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Here I stand in front of the world. Surrounded by many but still alone. Without you my body aches in need.  My Body goes down on it knees.My body feeds for you. My body aches for you.

I stand in front of you, I stand away from you. The moments I’m with you seem glorious. The moment I’m away from you seems melancolic. True believer from it all and as sappy as I am; my love, my true love will be so ever lasting.

I picture and focus on our every moment. Special occasions spent together as meaningless as they may seem. a great ordeal it is for me.

The strength I have with you but the weakness I have when I’m away from you. You truly complete me. So I say “the moments I’m with you ARE glorious. The moments I’m away from you ARE chaos.

The impact and effect you have in me are not taken for granted. Where ever I am and whatever I do, I see you the real you and crack a smile.

Images of you happy, smiling and clapping away as cute as you are and followed by your special little dance that I mess with you.

Makes me fall in Love all over again.

Just a little note, not sorry its sappy, not sorry it’s stupid and definitely not sorry that the more we spend time together I’m getting stupider for you..

++++++++ this is not a poet writting just a valentines child and a romantic from heart which sucks cuz as much i want my happy ending I fear I will left alone. Finally having a special person ends to be a fake and can't fit me in to their schedule but others they could. Missing her very much and waiting for her to come get me but really won't happen. I may only have faith. I am done being the one who goes and tries to figure a way on how to closen her to me.

The like or dislike of my writing show not be if a poem or not.. I ask all people mainly women their thoughts...... sincerely asking from the heart n what their response. I consult and help many women but seems that for myself it does not work or I still blinded. I am known for the best of both world... angel n devil....... in evry aspect...

Thanks for reading n if bored sorry for that too.... Best wishes to alll n I like all writing for now....

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