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Been gone for awhile. I edited some poems, I like em better now. Just like before, I like to write and I like to listen. People are a mystery to me, and all that I want is for everyone to start being honest with each other.
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What is it we want from love?

Her grasp so tender it gives velvet a dirty frame
Her absence so lonely it puts an island to shame
We walk the path of love
Is it her security?
Is it her passion?

Excitement swells from my toes
When she walks in the room
Her eyes locked on mine
The splendor spills out in excess over my lips
In a rumbling mumble
I plunge into the depths of adoration
Twisting and spinning
In a glorious smile she flashes at me

To hold her in my arms
Makes the dark parts vanish
Turning them into an evaporating whisper
With her kiss
She feels fragile
And I feel fragile
And we're fragile in this moment
I'm weak when I think about her
The rest of time flies
And her face and heart are glowing
In the back of my mind

When our hands touch
I sink desperately with anticipation
For her next word
Her next breath
Her next heartbeat
Her heart, what a heart
Once so hard
She would cut all the diamonds they presented
Once so raw
It would tear at an averted glance
A heart so strong it lifted me
From the depths of what I was
And now I'm with her
And she is love

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Oh glorious moon
Please help me be strong
Give me that deeper feeling
The one I'm trying to know
I can hear them
From behind the neon signs
I can smell it in the air
That furious substance
The delicious way it strokes me
The pull I feel to her when I'm there

At the bottom of the bottle
I'll find her number
And the memories of her bed
And voices that sing
The sting at the end of the drink reminds me
Of when things didn't seem so important
Of when things didn't ask for so much

And as I try to walk past
My shoes fill with cement
An invisible string turns my head
Then my neck
Then my heart
Or what's left of it anyway

I hear the voices, familiar voices
Leaking from the cracks in the door
Telling stories of nights
Nights that rushed by in a frenzy
But still seem to last forever
Stories of love and passion
Stories of heartache and betrayal
Stories of unkempt joy
That spanned weeks, months, lifetimes


That seems to be the span of time
The measurement of the time
Since I've seen her
And felt her breath on my neck
And her touch on my life

The pull of her array and variety
Is like a magnet
She's south, that's for sure
Pulling me down into her depths
And letting me see stars
Even ones I never had seen before

The wave of hurt that once was me
Now is but a splash as I fall
And I feel weightless

Oh glorious moon
Help me be strong

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The seeds I've sown are restless
They sit and wait for me
Lonesome under the winter sky
Asking why I won't return to them

The days of old in which I came
And flung them about
Sprayed in all directions as I pass
Back then I thought I was a monster
Back then I didn't see things as they are
I was dangerous and wild
Chasing sunsets in a broke down car

I had everything to lose
And damnit if I didn't have time
To lose it all
With the sun above I raced
On a neverending road

But the road did end, and abruptly
It cast me off its cliff into the penniless ocean
Waived and wanton I swam like a toad
Floating on the water wishing I were dry
Then came the storm

But all that is ended
And the world has dried out
I've found my solid ground
Something to put my feet on at night
I stand with neither the weight of the world
Or the speed of the wind to knock me down

And so my life goes on
With only the memory of those seeds to remain
And the faint hope that someday
I will gather those seeds into my arms

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She breaks a smile in my direction,
I catch it just as she turns away
The moment lingers in my mind
Her soft curve and broken eyes

The night hurries on aloof
Plain and honest except for her
She holds a mystery so dark
Captivating and endearing

The words break the darkness
Exposing her self to me in vain
Helping me to understand her
As I grasp for a foothold tonight

As the hands turn I find myself behind
Caught up in the melodic liquid trance
But lessened by her distracting prescence
And terrifying humble silence

I make my rounds and pay my dues
But hers is the story I want told
The unattainable tale of a statue
And how she came to be here with me

The night is over and the lines are called
Numbers and names fly about wildly
In a fervent noisy splendor

The approach is imminent now
Can't break the ice with a hammer
So I must start with a spinning drill
And go directly to the source

But still she declines with a smile
That array of blocked starlight
That peeks out from the soft rose
Of the cave she has been buried in

And so I intend to accept this fate
Wallowing in curiosity left unfulfilled
Rushing down the cold sidewalk
Laughing to myself to keep from thinking

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The Men of Balik Nik
All went to a picnic,
And what do you think that they saw?

Out beyond the bushes,
They saw womens tushes
In the river Thakoshenama

Now the biggest man asked,
'Men, we all have a task.
These women will need to be sexed'

'And we shouldn't now fear,
It's the end of the year.
If we don't we'll surely be hexed!'

