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My name is Syed Ali Asghar Shah Luckyari. I was born on 1st October in a little but beautiful village of Karachi. Karachi is located is located in Pakistan. My aunty kept my name. My zodiac sign is Libra but I don’t believe on stars. We are 3 brothers & 3 sisters, my number is 4th. I have beautiful house, it was built by my grand father. My father made many improvements in it. My father is a Government servant. In my childhood I wasn’t very mischievous but I was very serious. Now I am jolly, caring and loving. I was fond of study & still also. My father entered me in our village school named G.B.P.School when I was 5 years old. I passed my matric exam from this school in “A” grade. During my school life I began to play cricket & I am still playing cricket in our own team “Luckyari Cricket Club.” I am playing as an all rounder & vice captain also. I have met many players like Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan, Rashid Latif, Salman Butt, Imran Nazir, Hassan Raza & Rao etc. After completion of my matric I got admission in G.B.M.M.College in Pre- Engineering. This college was 3 km away from our village. I passed my intermediate exam with flaying colors. After Intermediate I started my own poetry which is I am still doing. My Poems are also published in different books, news papers & websites. You also can read my poetry/poem on website: http://www.lovelandia.com/archive/014420.html . Then I applied in NED University of Karachi for B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), I also passed entry/aptitude test of NED but unfortunately my 20 marks were short for the admission that is why I couldn’t get admission in NED University for B.E. After that I went to Thatta towards my blood relatives & I passed My B.COM degree from G.B.D.College, Thatta I passed my B.COM in Second Division. For more education I went to Hyderabad & I got my M.Com Degree from Hyderabad College in Second Division. After that I came back in my village & I got admission in Petroman Computer Institute for Diploma in Information Technology (DIT). During this diploma I purchased a computer. I started to use internet & I made my email accounts asgharshah3@yahoo.com & asgharshah3@hotmail.com I passed this diploma with good grade. Then I worked in a private company as an accountant. For some reason I left this job & I started to work in a school & along this job I look after my father’s business also. In 2006 I launched my first website http://www.freewebs.com/asghar3/ & in 2007 I upgraded this site & launched another personal website http://www.freewebs.com/asgharshah3/ . Now I am also related with BOE & conducting computer exam & running my father’s business also. I like cool, hones, hard worker, & true persons and my hobbies are Internet, Cricket & making good friend. In future I want to get education from foreign countries & utilize this experience in my own country. I am confident by the grace of Allah & my well wisher’s prayers Insha Allah I will be successful in my plans.
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That man will be winner,

Who is mentally strong.

It does not matter,

Destination is far or long.

His mind will be set,

So approach will be positive.

For achieving the target,

He will be so active.

For him hurdles are nothing,

Problems keep no value.

He believes just in winning,

It is absolutely true.

Always make your mind,

Strong, active and positive.

Then you will also find,

Goal for which you're tentative.


EMAIL: asgharshah3@yahoo.com

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Without love this world is nothing.

Love is the God's great blessing.

Love is an emotionand feeling.

Love is immortal and everlasting.

Love is a strong affection.

Love is a powerful attraction.

Love is a heart's satisfaction.

Love is a soul's connection.

Love makes a life perfect.

Love is free of caste and sect.

Love is so pure, it is correct.

Love is a fascinating subject.

Love is a holy relation.

Love is a full of sensation.

Love is a spiritual relation.

Love is a sweet incantation.

Love has not any limit or range.

Love has not any time or age.

It can be happened life's any stage.

It can't be measured by any gauge.

Love does not expect anything.

But it returns more greeting.

Love is kind, patient and caring.

Love is worship in proper meaning.

Written By: S. Ali Asghar Shah

Email: asgharshah3@yahoo.com

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Muslims are peaceful, I am assuring you, Muslims are not terrorist it is true.Terrorists don’t belong to any religion, Destruction is only their mission.

They don’t know the value of life,

What’s husband, what’s child and wife.Human relations are nothing for them, To get the money is only their aim.Peace and love is the Islam’s base, So it never permits to kill in any case.S. A. Asghar Shah Email: asgharshah3@hotmail.comWritten by S. ALI ASGHAR SHAHSubmitted by S. ALI ASGHAR SHAH

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