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I'm always trying to keep my dreams alive
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There are things you must know ...

The snow will not last forever !!

The river will flow ...

The plants will grow ...

and all your lies will blow ..

That's life , do not try to change it .


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I keep on holding into something
I never had the chance to grasp

I'm trying to understand you all the way
But you kept pushing me away
It's not white or black , I'm sure it's gray

The decision to make , is driving me insane
But I can't handle this no more , I'm in pain
Those are the rules , I can't complain

That's what you want , so you had no choice
so , STOP . I don't want to hear your voice

You already told me what you think
There is no way back ... you destroyed the only link

After all the things you have done to me
All the signs were there to see
We always agree to disagree

How do you think I'm going to be there for you
After all what you made me go through
You keep pointing the finger at me
when it should be turned to you

I'm so confused right now
I don't know what to do
Is this right ?
Is it wrong ?
Now , I don't feel that I'm strong

I'm ripping out my heart
to lessen the pain
I don't want to complain
But , it's all because of you I'm this way
It's because of you I'm this way

No No No No NOt Anymore
No No No No NOt Anymore

I'm not giving you one more chance
No I'm not
Enough is enough
You had your chance and you blew it away
So there is no reason for you to stay


Written by: Reem Musallam


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I Hate you now
  I hated you before
Now , I don't care anymore
in my life you are nothing , not even a small fraction
Just a simple distraction

My life is empty as a shell
the pain hurts like hell
I won't cry
its a wasted tear
people like you is the only thing I fear
my voice is loud and clear
I hate you and I don't feel any fear

After all this pain
that's running in my vein
people will think I'm insane
I don't care if they complain
of me staying under the rain
to get rid of this painful pain

Will they ever understand ??
Will they ever give me a hand ??
Will they ever look me in the eye??
and tell me thats not just a lie
I will ask myself "Why"
Why me ?
Why here?
Why now?

written by :Reem Musallam


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I’m setting here alone

Under the dark sky

Under all these stars

Looking at the moon

Thinking of you . please come back soon


I hate this place

Because you are not there , that’s not the only case

I don’t trust anyone anymore

I know if I saw you again I’ll love you more

Come back and do not let me here alone

written by : Reem Musallam


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I have been blind

To see the truth

To see that you were so kind

And so unique to find


I can feel my heart beats

When I start thinking of you

I thought I’m strong

Without you there with me


But I was wrong

 I don’t think I was that strong

I can’t live without you

I’m crazy about you


I have been blind

To discover that before

Now its too late

I guess that’s my fate


I want you to know that I love you



Written by : Reem Musallam


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What ever happened before

Don't ever count the score

Just proceed in your life

Live it and have fun , before someone cut it with a knife

Don't ever think about the past

Because what happened will not last

Never look back

Never look back

Your life is waiting for you

You have a lot of things to do

You have a long way to finish

You have many things to start

You can't let your past rip your present apart

So, erase everything from your mind

Be nice, cool, and kind
Help me; help you can be just fine
Just do that and show me that you're mine
You're here in my heart, mind, and soul
Your present light your life
Why do you want it to be dark?
Why do you want me to be mad?
Why don't you be free?
Free yourself from your past
I told you its not going to last
Because life goes too fast
Never, ever look back at your past



Written by : Reem Musallam


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I’m going to miss you all

But its not as losing a soul

Its true that I’m going to feel sad

And I’m going to lose a friend I had

But losing a soul is really too bad


Some wonder why if I miss means to lose

For me its too hard to choose

I can’t choose who to miss and who to lose

Because for me it’s the same

For me it’s the same pain

I’m going to feel it , so why should I complain

If they make me choose , I will be insane

Words said about me is not as they claim

Some claim I’m bad

Others claim I’m not


They can’t say anything about me

They do not know me

They say I’m  bad , if I was tired and did not reply a “ hi”

Some say I’m good , when I help them in their homework

I did not do anything to be judge

Its just because I wanted to do that

Or its because I did not

Will…it depend


It depend on the weather , mood , and health

So , come to me when it’s a good weather

So , come to me when I’m in a good mood

Therefore, you should come to me when I’m not sick


Remember do not try to miss someone , so you do not have to lose a soul .


Written by : Reem Musallam


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I’m thinking of you

No matter what I’ll do

I’ll never stop asking about you

We are miles apart

Even though you are still in my heart

I’ll never forget the color of your eyes

And never stop laughing on your funny lies

I’ll never forget the way you talk

I’ll never forget the way you walk

I’ll never forget the way you smile

I’ll never forget you writing on my file

Days are really long

While hours are slow

I wish you never had to go

written by :Reem Musallam


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For one time in my life



 I know what I'm thinking off is wrong



 That’s why I must be too strong



To face my thoughts



 And write some few notes



  To tell everyone that I’m here



 To let them know that I will be here



 And not let down a single tear



 If they do not care



 they will never feel my fear



 I know that there is someone



 Who is not like the other some



 All are the same , playing the same game



 For one time in my life



 I realize that I know the truth



 I wish I meet someone real



 Who can easily steal my heart to keep it away



 From any danger , from any stranger



 For one time in my life , I wish my dream come true .





written by : Reem Musallam










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Take my word
not being with you
would make my heart weak
you're the only one I love
you keep me on my feet

I give you my past
my future and now
I give you my thoughts
my dreams
my everything
just you my love

I give you my heart
mind, body, and soul
no one can tear us apart
no one can creat no hole

if there was a way
I could let you know
how my heart beats for you
if there was a moment
I could let you inside
and yo see my heart beat

when two hearts beat together
their melody sounds so sweet
where forever they will meet

loving you is a gift I give my soul
missing you is a feeling I can not control

if you were here, I could say
I think of you everyday
now I know that love is real
feeling everything you feel
from now till the end of time
I know that you will always be mine
only becasue love is true
and it will grow and grow
into love that will never fade
that love is what we made

Written by Reem Musallam


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One day the sun will rise........
and it will discover everyone who lies.

One day the snow will melt........
and it will destroy everything you built.

One day the clouds will go away........
but your truth will always stay.

One day the light will spread........
and all the problems will be accumulated over your head

One day these people will die..
so go on spread another lie

BUT one day you will not find anyone to say even " hi"
you will end up looking at the sky
asking yourself "Why, why did I lie??"


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Day after day passes by
without you saying "hi"
or even saying " good bye"
I miss that , in that no way I can lie

Day after day
Days are trying to make me forget , but that I can't obey
You are there in my heart , and there you'll forever stay
so please don't surrender. Okay !

Your unique smile
the sparkle in your eyes
the calm in your voice
they all lead to loving you ..there is no choice

Day after day , I miss seeing you
I love you and I know that you love me too
I'm not telling is somebody asks who
The only case is that my heart is in love with you

Do you remember the first day I saw you
I didn't even care
I just took a quick glance at you
now I realize that what I did was not really fair

Day after day ,things go on
day after day ,things might change
day after day , my heart beats for you
day after day , my heart says " I love you "


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