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Kristen and i am single
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I want to dance in the rain
like nothings wrong, like my hearts not
broken, like the pain is gone

I'm shattered into pieces
as the lies start coming
my faith decreases

I'm tired of shedding all these tears
more and more everyday
from all these terrible fears

I'm afraid of these haunting memories
which won't go away
I need to find the remidies

You came into my life and stole my heart
you are amazing,I've loved you from the start

You are the light of my world
you came into the darkness courageously,
without fear

I want to sit in the rain so no one
will see the tears I shed
the tears that are from my eyes
from the fears that stay In my head

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I'm sorry that I've hurt you
I promised I never would

I didn't want this to happen
I never thought It could

You will always be in my heart
Forever till the day i die

I can't believe were not together
I just want to lay here and cry

It doesnt seem the same without you
I feel different, I'm not me

I want to be together again
I want to work this out I hope you can see

How much I Love You
And how much i care

How im sad and lost
When you are not there

You are the air I breathe
And the reason that I live

I apoligize again and again
To you my Love I give

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Left behind all alone
You went away for good
Searching for the answers on my own
But none I understood
As my heart grows empty and cold
From the loneliness all around
I'm scared I'm not so bold
I wish I could be found
I wish some things I could forsee
Like if you'll ever come back some day
But left behind you leave me
To much of a coward to stay

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