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I am sorry I can't be beautiful
I am not the perfect 36-24-36
and even though I'm trying
that's not how my genetics have built me.

I am sorry I don't have big beautiful blue eyes
or have that perfect silky long hair.
I am not as tall as a model
not even if I wear high heels.

I'm sorry I don't wear fancy clothes
because right now I can only afford my books.
One day I'll be able to afford anything I want,
but right now I'm not rich.

I am sorry I don't make your head turn twice
or even make it turn once.
I have never considered myself being pretty or cute
so to me being beautiful is far beyond thought.

I am not the perfect 10 you're looking for.
I might not even be a 3.
I hide behind my hair and baggy clothes
because I don't like what's underneath.

In pain I wish you could see
that even though I'm trying to be perfect in your eyes
I will never be what you want.
I am not beautiful and beauty is what you want.

Funny thing though is that
I don't think anyone will ever try
to make you as happy as I'm trying to.
Maybe if I was beautiful making you happy wouldn't be as hard.

Maybe if I was your perfect 10
and maybe if I was beautiful
you would see the outside and not my heart
but my heart is where my true beauty lies.

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Almost one-thousand miles or more I miss him so much...I do The last time I saw him I knew he would be gone I could just tell by the look in his eyes trying to tell me he would miss me the whole way there. Does he think of me like I think of him? Or has he forgotten me in the arms of another? I hope he hasn't because when he comes back I'll tell him "I missed you so much" Even though he'll still feel so far away.
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Take me please under your wings tonight Let me know that I can be safe in your arms Make me feel the warmth of your hands in mine Show me the way of how great life can be I've found in you something that I thought never existed I’ve seen the truth through your eyes and how it all should be I am glad God put you in my way Because with you I know I’ll have happiness I found an angel living inside you And you have started to live in my heart
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