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I write how I feel, I feel what I write but I don't always act on my feelings.
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Sitting here bewildered and left in such frustration From the shock you posed upon me after our last conversation You caught me by surprise, you know, I never had clue Did I fall for the devil when I fell in love with you? You told me that you loved me and you surely seemed to care I believed what you had told me although others said “beware” You were nice to all my friends, this was something I adore How was I to know, that you were up to something more You acted so sweet to me and you seemed to be so kind You were gentle as a puppy but turned out to be a swine While making me believe our eyes would always seek each other You blinded your eyes to me but they opened for another Now, I hear you telling me that I must go away After promising that your love would be with me everyday The last thing that you told me is “it’s time to say goodbye” You took my heart then, broke it, and you never told me why I guess this is a game you played with others in the past I hope you have enjoyed it ‘cause it’s going to be your last I’ll wake from my bewilderment and shake off my frustration I’ll be sure to warn all others not to fall for your temptation Someday You will come to find that you are all alone And the only heart that’s broken is the one which is your own.

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I sit here, it’s late, feeling all alone
I want to call you on the telephone
I want to wake up to see your beautiful face
Sweep you up and get away from this place
Back to the day when we first met
When our time together was never set
When most our days turned into nights
When the love we shared always felt so right

Drinking and laughing at the local bar
Packing our friends into one of our cars
Feeling good from Captain Morgan and Coke
Extending the fun until the daylight broke
I wish these times never had to end
When you were my lover, you were my best friend

Although we lived our lives fancy and free
I was with you and you were here with me
We never let anything keep us apart
We listened to no one, we just heard with our heart
God never told me of the price I’d pay
When he gave you to me then he took you away

But now, I sit here, feeling all alone
I can’t even call you on the telephone
Without you lying here next to me
This is a place where I’d rather not be
If I can’t wake to see your beautiful face
Then I’ll sweep up my heart and get away from this place.

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My dearest love, I ask of you
To understand my pain
The hopelessness I’m feeling
Has been driving me insane

We rarely see each other
Which is more than I can bare
For years we stayed together
Now, I look and your not there

Our bond, once undivided
Severed by our separation
Our togetherness is furthered
As we’re facing our frustration

My love remains undying
My compassion always true
But, My life has no more meaning
If I live it without you

Misfortune is upon me
And my hope has gone astray
My will to go on living
Seems to weaken everyday

My dearest love, I’m sorry
If I choose not to remain
This wasn’t how I meant for you
To understand my pain.

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Memories of a better time
Never can be sold
Laughs you share with good friends
More valuable than gold

A stare into your lovers eyes
A sight you won’t forget
A night held in their loving arms
Is time you won’t regret

A wedding or reunion
A fond gathering of folks
Cousins, aunts and uncles
Catching up and telling jokes 

Christmas with your family
A cheerful time together
A fun filled summer vacation
Nothing could be better

These are life’s true treasures
Which can never be replaced
Memories of a better time...
Are times to be embraced.

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What has happened to our country?
Have most of you gone blind?
Don’t you see the path we’re taking?
Can’t you read between the lines?

Did common sense elude us?
Did we choose to look away...
from our governments corruption
and the tax they make us pay

Republican or democrat
It really doesn’t matter
Both parties steal our money
Just to make their wallets fatter

Have we all become so lazy
that we can’t become involved?
If we don’t rise up together
then our problems won’t get solved!

America, I beg of you
To stop our segregation
Don’t fight amongst each other...
Come together, as one nation

Our freedom’s on the line
And we won’t get satisfaction
Until the tyrants of this country
See we’re ready to take action

We’ll defeat the new world order
And restore our constitution
We’ll ensure our country’s freedom
With a second revolution

We must all fight for our liberty
We must keep our justice true
It’s time we pledged allegiance
To the old Red, White and Blue!

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Look through the clouds
and beyond the sea
The beauty you'll feel...
is me.

