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It's cold, so cold, as I close my eyes I shiver

Feeling the pain that loss has delivered

An describable pain where my tears could not wash away

Knowing you won't be there anymore on every waking day

I'm sorry it seemed I did not put you at heart in things I do

But you don't see they way I love you

I know I should have told you, I know I should have mentioned

But the one time you called, something else came up and created tension

Maybe just to me, I'm a worrywart, but the other time when we talked I din't had a chance to say

I haven't talk to you for so long, I had so much to say, I din't want to spoil the moment for you're finally back today

When you asked, I said the truth, and you got angry and left with no contact

I couldn't even feel at this moment if my heart is still intact

I know I could have text-ed you and tell you about it before

But to be honest after the last time I was worried about us and all

I was too preoccupied figuring words to say, things to do to ensure your happiness when you're with me

And to be honest, I din't think this was as important compared and I imagined your thinking bout this was also way differently

Maybe I din't know you as well as I thought I do, but in any case, I know I was a fool

I'm sorry I was a worrywart and overlooking small things and I now know what prejudging do

It hurt our relationship, even if it's a small matter, but it's really not worth it

Is there anyway, anything I could do to save our relationship?

I know I made wrong choices, whether things I do or din't do, said or din't say

But it was all with good intentions that I thought was right thing to do at the end of the day

I now know my wrongdoings, can you please give me and our love a chance?

All I ask for is you, your love and a chance to love you and put that smile back on your face just this once

I love you, and you know how deeply and true it is

But now my future is covered by a fog and mist

Sorry my love, what a fool I have been these days

Please forgive me, let me love you until our end days

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