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i have bluee eyes nice smile lots of friends love music
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i really wanna be in lovei really wanna be lovedi really wana a real mani really wana be happy i really wanna be someones biggest fani really wana wake up beside my lovei really wanna find my man

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i feel anger and sadness,as i sit in my room lookingat a blade.tryin to resist temptation,as the yelling voices keep coming.i grab the blade hesitantly.i look at my arm...... studying it,then hold my breath and easily cut,slowly going a little deeeper!i drop the blade, rocking back and feels so good to relieve the pain.after that my arm.... hurts so bad!that doesnt matterevertime i feel sadness or anger which was all the grab the razor blade and do it 3 or 5 times a day.its an addiction!i cant stop!!!