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The name is Tiffany. All my poetry is true. I dont copy anyone's writing cuz i'm not like that. I joined this site hoping of finding people just like me. If you don't like my poetry, let me know because I'd like to know the truth! I am going through a down part of my life, I just have so many problems going on and I don't know how to deal with them. I'm looking for a friend, possibly someone who cares about me for who I am. I have a really amazing boyfriend and he is the greatest person ever! I have so many times in life that I wish I could erase from the past, but I know that'll never happen. Here's a little to describe myself: I'm really a freshman, the age of 15. I am 5'5". I'm not fat but not skinny, just average. I love to run...it's great to clear the mind. I have brown eyes and brownish blonde hair. I am a very talkative person. I have many supportive friends who listen to my problems and they always know what to say. I enjoy listening to rock music, rap is alright, but it gets pretty annoying. I'm not really into country, but some I can handle. I live with my mother. My dad didnt want me to live with him which is basically telling me he doesnt care for me. I have a rough life, in my opinion. My dad was never really there for me..he's an alcoholic and a druggie and going on the age of 49. I grew up with my two brothers and my mom. I get along with only one of my brothers who is 24. My other brother will be turning 17 this June, but I don't get to see him all that much. He's got a girlfriend whom I dislike very much. Currently I've been going through some tough times with my mother. We've been arguing alot lately and I know it's my fault. She never really seems to care for me the way I wish she did. I am bisexual. Most of the people I've told that to are very supportive which is nice, but then there's a few that arent. When I first started telling people at my school, a ton of them were yelling "It's a sin" "Youre not being faithful to God" Hearing all that made me really upset, but it's who I am and there's really nothing that can change my feelings. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask me. I hope you have a happy day!
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I want you to know, Without you I’m stronger. When I said goodbye to you, You thought I was making a mistake. I knew I wasn’t, I just want you to see that. You said I’ll never find someone, Quite like you. Honestly, I haven’t even found someone, But I don’t need anyone in my life right now. I like having time to myself, And being able to do what I want. When I was with you, I admit, you made me stronger. But at the same time, You made me weak. I wasn’t always happy with you, I just tried to be. We talked about marriage, As if it were a big deal right now. Yeah, it is a big deal, But at my age, it doesn’t really matter much. I have years until I find someone, And get married to them. We said we’d last forever, But obviously we didn’t. I still think about you, Everyday and everynight. Somehow I don’t really love you anymore, Only because I now know you’re not the one. I don’t want us to get married, I don’t want to start a family with you. There are many things that makes a relationship work, Truthfully, we weren’t even close. We tried to last, But it didn’t work. I don’t want us to argue, I don’t want us to be enemies. I’m always going to remember you, Just not in the way I used to. My life is slowly starting to get back on track, I just hope yours is too. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for us, Someday we will find someone different to love. I want you to find someone, And tell her that you love her. Don’t even think of me, Just think of yourself. I’m not going to be hurt, Because I know that you’ll be happy. Maybe we can be friends still, Promise me though that we’ll always keep in touch.

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Where will we be in 5 years? Will we still love each other? More importantly, Will we still be together? I love you so much now, But do you think it will last? We say we will love each other forever, How long is forever? Is it a few days, weeks, months? Or is it until one of us dies? Does love fade away? Does it just disappear? Where does it go, Once we lose it? Does it stay in the heart for awhile? Or does it fly away? Can we ever love again, Once we lose the one we thought was the one? Are we stuck in this bubble, Trying to get the love back? Do we forget about each other? Do we always remember our love? What memories do we cherish the most? Do we even remember any of the good times? What happens to us, Once we say goodbye to each other? Do we move on quickly, Do we stay in the same spot? I have so many questions about love, Can anyone answer them for me?

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I miss you so much,

You don’t even have a clue.

Things have been so different,

Without you here.

I think about you everynight,

Sometimes I even cry until I fall asleep.

I find it difficult to go on,

Without you along the way.

You were always there for me,

I know how much you cared for me.

I was so lucky to have someone like you in my life,

But with you gone, I don’t find myself lucky anymore.

I need you here with me,

I need you to help me get through life.

I know you’re watching down on me,Making sure everything is alright.

I just wish you were down here,

Knowing everything was alright.

People say you’re in a better place,

A place that you like better than here.

But how can that be,

If we’re all down here hurting because you’re gone?

I want to hug you one last time,

Kiss your cheek, too.

I want to hear your voice again,

That crazy laughter, too.

I don’t know how I’m going to get through life,

But I promise you that I’m going to try.

Only because I know you’re still watching down on me,

Making sure I try my hardest at life.

When I walk, I’ll pretend that you’re my shadow,

Stepping in all my footprints right beside me.

I want you to know that I’ll be taking a lot of walks,

Only because I like the feeling that you’re walking right next to me.

Even though you’re up in heaven,

You’re still down here, right in my heart

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He passed away Saturday morning,

It caught us all by surprise.

I’ll never be able to see him smile,

Or ever look into his blue eyes.

