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I AM ATHELETIC AND i stay in 17 and im a sophmore.i play b-ball football soccer track.i go to blowin out da candles on jan.3rd
i dont go out with ppl over the age of 18 so if you are DONT MESSAGE ME!!! also im single so get at meh!
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its not what you say to me
that makes me believe
that your all i need
its what you do thats lets me know
all my love for you i should show
they way you talk and the things you do
makes this love burn endless for you
there is never a day that goes by
that my heart does not soar or fly
when i talk to you my heart gets weird
giving someone my heart i have feared
but with you this love is much more
in the future i dont know whats instore
but i have you now and you are mine as i am yours
this love bleeds out like rain it pours
you are my presant that i hope to be my future
this isnt young love its something much more mature
were young yet we know what is true
from the very start i knew
i knew this would gorw to be much more then a friend bases
from you i have seen the many faces
the one i love best if when your being you, some so beautiful
you light up my life when befor it was black and dull
i will stay with you as long as fate allows and love you forever
because my love for you doesnt undertsand the word never
its impossible its like not breathing
you are like my breath its what im needing
you will forever be in my heart as long as its beating
and no you will never be leaving
your in there to stay
for i hope you will never go away
i love you
and this true because without you i would not be me.

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from the 1st day i saw you
to the last breath i watched you take
i never knew that day was the last time i would see you
i had always exspected it to happen
but never realized how soon it would come
you just wound up on the wrong road
took a wrong turn somewhere in life
our family was alread in so much grief,
and then you had to fall too
but its not your fault
you always seemd to know your doomed day would come
but you never admited it
although i knew you were afraid for your life
on a day to day bases i could see the pain
some much came out through your eyes
even one glance would say a thousand words
i never knew to how much extent being in a gang would be
until i lost you
how much pain and hurt it could cause
how one could just take away another life
only because of a color
its much like racism, why fight for a color?
i'd rather live life as if i were color blinde
so much easier it would be
no more would another person fall to the gang scene
so many fall into the trap and most dont make it out
theres no ecscaping death itsall around
but why put yourself right in where it starts?
although it doesnt make sence i know you never ment to
you may feel like you let us down because you were the oldest
but trust me, you never let me down
no matter how many meaningless fights i always looked up to you
i knew who you were when we were kids
some how the hard life changed you
but i will never forget the good memories we had
we may not have ended on good term but you are my brother
you are my family and my friend and i hope you sleep well
and maybe one day when it is my time to go i will see you
i will mee t you at the crossroads with all of the other fallen
oh, and while your up there say hi to dad for me.
you were dedicated to you gang i just wish it were to something better
although you may not be here physicaly
everyone will have you in there hearts
you will be missed and never forgoten.
R.I.P Anthony brother and friend.

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when i fall you help me rise
i love you so dont you realize?
you have captured my heart
my love i have loved you from the start
i wish upon my luck stars thats you will be mine one day
there is nothing you can say or do
to make me  love you any less then i do
forever will i be by your side
my love for you i will never hide
just let me try to be your one and only
if you give me your heart i will never set it free
unless that is what you desire
this some kind of passion, the fire
burns within me for you
my love for you will forever be true
no matter what no one will love you as much as i do.
havn't wrote a poem lately well here it is, not dedicated to anyone. just random words from the heart, which is, what poems really are right? haha well yeah i'm single now so yeah ladies gedd at me if you want to =] thanks for reading muchooo love from cali!

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when its my time to die
at my funural nobody cry
when its time for me to fly,
let me go
just know,
that im smiling down
and that i will always be around
i know it will hurt but as days pass by
it will get harder try but,
just know that what i gave up was all for you
now im in the sky so spacious and blue
ive made mistakes in my life but,
ive changed my life for you
i died making something out of myself and my legacy will live on
so  stay strong
when you dont know what to do just look to the skys
and i know the hardest thing is to say bye
but son, make me proud and live your life the right way
you will make something out of yourself one day
keep your head up and keep your faith alive
even thought ive died i hope my memory will live on
even after im long gone
you are my legacy
just be all you can be
i will always be by your side
im sorry for all the tears ive caused because ive kept count of the tears
but just know i love you and im always looking down


so if u dont know, my dad died when i was 14 and its been hard but this poem is kinda about dat but ive learned that you cant be sad for ever sometime u gotta smile and kno ppl come nd go but tha memories last 4evr.
R.IP dad;;

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you come running in tears and ask what are you supposed to do
when we were together you said its just not working out let just be friends
but yet look your hurt again
you told me you thought i would hurt you like the rest
so you went to find some one new
and look he left you blue
you didnt even give me a try
and now all you can do is cry
no im not saying i told you so
because i can admit i didnt even know
but love is pain thats just the way it go
but when you said i was like the rest you were wrong
im not like them but you couldnt see
and now i have moved on and friends is all we will ever be

im not like most imma be here 4 u through thick and thin
your love is now what has been
but our momments is something that can never be replaced
that day our love left with out a trace
and when i thought i wasnt going to get through it, i got over you.

