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Love. Its as real as you and me and the ground we stand on.It's in one of the most famous Bible scriptures (John 3:16) to thousands of love struck hearts.Millions of poems over the years to the look in his eyes when he looks at you.Yeah, love is real. Devastatinly and heartbreakingly real.Beating in our hearts in some way, even the coldest of them.Love is the greatest commandment.Love is the most magnificent rush, pushing you to the edge of euphoric.And when love is taken away from you, crushing you under the pain.Driving you deeper and deeper until you dont feel as if you can resurface.It breaks you down so far its impossible o stand, unimaginable to get up.Until...You give yourself to God, completely.Trust that He will take your burden from your shoulders and have faith that He will heal you.Is it really that hard to believe? To trust? To have faith?Where teres a world full of chaos, we need that promise of peace.A world full of death, we need that hope of eternal life.A world so restless and fast paced, we need the belief in the rest in his arms.We need Him!God bless, have a great day =][if you have any questions about christanity, email me on here =) ]

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I have that choking feeling sometimes, and I cant dislodge whats stuck there. Even though its suffocating me.I can't breathe, I can't talk...I can't scream, I can't cry out!I scratch down my throat, trying to get the object, trying to free this pint up plea for help.But then I realize that that object is my broken heart, shattering apart...

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Ignore that sound you hear

It's just my heart breaking, no big deal...

Oh, do you hear those splashes

Stupid me, crying like a fool

But go ahead, believe that lie

Believe that I don't love you

Because whatever you believe

Doesn't make it true

Believe that I could forget everything

Keep thinking that I could careless

But if you really knew me

You'd know that I couldnt live without you

But you'll never realize that

So go ahead and run

Leave me here alone

It wouldn't be the first time.

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The smiles. The laughs.

Baby, you thought they were true?

The screams. The tears.

Oh baby, where were you?

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The rain, it pours

Shattering like glass on my face

The tears, they blend

Creating a perfect facade

I whisper to the wind

Your name escapes

Your drifting, floating away

So far out of my reach

Into another world

That doesn't belong to me

My cries, there heard

But its to late

Your drifting, floating away

I'm gone and forgotten

Out of your

heart forever more

Say goodbye

Because the rain,

It's pouring down

Forging this broken girl

Into the perfect lie...

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Love. What a precious word, and what a wonderful feeling to have. But what do you do when love leaves you empty and broken? Do you keep trying? Or do you give up? Do you look at the person whose torn your heart out and say that you can't live without them? Or do you turn your back to them and walk away with only memories? Do you hold them and kiss their lips like it's the last time you'll see them again? Or do you shy away from their touch so that when it all crumbles down you won't get hurt as bad? Do put up with that persons harsh remarks and look past the pain they put you through? Or do you say that you've finally had enough? Do you open yourself up and allow them to see into your soul, to see everything? Or do you put your guard up, build a wall around your heart?

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I'm a broken girl masked by a pretty face. I've shed my tears and I've slept my share of restless nights. I've screamed out with no response and I've fallen with no lending hand. I've found my footing again and again, but soon enough I always get knocked back down. My stomach lurches and my tongue goes dry without food at times when my self-consciousness gets the best of me. My arms and thighs are scared from helplessness. But here I stand, facing the world that will be my end. I plaster on a smile, greeting the days demons that come to destroy me, holding on to the only thing that can keep me alive now. God. I close my eyes, pray my prayers. And have faith that he will get me through this in one piece once again.

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Theres something about you that drives me crazy, that makes me go insane. Your not what I was looking for but your everything that I've ever needed. We've been through so much together and yet I've never held your hand, kissed your lips, or even looked into your eyes. All of these long enduring days are seeming to grow longer, making me anxious. I want you here, no I need you here. I need to hear you whisper in my ear, I need to hold you in my arms, to know that this is real. But yet, again, I know that you won't be here, not now... Just like you've never been.

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Darkend skysPouring rainWatching the fireLose its flameStaring eyesHarsh wordsMeaningless loveLosing my nerveTears welling upSufficated pleadsIt appears to meThat time has ceasedAs water surroundsMy frail body in the seaFilling my lungsMy soul wants to be freeFloating to the topWith eyes wide with regretBut with everything they saidWhat would you expect?

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Severed bodyBroken angelGlass like eyesMemories strangledHaunted pastHorrible fearsThatĀ I can rememberThrough all the yearsPlastic heartBloody tearsWith one wishThat death would nearLooking backFrom time to timeComing up withDeathly rhymesHere it comesDarkness from nightIt takes away everythingEven the horrid light

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Pour out my heartGive it all awayTake you by the handYou can lead the way

You take me on a journeyLeaving the past behindMaking a new futureWhere I'm no where to find

I look in the mirrorI recognize the featuresBut as I look deeperI realize I don't know this creature

You turned me into someone elseWrapped me in this lieTo see I allowed thisJust brings me to cry

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I'm not okayI'm not alrightI'm taking this knifeEnding this tonight

Sparing anymore hopesFrom forming in this torn heartTired of watching it wither awayBeing broken apart

Sink the metal in deepTake in that last breathLock my lips around that screamTheres nothing more left

Drift away into nothingnessLooking at my body on the floorBleed out the last droplets of bloodTill theres nothing more

Smiling as the pain subsidesLaughing in joy as the suffering endsLooking in deaths eyesAnd taking the hand she lends

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