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fun and happy to be alive.
interested in guys!!not girls
i like to think positive, i enjoy boxing and kicking ass. i love swimming and going out with friends. i love meeting new people and having fun. i know not all guys are assholes but most of them are.... i hate players .... i like to go with the flow i dont like planning thing i leave everthing to the last minute... :):) and i am not gay
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i only have eyes for you

could this be real and true?

time flew, when i was with you

and i never wanted to say goodbye

your words make me fly

they lift me off the ground

i was happy with what i found 

you were my deepest treasure

and the greatest pleasure

your miles and miles away

but i still can't help but think of you all day

the memories flow in my head

you done even call to see if im alive or dead

so im now gonna move on instead

but ill keep your memories safe somewhere in my heart

a place we will never be apart

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your just a waste of time
But im going out of my mind
Just trying to figure you out
Makes me feel like i want to shout
I cant live with you yet i cant live without you
your driving me insane
Coz all u cause me is anger and pain
And i keep falling into the same trao over again
But ill keep fighting and i wont give in
Im determined to win
Thw world is cruel and mean
But im ready to fight like a mechine

, ,

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i cant get u out of my mind
Your just so hot and fine
I love the way you are and i want to make you mine
Until the end of time
Ill be waiting for the day you'll take my hand and never let it go coz in the end you'll have my heart
You've had it from the start
It's up to you to keep it safe it's up to you to carry it in your chest, where it will always belong
I finally found you, ive been wait soo long
It was worth the hard journey
Because i love the feeling when you are near me
its like something i've never felt before
Your the only person i adore
Sometimes it scares me how you opened a new door
And im scared there might be a hole and i will fall
But love is built on trust
Not on lust
So im gonna fight til the end of time
Just to be with you and make you mine

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do u really want to kill me with pain worse than a knife in under a min.... Wat hav i eva
 done to u!
dw my pain means nothing in this world but i always hav to stay true to myself and keep my dignity and respect
wat did u say words fade away into darkness but u hav to keep looking for ur sunshine
whats wrong can feel right and wats right may seem wrong but follow ur heart and dnt give in the fight

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okay hmm u were the world to me but was it a lie? forgiveness can sumtimes be a lie. yet being near u it's different, i would die for u face a bullet straight out, and cry for u, hold u and never let u go coz as days go by you never know when it will all be over. grab the chance u have and aim high ppl will say differently but u must know what is real and u must keep that deal, u have to keep it and never lose urself!.... that is my friend's story she told me it and i rewrote it

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go get out of my life leave please ur jst another desease!
u almost kill me everyday by taking my breath away
i thought our friendship was soo strong i guess i was soo wrong
love u jst the way u r promise me ull neva change

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what happened?
what went wrong?
you said you will always love i guess that was all a lie 
i loved you with all my heart and it felt pure
it turns out i was wrong but thanx for the memories that will now kill me
i hate you but whenever i'm next to you the pain fades away to happiness but when your gone again i feel empty..
when you first said U LOVE ME i was the happiest person alive
when you kissed me i could have fainted coz you left me breathless
i loved your sweet taste and i felt lucky when your soft gentle lips were pressed against mine.
sweet times when we rolled around grass in our garden and for 3 hours all we did was kiss til both our lips turned cherry red
but i guess you were a mistake because now you've changed alot and it turned out you were just another player  and your not worth one tear drop for the pain i went thought because of you..but i can't get you out of my mind and when i close my eyes you pop in my mind it drives me crazy but i'll live and my broken heart will beat again.


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love is like a butterfly
hold it too tight it will crush
hold it too loose and it will fly 

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i cant study, i cant concentrate, i cant stop thinking
my life is nothing without you
my dreams will never come true if you wont love me
my pen cant explain your beautiful soul in paper
you love changed my whole life you are:
                                                   MY LOVE
                                                       MY LIFE
                                                           THE OXYGEN THAT I BREATH
                                                                 THE HEAVEN IM IN
and baby if i loose you my heat will be broken

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i love you for your smile, with witch my old heart soars.
theses are some of the reasons every heart beat is yours

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a bird can fly
a river can dry
you can tell a lie
but my love will never die

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Kisslove is heat
love is sweet
love is not complete
until the lips meetKiss