God didn’t give you enough time in this world,

He has taken you away,

It was way too soon,

He should have let you stay.

I wish I had more time with you,

There are so many thoughts that were left unspoken,

I wish I said them sooner,

My heart is left here broken.

I sit on my bed,

Wondering why,

Why he took you,

Without having a chance to say goodbye.

I wish I had a chance to say bye,

The pain just hurts so much.

I wasn’t there for your last day,

My world feels like it’s crushed.

I didn’t know,

That in a blink of an eye,

It would end,

And that I’d have to say goodbye.

Goodbye is not forever,

I know soon I will see you again,

I love you always and forever,My godfather, my uncle, my friend.

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I thought I’d never love again, That is until I met you. My love for you is strong, Nothing will change how I feel. I love everything about you, From your personality to your looks. You are the most gorgeous person, I’ve ever laid eyes on. You have such a gentle voice, Which I admire deeply. I hear your voice constantly in my head, It just never goes away. You make me laugh, Even when I don’t feel like smiling. I feel like I’m safe around you, It seems like a better place. Whenever we are talking, I’m at a loss of words. Not because I don’t like you, Simply because I can barely breathe. Every time I look at you, My heart races fast. My stomach is always turning, Because butterflies are flying all around. When you say my name, It feels like an angel is talking to me. I love everything you do, Because you do it so perfectly. We’ve had our little fights, But that has only brought us closer. Before I met you, I felt so lost. But now that you’re in my life, I feel so alive. I know I can be myself around you, Because you love me for who I am. The love we share, It’s so beautiful. I can’t put it in words, Because it’s too strong to describe. We are so perfect together, We have been since the start. At times it may seem like I’m an obsessive girlfriend, But that’s only because I don’t want to lose you. I never want to say goodbye to you, Because you’re too important to me. In fact, I never could, Because I wouldn’t be able to get the words out. We have made great memories, And I’ll remember them forever. You’re the one person, Who makes me feel wanted. We have something that most couples don’t. What I’m talking about is friendship, trust, and communication. We are so good at communicating, I feel like I can tell you everything. I know that what I do tell you, You won’t go telling people. Before we started dating, We had a friendship. Our friendship grew into love, A love that isn’t going to fall apart. If for some reason it did, We’d pick up the pieces. But it’s never going to be like that, So there’s nothing to worry about. You are my one true love, You always will be. If you ever have a problem with me, Please let me know. We can work together, To fix our differences. I love you and care about you, I hope you feel the same way.

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Love isn’t an easy thing to conquer, In fact, it’s practically impossible. If God wanted love to be easy, He wouldn’t have made tears. When you’re in a relationship, Understand that we all make mistakes. Some mistakes can’t be forgotten, But they always can be forgiven. If you really are in love, You’ll be able to understand. When you love someone that loves you back, It’s the best feeling in the world. You’re able to express your feelings, And share everything with each other. Right when you think that love is easy, You end up disappointing the one you love. You know that you have messed up, But you don’t know what to do to make it better. You try everything, But they just don’t listen. What can you do, To fix the mess? When this happens, You feel completely lost. But the saddest thing about that, Is that your lover doesn’t know how you’re feeling. They don’t know that you just feel like giving up, Not on love, but on life. You just can’t take the pain anymore, It just hurts way too much. Your lover doesn’t even listen to you, When you tell them how much you love them. When you take the time expressing your love, You’re obviously trying. But if your lover just says whatever about it, You feel like crap. That makes you feel, Like they don’t even care anymore. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying, It means you should try harder. If you try as hard as you think you can, And your lover still doesn’t believe you, Try harder. Never give up on love. If it’s really love, It’s worth the pain. Love is worth the tears, Love is worth everything you feel. All that you need to have to be in love, Is patience. Once you disappoint your lover, Keep telling them how much you love them. Keep telling them how much you care about them, Keep telling them that they’re the only person on your mind. Because if you do that, There is a possibility. A possibility that they’ll take your hand, They’ll put it up to their heart. They’ll say “You hurt me”, “And you broke my heart”. You’ll think of something to say, But instead all you can do is cry. They’ll wipe away your tears, And say “We all make mistakes”. You’ll be confused for a minute, Wondering what they mean. Then they will say “We have things to work on”, “But I love you too”. So after you disappoint your lover, Never ever give up. Love is worth every minute of your life.

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I’m sick of having a stupid label, Emo, punk, prep, ghetto, whatever. None of it’s true, If you want to put a label on me, How about “human”? So I’m the type of girl, Who wears Hollister one day, And a band T-shirt the next. So does that make me a poser? No it doesn’t. It makes me who I am. I don’t really know what the big deal is. More than likely, If you label someone, They’re probably labeling you too.

