The name I would like to change

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Appreciation is the spice of life, with out it your left with a bitter taste in your mouth.
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My soldiers gone away

I used to have a soldier

That protected me all day

But now I’m lost and scared

Because my soldiers gone away

I’m lonely and alone

And within me I will hide

Because I’m too afraid

Without him at my side

The people they all hurt me

When they tear me down

My soldier use to help me

With his protection all around


I feel as though in fire

And it’s causing me to burn

I don’t know if ill want to live

If my soldier can’t return


M Mann



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Daughter in laws who have no appreciation, frequently forget that they themselves will one day be THE Mother in law.



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Blood boiling, anger rising, seething coming from the mouth, ready to place hands around neck and squeeze the life out letting it ooze to the floor where it will seep past the floor boards being sucked in by the soil and drip ever so rapidly into hell where it belongs.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A woeful scream piercing the darkness unheardA soul ripped away with the sound of tearing fleshAn empty space  cold and darkNo tears for the non existantA shell of bone and flesh walking to the graveThe darkness callsNo fight no fearDeath is the sanctuary The end is peace. 

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To know her, you must know themEach an individual, and yet they are oneOne who lives as if in lightsoft, sweet, honest and shyOne lives as if in darkhard, mean, dishonest and slyEach one living independentlyher own way of lifewhile the other slumbersas though it were nightall family and friends are so unawarethat she's not just one but these two are a pair.

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Leave me to my sorrowsleave me to my painleave me to my memoriesthat have driven me insaneLeave me in my miseryin the darkness all aloneleave me in my lonlinessthe place I now call home.

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If I could have just one wishI'd put a daughteron my listlike you she'd have a heart of goldkind and sweetbrave and boldLike you she'd have and open earcompassion, loveand little fearLike ME I thinkyou'd love her toobecause for a daughterI'd settle forno less than YOUfor my beautiful new daughter inlaw  AMANDA

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Just a face with out a namevisioned through a crowda firm but simple bodystanding there so proudwalking through not knowingwhat my future holdswhen the name less face approachesand a new life now unfoldswalking as though in a hazethat seems as just a dreamlife could never be this goodor so it only seemsthe face now has a nameand what seemed a dream now fadedlife with him is more wonderfulthen those dreams had ever painted

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There is this thing called DEATHthat walks among us allwaiting for us to make that tripdown that darkened hallIt doesnt sneak up from behindor drop down from aboveit walks up to us face to faceand professes all its loveIt feels that we belong to itwhen our time has comeit takes most quickly from this earthand slowly it takes someDont be afraid to go alongfor darkness you will leavejust walk on through that hall with DEATHand its heaven were youll soon be.


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If you see a poem you likethen rate it pleaseand make our nightComments give such lovely praisingbut it's thumbs up or down that give our ratingSo many poets, I see so greatbut yet they are so low a rateTo many it may be just a numberbut to poets it is for what we hunger.

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She Cries all alonethere is no one hereto hold her closeand calm her fearShe hides in the darkso she can't be seenfrom all of the hurtin the past there has beenShe trembles in fearthe problem the sameno one will help herit is her they will blameShe dies from withina little each dayso within her own mindis where she will stay.

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As parents we feel obligated to help our children find there waybut sometimes we need to let them lose there wayto ultimatly find there way.