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Im not suppose to love you, Im not suppose to care, Im not suppose to live my life, Wishing you were there,Im not suppose to wonder where you are or what you do, Im sorry I just can't help myself I fell in love with you, You know me and you have spent wonderful nights together, But nothing that I do is going to change the love I had to give to you, Knowing that there is nothing better then the kiss that you gave me that night, I promise that everything will turn out right, For if it dont screams will be killing me a night, For the hurt that you had to go through, And the broken heart I gave you, I promise that the one thing that you will see is the good side of me, Sometimes when I am in a bad mood I can be a grump, But the best way to think of things is "oh well she will be alright," Then you will have me forever, I promise you that I love you and I would hate to lose all the good times me and you had, So tell me that everything is good, And tell me that you love me, Before it is to late... by Boe Glauser rasberry_0123@hotmail.com