Now most of these men
Did not think again.
Ran down to the river and took.

But the smallest of these
Walked back up to the trees,
And readily opened a book.

When the men were all done
With their deviant fun
They saw the small man simply reading.

They all came up and said,
'What's got into your head?
Why weren't you down with us breeding?'

So the little man stood,
His name was Ahmud,
And took a deep breath to prepare.

But instead of defense,
He exposed a pretense
While the others just watched then, and stared.

'You see,' he began
'I'm no regular man.
I walk with a different gait.'

'My weird and strange ways
Are my values displayed,
But all my returns are in hate'

'I have my own style,'
He stopped with a smile,
'I can't say what I'm thinking of.'

'So I'll make up a word,
One that you've never heard,
And this word I believe I'll call LOVE.'

'Now love is a change,
And it will seem strange,
But just listen and maybe you'll know.'

'That I want only one,
She's my moon and my sun.
When I see her my love starts to grow.'

Now the Balik Nik men
Asked more questions again,
But Ahmud was patient and true.

They asked him direct,
'Just what is this effect?'
Ahmud said, 'It is all inside you.'

So the Balik Nik men
Went home after; and then
The love of Ahmud showed her face

She said, 'I never knew.'
He said, 'Well now you do.'
And the world was a happier place.. .  .   .


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Love, I want you to open
Make the flowers grow
Start a song inside the grave
Give me a show

Love, I need you to be
Shatter the stained glass
Walk on the water
Rip my heart in half

Love, I beg you to watch
Flip your glowing hair
Your hands to the bone
Meet my patient stare

Love, I ask you to try
Mark on my words
Take me for granted
Release the birds

Love, I know you can ache
Sit on the curbside
Stare out the window
Run off and hide

Love, I see all of you
Soft like a dove
Sharp like a flame
I am so in love

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Make me tonight what I'll be tomorrow
-the sexiest thing a girl has ever heard me say
(note: she didn't perform the job asked)

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The old version of me is passed out of sight
Like a long, slow train on a dead silent night
Images of rising above my outer self
Have all been cast aside; gather dust upon the shelf
All the choices I've made prove I was not prepared
And what I haven't done shows I was just too scared
Tried to be a man of action but I'm just lost in thought
Tried to be a better person, which just proved that I am not
The worst is I know better; all the knowledge I've obtained
Sits in boxes in the basement of my over-cluttered brain
So much time has slipped away, so much life that I have lost
As I waste here in my room simply measuring the cost
And it's not that I'm not able with all the blessings I've got
I just don't know how to use them and it's making me distraught
There's no question that is harder; no truth that rings more true
Than the boy that I remember, I can't ever go back to you

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I can't fall back on the things I used to count on
I've found myself to be too unlike the person I was
The world hasn't got me down
I just seem to be down despite
All the potential I saw in myself when I was young
Has been replaced by the urge to take
When I've given all I have
The end is on the horizon
But I couldn't move now if I tried
I ruin all I touch
A most instrumental Midas curse
I will never know myself until I learn to stand again
I really want to love
It just seems I don't know how
The slipping rays of hope hardly stay my broken soul
In the vastness of existence, I seem to have lost control

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Your life is an empty slate, free and clear of any responsibility or limitation. So instead of trying to keep it clean, I want you to write the f**k all over it.

William Bartell

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She speaks with fervor
The words spill out in gushing torrents
Falling and crashing on our ears
With an empty strength that amplifies
Louder and harder as she goes on

Her hands are passionate
Pressing and wrenching
Tight like a twisted cord
Exuding her power and independence
With fury

But her eyes say it all
They tell of the caress of a hand
The hammer of denial
And the whirl of madness

Her eyes say it all and he is gone
Left her empty and alone
Praying for another moment
With his quick smile and tender lips

Still I love her
The days will tread by quietly
Her heart will slip down
Past her shoulder
And tremble on her sleeve
Like a magician's bouquet

Time will quiet her words
Sadness will quell her angry palm
And I will dwell in waiting until that day
When she can open herself once more

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She loves me so
She loves me not
What is love like?
Well, I forgot

She loves me here
She loves me there
Her love is lost
A sad affair

She loves me big
She loves me small
She loves me less
Or not at all

She loves me weak
She loves me strong
I thought she did
Guess I was wrong

She loves my heart
She loves my mind
I love her too
But love is blind

Who does she love?
I do implore
She doesn't love
Me anymore

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