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Walking down the halls trying not to look at you
seeing you with someone new
for some reason I can’t get over you
at night I think about you and I’m not trying to cry
My love for is going away because I know I can’t have you
as I look at you wondering why I loved you
knowing something looking that good cant have a girl like me
every since we parted I’ve been a mess
I wish that you come back to me...
even thou I’m going out with someone
I still wanna be with you

you saw me like no one saw me before
you knew me better then I knew myself
you were my first everything

some things never leave
even thou I was your first everything
I know you still love me

It’s hard not looking at you
with those green eyes that I love
that made like you

walking down the halls
down the street
in the house
I just can’t look at you anymore

I just miss you
holding you
seeing you
kissing you

I miss everything about you
but now I know I can’t have you
but I do know I love you.

I wrote this while I was in 9th grade after my very first broken heart. I wrote this on my old account on here, but lost the password. This has to be one of my favorite ones I ever wrote. I hope you guy like it as much as I do. Thank you :)

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The pain you caused me
I can’t bare it
you hit me
you cut me, no one knows the pain.
The pain you caused me
they say, they are in a lot of a pain due to a broken heart
I know no one can beat mine
It’s worse then being put in a body cast
the pain you caused me
is stronger than you itself.

I wrote this on my old account when I was about 14 years old.  I lost my password to it. So I pasted it in this one. Also added a few words. :D

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