idk where this idea came from its not exactly from a personal experience it just poped in my head so i began to type it here. well thanks 4 vewiing hope you likeyy


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the days felt like months;
the months felt like years
the hours felt like days
and while i waited i hoped amd prayed
that you would be mine again
no i dont want to be just a friend
i want you to be my baby girl
my everything my whole world
no i wont be like the rest
i'll be your #1 the best so just forget about the rest
im the only one with the red S on my chest
your my fallen angel and forever i will catch you
make you smile when your feeling blue
be the only person who stays true
your love is the only way i see the light
i'll be your night and you'll be my star shining brighte
i know there will be times we fight;
but no matter what i will always love you

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ive died inside
 yes i know keep my head up and faith alive
 trust me ive tried
 i just go in around and around just to end up in the same place
just another lost soul gone without a trace
im tired of trying
 because the more i do i feel like im dien
 why am i fighting to live if im just living to die
 can someone please tell me why?
so much pain and heart aches
 with every day my heart breaks
 every step of the way i find my self a stray
 staryed from the real me
 its like im trying to be what im unable to be
 this is my life i just wish you could see
everyone makes mistakes
and i know there are no life retakes
 this is like the only thing i know
 its like the past is something i cant let go
 where i go from here; i do not know but i know
 this road will be long and dim
my future is looking grim
im trying to find the light
 but it seems im struggling to find wats right
no one knows how much ive tried
to change my self within
but sometimes i dont even know where to begin
im not trying to be how others want to see
but i know i must change me
in order to survive and do good
i just wish someone understood
i made for more them im doing now
i juz have to break away and learn how
i know i can change

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ive died inside

yes i know keep my head up and faith alive

trust me ive tried

i just go in around and around just to end up in the same place

just another lost soul gone without a trace

im tired of trying

because the more i do i feel like im dien

why am i fighting to live if im just living to die

can someone please tell me why?

so much pain and heart aches

with every day my heart breaks

every step of the way

i find my self a stray

staryed from the real me

its like im trying to be what im unable to be

this is my life i just wish you could see

everyone makes mistakes

and i know there are no life retakes

this is like the only thing i know

its like the past is something i cant let go

where i go from here; i do not know

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her heart has been stripped
her wings have been clipped
she has fallen and i want to be the one to catch her
i love her and this i am sure
she is the angel i see
she is the star i see in the night shining brightly
ever night i dream
i dream of that one angel
a broken and fallen angel but yet she is so perfect in my eyes
and every time she crys
i kills me inside
because even if i tried she still cried
wich means i failed and let her down
because i want to be the only one to make her smile and never frown
even when all she wants to do is cry
i will still try and try i will
because i loved her once i love her still
and 4ever i always will
until;; until
the end of time 4ever
i will get you even if it takes forever because forever is better then never
because you make all things better
you are my sunshine when my head gets cloudy
you make gray skies go away
4ever is how long i want you to stay
i wish i may
i wish i myte
hav yu 2 hold 2 nyte
and every nyte
for the rest of my life

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hi lol
idk hahaha sorry just exscuse this one! how do



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roses are red violets are blue but my flowers are dead
there wilted and black flowing red
but no,no tears i will shead
no i will not fight i will not strain
just take me now and for the rest of my life
becuase theres nothing i can do i aready took the knife
it cut me in two pieces and left me broken inside
but dont worry about me, ive already died
i will not run i will not hide
becuase i know its coming for me
im already dead and gone, im already free
shead no tears i went to my destiny
it seemed like i was burried alive for years
so many tears
so much pain was around me
no, not for my life i will not plea
just let me go, let me be
and you will see how much better of i will be
im in so much pain just let me go
and my tears will no longer flow
i will be better off gone them when i am here
but no, have no fear i will always be here
looking down on you and smiling
i know you did everything you could

i had major writers block for weeks now and then just today word kept coming to me and like i was just ryming them then after i read this i found out that it was about my grandma but at 1st i wasnt sure what i was writing so yeah kinda crazy but she inspired me so thats awesome and i miss her alot so R>I>P grandma!!!!


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baby i love you
i cant believe its true
you got my heart
i loved you from the start
i never want to part
your my babe and im your baby
its not a no or a maybe
its 100% yes i love you and always will
loved you once love you still
through thick and thin
forever and always and i mean it
no bullshit
no lies im not going to hurt you
with out you idk what i would do
your my sunshine when my head gets cloudy

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