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i really don't caire what people think bout me... but if u do want 2 get 2 know me message me... (o and im no really 18 i am 16)
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Red and white stripes span its width,
White stars floating in a blue abys.
It waves in the wind proud colors flying,
Those who fight for it are not afraid of dieing.

This is dedicated to all the brave men and women who fight and die every day for our countrie, and tho those who fight here at home to end violence and keep us safe

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Cloudless sky,
A crash,
Cell phones,
Tires squeal,
Empty street,
Red stains,
Pieces of metal,
Bike and car,

this was actually an assignment for my English class. Please comment.

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Where are you?
I want to know
If you really 
Care about me;
Why did you let me go?
Are you ashamed of me?
Were you scared?

It hurts growing up 
Not knowing who you are,
What you look like,
Or if you ever really cared.

And now after sixteen years
You finally decide you wanna
Have me in your life.
Well forget it, I stoped
wanting you in mine years ago.

just so everyone knows this is about my biological dad not my adopted one (the one i life with now) and the last part isn't entierly true. my biological dad doesn't want me in his life and he probly never will, but a part of me will always want him in mine.

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Give me one good reason
Why i should take you back.

Give me one good reason
To love you just like that

Give me one good reason
One that will make me stay

Give me okne good reason
Not to push your love away.

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I love the way you look at me
And the way you do you hair

I love the way you smile at me
And the way you seem to cair

I love the way you talk to me
And the way you sit and stair

But most of all i love the way
you are always there.

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Over and Over

Head over heals I fall
Over and Over, I try not to
But there is just something about you
Something that keeps pulling me back.
your my life, my everything, the reason
I get up in the morning.
You are my LIFE.

not one of my best i know but still.... tell me what you think!!!! :)

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American Flag

Red and white stripes
Span its width
White stars floating
In a blue abyss
It waves in the wind,
Proud colors flying
Those who fight for it
Are not afraid of Dyeing.

idk i just got bored and was looking at an American flag and started wrighting it... what do you think?

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I sand in awe
Breathing in the fresh
Mountain air
And think

About what it must have
Taken to make
Such a
Spectatular view

And I think about
How many lives
Were lost to
Protect this beautiful land

Then I realize
That is what
Makes it so special,
So important, so breathtaking

And then I am tuly at peace

i got bored last night so i just started wrighting... i hope u like it...

coments are welcome. :)

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You close your eyes
take a deep breath

And then you
Start to expain
Why you can't date

You have been hurt 
To many times
You don't like 
Hurting people

You're scared
Because of what I
Could do to you?

You think you're scared
I have more of a reason 
To be scared of

You lie
You cheat
You use

I shouldn't
Trust you
I shouldn't
Love you

But i do
I don't know
Why but .......
I do!

i wrote this about one of my friends... i like him alot and he flurts with me all the time but I'm scared to start anything with him because he does like, and cheat, and use girls. and i don't want him to do that to me.... HELP.... :(

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What else can I do

That it would come true

I cant get over you!

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What do you do?

What do you do when someone breaks your heart?

When it feels like everything’s falling apart?

What do you do when you got nothing left?

When it feels like you just can’t get a rest?

What do you do when you feel like crying?

When no matter what you do you feel like dyeing?

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True Love


 True love is like a pearl, found by few and treasured by all.
When you find it never let go.
We live in a big world where it is near impossible to find true love.
But to feel like I do once I found it in you.
So cherish our love and never let go.
No one to come between, you are,


                                            My world,
                                                 My one,

                                                           My only, 

My love.

my sister and I wrote this togather.... so yeah it is close to my heart. but i wanna know what u think... coments are welcome... :)

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