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Ok, I have this guy at my school and we have dated on and of for 4 to 5 months. Our only problem is that he's always confused and he doesn't really know what hewants I guess, or at least that's the way he tells it. Everyone knows he loves me even his friends tells that to me all the time. Our one problem is that one night he got drunk and let this girl Rebecca, which USED to be my bff, give him head. So he really don't like her he will just use her to like get something from because he knows she's a hoe. But I won't, That's my problem. I'm happy with me not doing that and he knows it. HE's not a bad guy though he's a real gentleman when He's not around the schools troublemaker LEO. He acts so perverted around him, always. But I love him and he loves me. He's just a teenager and he's got raging hormones. That's what everyone tells me. What should I do cause I love him SO SO much. PLease Help me PLease. Submitted by Taylor