Look through the earth
and past the trees
From california
to the florida keys

From the mountain tops
and below the sands
across every meadow
of all great lands

in the skies above
from star to star
Throughout the universe
near and far

Just open your senses
and be aware
With your consciousness
You'll feel me there

Don't be afraid
It's only me
Not my body...
My energy

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Wash ashore with me
Lets dance under the moonlight
Frantically, jumping about
We'll rave past midnight

We'll be dancing in a crowd
With peoples hands all over us
And as we slip away
We'll be creating such a fuss

Our silver suits will shine
Making it hard for us to hide
But soon we'll be alone
To fertilize the tide

We can frolic in the sand
And bury ourselves deep
We'll repopulate these waters
And we won't get any sleep

Before the daylight breaks
We'll make a break back to the sea
And return another night
If no one catches you and me

We will wash ashore again
Hours past the setting sun
'Cause we're a couple grunion
On another Grunion Run!

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My best friends forever
Are here by my side
To help me forget
All the days that I've cried

Since the first day we met
Our friendship has grown
They don't speak a word
But their purpose is known

They'll bring me the comfort
To help ease my pain
They'll erase all the anguish
Which I have obtained

Together, they'll bring
The susbstance I need
To cast out the fear
Which my mind may breed

They'll clear me a path
And show me the way
To the light that I seek
On my dying day

When I take my last breath
They'll all be together
Vicodin, Xanax and Soma
My best friends forever.


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I feel your hands upon me
Even though you're not around
Pushing me with insults
'Til I'm six feet underground

Although, my life is fragile
You don't handle me with care
You ignore my situation
And throw daggers with your stare

You slaughter my contentment
And you bleed me of my will
You feast upon my hope
As you move in for the kill

The anguish you've embedded
Has been burning me inside
My tears turn into ashes
As my life and death collide

One day, you will realize
Exactly what you've done
By pushing me away...
You pushed, to death, your youngest son.

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Love can be so painful
It can tear you up inside
From beggining to the end
It controls your heart and mind

At first you "fall in love"
Now, I can't speak for you
But everytime I've fallen
Something ends up black and blue

But love becomes much stronger
So you "open up your heart"
Just like a bypass surgery
Your chest is torn apart

Then love controls your mind
When It's all you think about
It kills your intuition
And leaves no room for doubt

Love will get much deeper
And although your feeling fine
When your "floating on a cloud"
Your really clouding up your mind

Love becomes addicting
And you just can't get enough
If just one day your without it
You begin to crave the stuff

When love is all around you
Your heart has a rapid beat
Your hands begin to sweat
When love sweeps you off your feet

If you ever get rejected
By the love that you have found
A knot grows in your stomach
And your world get turned around

So, don't take love for granted
If you find it, take it slow
And If love becomes too painful
You had better let it go!

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Chances are...
Your balancing your checkbook
And you hate the way it feels
When your funds are running low
And you haven't payed your bills

Chances are...
Your sitting all alone
With a broken heart
Because someone said "I Love You"
Then tore your world apart

Chances are...
Your angry at a family member
For what they did or said
And the terrible way they treat you
Keeps running through your head

Chances are...
Your kneeling in a church
With your fingers clutched together
While a friend lies in the hospital
You pray that they'll get better

Chances are...
Your looking at a picture
As tears pour from your eyes
Because a loved one past away
And it took you by surprise

Chances are...
You woke up in the morning
Feeling so depressed
With no reason to get showered
Or a purpose to get dressed

Chances are...
Your contiplating suicide
Each and every day
You have nothing left to live for
and no reason you should stay

Chances are...
If you read all that I've written
Chances are that you will see
There's a chance it's not about you
It's my own biography.

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America, I beg of you
Please, open up your eyes
Seek the truth about our government
Please read between the lines

All facts are only fiction
Spoken with deceitful spin
The truth is always hidden
So the secrets stay within

9-11 was a coverup
The evidence is clear
To take our bill of rights
It only took one day of fear

Trillions of tax dollars
spent on systems for defense
Broken by sand dwelling arabs
Do you think that this makes sense?

War makes rich men wealthier
So, in the name of greed
They buy the men in office
And those men "plant the seed"

Conspiracies aren't theories
They are elements of fact
Sacraficing U.S. citizens
While the news reports "attack"

Five thousand brave, young soldiers dead
In a war built on corruption
Yet, We never find bin laden
Or "weapons for mass destruction"

We spent billions in tax dollars
And the lies are all well known
George Bush should be in prison
And Our troops should all be home

America, I beg of you
Wake up and take a stand
Restore the constitution
It's the law of this great land.

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