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"Men are like Lava lamps: fun to look at, but not very bright"

"For men in stores: No shirt, no service. For women: No shirt, no charge"

LOL, I write to express me feelings, and lately I've been having a really touch time in my relationship and have been writing a whole lot.
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Hurry Home…


Don’t ask why…


It’s important…


You lied



Don’t try to cover it up…

(shh shh)

Threw all the secrets you hold…

(shh shh)

Don’t you give a fuck?!



…hurry home





I’ve been waitin’

To say something

That I think you deserve to know- baby

About her

About us

About you




Is there a secret?

A lie of some sort-

A pretty revealing truth your tryin’ to distort


I will find out

I will find out

About her and



I’ve been waitin’

To say something

That I think you deserve to know- baby

About her

About us

About you





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So much pressure. The heavy weights of pressure. No one could say “no” without being frowned upon. An eager gleam in his eye. The sickening lump that formed in your throat and then dropped to your stomach. You can’t make up any more excuses. There’s so many things that your worried about. Breathe in slowly, slow your heart- nothing can make this go away Pray for you. Pray he changes his mind, even though you know there’s no hope. You look nervously behind you, at the excited expressions on everyone’s face. You know the only thing you can do. With all your bravery you slowly hold your breathe and lean forward, carefully. You hear distant laughs, distant remarks. But what you’re really focusing is on the soft, large, warm hands sliding over your back, learning the curves of your hips. So much pressure. The heavy weights of pressure. No one could say “no” without being frowned upon.

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He’s leaving?

Tears well up in your eyes

You tug hopelessly onto his shirt.

He carefully pries your hands off him.

You know you’re screaming, telling him to come back

But you hear nothing. Everything’s silent.

You don’t even know what his last words are

You’re numb all over, shaking though you’re not cold.

Wet drops smear over your face, smothering your sobs.

You dig for warmth in the black dirt

You gag, pulling at your skin.

You’re not worth living

He’s gone

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Cross My heart, hope to die

I swear I wont tell what happened that night.

I loved you, couldn't you tell?

Touching your body, how good you felt.

Then you left, walked away
i regret that up until this day

All you left was a picture for me
You broke my heart, can't you see?

It's only been a week, girl I know-
But so far my life has been dull and slow...

so far thats all I got...  BY: EFLATEN

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Oh, you sit there, his arms draped around you.

You think your in love. His kisses so new and powerful
You have no idea.

It's not supposed to feel this way. You know what you want to do.

Every does. but its wrong.

love is sad, sad sad. make belive fairy-tale.

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He slithers toward me. Those peircing green eyes, and beatiful dark hair. expensive robes and swinister smirk. he offers money, he buys me a large ring. he takes me back to his place, dark walls and antique furniture. Old butler offers me a champagne, I say its my last. You've got a dark heart. Maybe just another drink! Or one more?

You never let me down.

He slides his hands down my shirt. Scruffy hair and sweet smile. Plain tee, and jeans. Red wine, flower petals and bubbly baths. He offers love and happiness. Smothering me in warmth and red, soft cloths. A sip of wine, a clink of a glass. A couple more sips and I'm beneath warm sheets as the stroke of midnight dongs down the hall.

You never let me down.

He laughs and slowly creeps closer. Rambling about his career, what he could do for mine. Dark business coat over slacking yellow blouse. Laughs once more. I start to follow along. Holding up a camera, taking shots. I smile a large, bright smile. He offers fame, and popularity. He makes me pose all over. He throws me a bottle or something strong. One or two more, got me gone.

You never let me down.

Don't come crawling back! My love to you? Compared to MONEY or SEXUALITY or maybe FAME.

here me yell around my shoulder.  run away from you. you keep coming back. but don't remind me.

if I decide, maybe to come...

you know,

you never let me down.

originally published by erika flaten (C) 2008

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How could i pass on that? he's gorgeous and everything any girl could wish for.


How could I ruin that? shes my best friend, always has been.


How could I let that go? he's my road to happiness and more...


How could I let a guy come between us?


How can she not get that I'm happy with him?

stop. someone has to lose.

the guy with the smile and the heart-breaking hug?
or the best friend with the caring touch and strong words?

who should lose?