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I know that we have just started, What will be an everlasting relationship. I tend to hide my feelings, From people that I love. I don’t exactly know why, I guess I’m just scared. I don’t really know, How to speak of love. But with you, It just seems different. I find myself smiling, Whenever I think of you. I realized I’m always smiling though, Because I can never get you out of my head. People always are asking me why I’m so happy, I simply reply that someone special has touched my heart. I have never felt this way about someone, Until I met you. I am trying something new, By being with you. I am going to try so hard, To make you happy. I am never going to hurt you, Because I’d be hurting myself too. I really do mean it when I say, I love you.

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He wasn’t the one who I thought he was,

In fact, he was just the opposite.

We were a couple for awhile,

Our relationship was fine.

We got along so well together,

I spent everyday with him.

Those feelings soon changed,

Especially when I found out what kind of a guy he really is.

First he cheated on me,

Not once, not twice, but three times.

Second he lie to me,

And I hate liars.

So we ended it,

And went on with our lives.

Then we started talking again,

My feelings for him came rushing back.

He asked me out again,

Stupid me said yes.

He told me that he changed this time,

I was pathetic enough to believe him.

This time we were together for only 4 days,

Then I found out the truth.

During the break we took,

We had sex with 3 different girls,

Dated about 5,

And lied to my face about it.

I hate to say this, but he broke my heart,

And there’s nothing I can do.

Whenever I see him all I can do is,

Smile politely and look away.

I know that if I hold a look at him,

I will just break down and cry.

I definitely know that if I talk to him,

My feelings for him will never go away.

Either way, I lose,

I just wish he could see what he put me through.

I now know that if a guy ever tells me that he changed,

He probably only got worse.

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I think for the first time,I don't need a razor blade to feel the pain.Because I don't see any blood dripping,Although my heart is pounding with pain.I have never felt so much pain,As I'm feeling right now.I've ruined something in my life,That was extremly important to me. I know that I'll never get him back,Because he gave me too many chances.He was my everything, And I decided to take advantage of that.

I broke up with him,

Thinking it was for the best.But now that it's over,It's the worst thing I did.He gave me everything I needed,Which that was love.He loved me for what I was,Not how I looked or dress.We were perfect together,We had the best times.Everything was heading the right direction,We even talked about our future.We already had a baby name,And I'm not even pregnant.What we had,Was different from all other couples.Not only did we have love,We had friendship.Friendship is important in a relationship,Because that's how love grows.We could talk about everything,And trust me, we sure did.We also had communication,Which is also important to keep a relationship growing strong.Our fights didn't tear us apart,They only brought us closer.But I can't live a lie,Pretending he's the one.Who knows, maybe he is,But I have to give it some time.Our long distance relationship,Was driving me crazy.I kept thinking,Where is he when I need him?I don't want to laugh,Or cry,Or smile,Without him.That's what I've been doing though.If I cry, I want a shoulder to cry on.If I laugh,I want someone to laugh with me.If I smile, I want him to smile back at me.I don't have his shoulder,Or his laughter,Nor do I have his smile.This is the hardest thing I've ever done,But who said life is easy?I'm becomming more and more weak,As the clock ticks by.I don't want to be so weak,That I shatter.So I'll do this as fast as I can.I love you with all my heart,But I need to let go.

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A brother is someone who listens, He never inturrupts you, He just listens very closely. A brother is someone who knows when something is not right, Even if you act like you're fine, He knows that something is wrong. A brother is the one who will always protect you, From the scariest/hardest times in life, He will be there to save you. A brother is the one who is on your side, Even if the world has turned on you, He is right there next to you. A brother will always be your friend, He loves you for who you are, Nothing will change that. All of these definitions are of my brother, He will always be my friend, I am so lucky I have a brother like him

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Oh what's that I hear?

It sounds as if the music is near.

Get on the dance floor,

Dance like you've never have before.

Get up on your feet,

Start dancin' to that beat.

It has such a great rhythm,

Keep dancin' with 'em.

Don't care what the music is,

You don't know what you're gonna miss.

If the beat is rap,

Don't even think about a nap.

Dance as hot as you can,

Impress that sexy man.

If it's R&B,

Step up to me.

Just dance in the center,

Dance to see who's better.

Show off that sexy body,

Start dancin' with somebody.

Give 'em what they want,

Go on and flaunt.

Let's move them hips,

You can even move the lips.

It's definitly alright,

To be dancin' all night.

Dancin' ain't no crime,

It's called having a good time.

Don't start snoring,

You'll be dancin' in the morning.

Pull your partner up there,

Nobody'll care.

It don't matter how you dance,

Babe, this is your chance.

Your chance to prove them wrong,

Start dancin to that awesome song.

It's not a contest,

To see who is the best.

We're only having fun,

Just a whole ton.

Everyone has rhythm inside,

No reason to hide.

Bust out of your shell,

You're really gonna sell.

Get down to the flo',

See how low you can go.

Get all the way down,

Just focus on the sound.

Dance to the electric slide,

You'll be dancin side to side.

There's the Cha Cha,

Everyone will be "TA DAAAAA".

Clap your hands,

Rock out to those bands.

You can even sing along,

Nothin's better than dancin' all night long.