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Falling Of The Tears..

Thought You're So Near..

The Air I Do Breathe..

Comes Out From Your Mouth..

The Fragnance Of Your Body Revolves Around..

I Can See, I Can Feel, I Can Touch You All Long..

I Can Hear The Heartbeat As Its My Song..

But As I Open My Eyes, Tears Appear..

And In A Sudden You're All Disappear.. !!



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all those moments will pass away..
which unintensionally become the part of my way..

like the tears hide in the rain..
and share with me your deep pain..

like the leaves flown in the stormy air...
hit me hard but i've to stand and bear..

i never enjoyed happiness all alone..
then why do you leave me in sorrows alone..?

i'm like the stone dragged in the sea so deep..
who has no destiny, neither precious to keep..

my personality was strong like the freezed snow..
but its now melting without your shelter, you know!..

i've become the body living without soul...
whos heart is beating but daammm sloww.... !


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In The March Its Spring Everywhere..
But Not For Those, Who're Mentally Lost Somewhere..

The Cursor Is Still Blinking And I Have No Word To Write..
I Can Feel The Movement Of Blood, I Can Still Try To Fight..

Everyone Thinks That You're Sick..
Silence Isn't That Easy To Pick..

Loudness Act Like Hamering In Mind..
Loniness And Darkness For You're Fine...


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Its Burning Inside Somewhere..
Which Is Forcing Me To Do Something I Leave Behind..

I Do Fight Myself Everyday..
But Still There Is A Place Where You Stay..

I'll Change My Life Very Soon..
I'll Live Alone In The Dark Room..

Its Burning..............!!!

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She has almost cut me half and taken my original part,
This's all fake i'm living,
With no hope and no dreaming..

Perspective has been changed,
And its hard to trust again..

Why i do keep thinking,
When this heart's already broken..

I locked all open doors,
But memories still ain't under control..


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Rainy nights and rainy days,
Every drop is precious but it falls and waste..

Noone knows how deep it hurts,
It takes breath and pulls toward death..

Its bleeding heart and its bleeding pain,
And how long... how long it'll rain..

Now the salty water and blood in vein,
Show in eyes and value of life has changed..

I'm afraid that i'll achieve my goals or not,
Cox i don't know, i'll survive or i'll remain..


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I've left behind the people i need most..

And no one have the cure of that i had lost..

They were like the precious reward for me..

No one will tag me with the name they used to be..

That was the best part of my life, i lived with them..

Still i have in my mind that astonished moments..

Now i'd have to walk alone in the path of life..

But its not easy without them to Survive..


Dedicate to all those peoples, ain't a part of life now.. =) =)

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Its hard to compile your thoughts in words...
Especially when they're about your lost love..

Dying every night with hope that you'll begin new life tomorrow..
But you find again and again around you, clouds of sorrow..

Your determination to live life is getting low..
Only cox of responsibilities you're moving towards your fake aim but very slow..

You, Inside, Keep collect the powers to make yourself strong..
And mostly want to be alone cox you took fasle decisions, may be you were wrong...

Trust, Faith, Truth, Honesty, all these words, when you hear, you laugh..
Cox they're far away from the reality of life and through you towards dark..

Thats how every night ends and every day comes..
You keep find yourself lonely whether you're alone nor you're with someone..

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ahem ahem YoU haVe bEcOmE mY dEsTIny... My Soul! My Life! My Identity... All NiGhT I JusT ThiNk Ov You... All DaY I jUs MiSs YoU... Your wOrdz NoW TouChinG ma HeaRt... I dOnt WaNNa LosE yoU daTZ y Em QuItE dIsheArT.. HoW woUld i ExPlaIN All Ma FeeLinGs To YoU... tRUeLy i LikE YoU buT i ThInk dOnT yOU... Ahh!! NoW i WOnt MaKe anY clOSe RelAtiOn wId AnY FrIeNd.. CoZ You'll aLwAYz ReMaIn In Ma DaM HeArT... iT DOSnT MaTtEr YoU bElieVe iT or NoT... ahh!! Em In LuV...

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Every time I see a couple walking near me I miss the time when you were with me I miss the smile of your face every second Those shining eyes, cute impression every secondI don’t want to live single second of my life without you That’s how I love you and it is really true Every beat of my heart sings only your song It's continously repeating and saying you come on! It is the first time I miss some one very hardly May be it's because I love some one very badly I neva thought that I would be so alone I did not hope that you would be gone this long What makes me hurt and feel me cry that I broke your heart You were very sweet and innocent and I had no right Missing you...........Rohail
Written by Rohail
Submitted by Rohail

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You are so beautiful You are so beautiful you are so sweet You made my every day without any grief You are dream of my lifeWhich I wish to see every night You are the sun that gives me light You are my shelter and you make my life bright You are very precious & you are priceless When you weren’t in my life I was very hopeless You are every thing for me, that you believe or not Without you I can’t even write a single spot It’s only our love that I can’t define in words May be it’s the only thing that makes you hurt As I lost you I lost my life Without life how can you be wife? The dreams are over and the wishes are ends This is my love story and its sadness end You are still so beautiful and still so sweet And I still want to see you once in a dream I will wait for you till the end of life I will pray for GOD that you be my wife Love Ya Rohail...!
Written by Rohail
Submitted by Rohail

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