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: Never do anything. anything that will make you turn around.

: never do a thing that will make you look down

: never breath if you wont be able to let it go

never kiss from your lips if your going to yell by the same ones

: never yell if no one will hear you

: never wake if your going to sleep

: never run if your going to fall

: never cry if you caused your pain

: never pluck a rose petal if it causes it to die

Never give if your going to take

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Running, Running
tripping? tripping?

Screaming when no words come out
crying when no tears come out!

Thrash, Trash
fall, fall?

What's the useless point?
I'm so...
what?! confused!!!

Help?! I'm yelling! I'm yelling to you!
Can't you hear me screaming? Help!

I'm sleeping. I know it. But why are my eyes open?

Scream, Scream
choke, choke?

Can't you see me? I'm right here!
Feel my touch? I'm right here!

Everything's white. No- black!
Wait! Oh! I'm so confused!

Help me! Do I know you?
Where I am? Is this a hospital?

Since when? What's this robe?
Why am I here? The nurse is talking to me.

I scream HELP! why can't she hear me? No matter how hard I try-
My lips don't move!

What? What?! WHAT?! I'm so confuzzed...

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You may look deep into his eyes,
and pray he thinks of you when he cries

You may stand by the phone,
and wish he asks if your all alone

You may keep a photo of you two
and hope he holds one close too

You may reach for a kiss
He wants it too, thats what you wish

You may think he feels bad about his crimes,
and doesn't plan on any more "good times"

You may think he loves you...

but he can't feel what's not there...

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Crawl up the thin, dark tunnel

No escape! Fast!

Wiggle side to side

shimmy up the brick hollow

No escape! Fast!

Hear him? Hear him calling? He's going to come!

Little child, crawl for you life...

Escape this nonsense.

No more pain, make it out alive.

No escape! Fast!

Run away! Crawl out your window,
you chimney,
your attic!

Hear his footsteps? He's coming!
Hear his yells? His breathing?

Coming! He's coming!

No escape! fast!

Children all around-
escape! escape!

don't be held up! nonsense!

in the dark...
run away....

tell someone! make it out alive!
this is a test!

a big obstacle course!

No escape! fast!

make it out alive!


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The once was a little girl,

and she looked out a window.

She only got up to use the restroom,
run errands,
and go to school.

When she returned, she'd resume her position at the window.

Whenever anyone ever came into her room, she'd quickly pull down the blinds.

People would tell her it's not healthy to be cooped up like that.

She was a quiet girl, shy, independent, and enjoyed being alone. With her window.

One day, her new step-mother asked her
"What is it, you find so interesting?"

At first, she didn't answer. And as her step-mother began to exit the room,
she spoke. Softly, calmly, and her voice seemed to sing and ring in the air

"I see tree's grow tall, but do not notice.
I see sky's change colors, but do not notice.
I see house's grow old, but do not notice."

Not understanding, her step-mother stared at the drawn blind in her step-daughters room.
The girl looked blank, with pale blue eyes and dull blond hair.

"Show me" said her step-mother. Suddenly, the girl's face twitched.
"No, I'm sorry." and excused herself to her bed. The step-mother left.

Curious, the next day, the step-mother said "May I look out your window?"
The girl didn't smile, she didn't frown, and she hardly breathed, "But there is nothing to see"

Growing more and more curious, the step-mother became aggravated. She said one last time
"May I please see what lies out your window?" The girl raised her head "I told you, there is nothing to see. Please do not
bother yourself with this window. It is nothing" The step-mother grew angry "Though you may stare at it day and night,
you tell me what you do not notice, you tell me there is nothing to see?" The girl looked sadder than usual

"I'm sorry."

One night, when the girl was sleeping peacefully in her bed, the step-mother crept over to the window.
She was thrilled with adrenaline and for some reason was so anxious to take one, quick peek out the window.

She glanced, carefully, at the girl rested in her bed. The mother stepped forward and quietly drew up the blinds.

What the step-mother saw, startled her so. There was literally nothing.

Behind those blinds were no trees, not skies, no houses to look upon. I blank, pale wall staring at her.

The step-mother was shocked and scared. Right then, the little girl sat straight up in her bed

"I told you- there is nothing to see. And there never will be..."


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