makes our soul normally function.





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Love can give us great power
As it makes us a believer
It will bring sure progress
As magic, it does possess
When we are by someone loved
Happiness is to us then allowed
We feel finely joyful and cheerful
As to heal, love is very helpful
Love is always a tonic
It makes us never panic
When love is by us had
To our cheer, it will add
When love is in our side
Our happiness turns wide
We feel immensely blessed
We are by nothing depressed
Love stops disappointment
It gives us a kind sentiment
He who loves feels like a King
Joy to all, his thoughts bring.

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Love can happen at any ageA loving mind faces no damageAffection can be kindly shownOur love must be made knownLove has the power to healBefore love, all Gods kneelLove makes happiness growLove eradicates totally sorrowSky's love gives us Sun and rainAnd a Moon to in hard-work trainHe who can't love is an idiotOnly deep agonies, he will getHe who loves is a true geniusHe has the blessings of JesusAnalyze a soul by its kindnessAs kindness brings calmnessLoving is a policy that is divineAs it makes mood of all fineHe who knows not how to loveIs not favored by the God-above.mvvenkataraman

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Loving alone is the best medicationThat alone is the safest protectionNothing can match heart's affectionAs it can cure the worst infectionThose who insult a loving heartMay lose in life the best comfortA loving heart is always smartIt will play a finely healing partIf a loving soul is badly insultedOnly tragedy gets resultedIf heart is not wisely consultedBy sorrow, one is badly peltedNot responding to true loveIs disrespect to the God-aboveLoving, he who does not allowIs a fool forever and also nowIf love is not used to curePain, one must ever endureKindly, only love does assureGod loves a heart that is pure.


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