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I cannot trust you.

Do you think that I don't know what is going on.

I cannot trust you.

Like I don't know you, how long have we been together?

I cannot trust you.

I am not stupid, I just don't care anyone. You don't respect me, so I will not respect you.

Ans still, I cannot trust you. 

We are together for the 'family' that we have but we are far from in love.

I am yours when you want people to see me being yours, yet you do not include me in all aspects of your life.

So, I cannot trust you.

I see the people you talk with, I see how you do not include me in your social life.

I see how you leave to talk on the phone or how you delete messages from your phone.

I will not trust you.

You always wonder why I do not answer your phone or look at your phone.

It is not because I hope to never find anything, it is because I know what is there and I am tired of accidentally finding things.

Yet, you want me to trust you.

Just as I get comfortable with you I see messages like, "hey boo" or "I miss you too," with new names and old names...Bonnie, huh.

I want to just snap on you, raise my voice, scream "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS HURTS!" 

You will not change and I will not forgive you.


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The devil stays busy, so should you.

     His intentions are to rob and that is what he will do

He feeds your fears and insecurities

     Slowly showing you misconstrued images of how things could be

Steal your joy, and love, and peace, and wealth

     Stealing so much of you that you will not even know yourself

When you have figured out what is wrong

     It will be nearly too late, so much lost and so much gone

But even then, at the darkest times, when you cannot feel

     The light of God will help you heal

You must follow his path and ever stray

    All the while remembering that he is the light of the day

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Easy...true relationships should be easy and effortless as it begins to grow.

As you move through your relationship, nurturing begins.

Love is the sunshine, trials is the rain, lust is the strength and trust is the protection.

As at team both people must work together to make things grow.

Each day that passes, the relationship grows stronger and lives grow together.

What was once two is now one and as days to months and then years, nurturing continues and love grows more.

Let your love stray not for that is the pruning and poisoning within a relationship.

It will kill the protection, strength, and sunshine leaving only the rain. With only rain, the relationship will die.

Don't let family, friends, or others prune or poison your relationship

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I am TIRED of you becasue you are TIRED!
I keep GIVING you the best of me but when are going to be GIVING?
I FEEL like I am running in circles trying to be chase after you but you can seem to FEEl anything at all.
You SAY you love me with all of that you are worth but now I must SAY that you don't love me so you are not worth much!
You BELIEVE that I would be here, at home, but I you better BELIEVE that I will be gone when you get back. 
YOU don't have to call; I am putting on my "f*ck YOU" dress and taking this ring off of MY left hand.
I have one last thing to say, go screw yourself ,along with all of them other femals, because you will never have this "good good" again.

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Love at first sight...that is for suckers, fools, and misfits.
At least that is what I have been told.
But is it truly possible to meet someone and know from that one moment in time that they are the person that was meant for you?
The simple introduction, a moment of conversation, and an exchange on information...
Is that all that is necessary to take a instance and turn it into a lifetime?
I don't know where we should go from here, at this exact moment in time; I could spend my life with you.
I could wake up each morning with you next to me.
Is this a feeling you share with you?
I know that a hastily decision is all that is needed to break a foundation.
So I feel it’s best to fall back and let you vocalize your feels before I emit my own.
May I be acting too self-interestedly?
Am I holding us back?
Am I veiling my emotions in fear of rejection?
I know that I may be moving too fast but there are things that must be said, emotions that must be release regardless of the response.
All I can do is tell you the truth about how I am feeling...if you agree you move on together.
If you don’t...well that is a river that will be swam if needed.

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How many years have I faithfully stood by your side? How many years have I bit my tongue in battles and just swallowed my pride? How many years have I loved you no matter how much it hurt or what you do? How many years have I kept pretending that I knew you loved me too? How many times will you apologize for the same mistake? How many times will I tell you that I’m hurt and this is all that I can take? How many times will you tell me “I’m sorry baby, I wont do it again“? How many times will I sit up late at night drowning my tears in a bottle of gin? How much longer will it take you to realize that my love is true? How much longer will it take me to say that its over and I’m finally thought? How much longer will it be until you see me turn my back and walk out the door? How much longer you ask? This is the end, I am out of your hell and I don’t want to see you anymore! End, Jade.
Written by Annis ReddXck
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You are my heart. The foundation for my meaning of love, As I sit alone, my sprit longs to be united with you. The forbidden love, but still all I ever think of. Dreaming we will stay together, My sky will forever be blue. As if God knew how I perceived my perfect man, And so he sent me you. Constantly yearning for your selfless love. You are the most important aspect of my life, Other than the man that dwells above. For many years I built a great wall, That protected my weak and fragile heart. But since I have let you in my world, You have warmed my soul and my defenses have fallen apart.
Written by Annis ReddXck
Submitted by Annis ReddXck