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Hey my name is Andria.
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i love you david... u mean so much to me...  i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you! im so thankful to have u here for me! 8111 forever baby!!

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my homiie is sittiin there. out iin the cold. just waitiin for the unknown. worried. scared. wonderiin when his time will come. just the way ii looked at him. n he looked at me. ii gave iit all ii had. but yet iit wasnt the same. why iis shiit so hard to deal with now a days. why is liife so compliicated. why are homiies left by themselves to fend for themselves. homiies are homiies for liife.

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i was so sad.
so curious.
wondering why.
the hard times have to be.
the way they are.
but sometimes i just wonder.
why i saw him right before he died.
why was i supposed to know him.
please lord tell me.
tell me.

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im coming home
thru the night
ill be there as soon as i can
baby, im coming home
for good
youll see my face again
i promised you

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i love this guy
he doesnt see it.
i wish he did
im drunk.
n he doesnt
want to notice.
hes an ass hole
n i learned alot from stayin one night

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i really forgot about you.
its about time.
i mean i never thought i would.
you meant the world to me at one time.
but sometimes ill still look at your pictures.
n sometimes ill still remember your smile.
but baby, jus dont forget my face.
its one thing i never will forget about you.
a promise.

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you never know what you have until its gone.
until its gone itll never be a thought in your mind.
time can only tell where life will bring us.
life is too short to fool around.
just hold up your head.
know that someday somehow
your dreams will come true.


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love is unconditional
til the end of time.

i cross my heart
and promise to.
baby, I'm goin to love you forever
forever, amen.

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id give up anything.
id give up drinking.
id give up smoking.
id do anything to have him back.
lord hear my prayer.

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its the smell of the air.
why does everything seem so unfair.
i dont understand why.
sometimes its best to just say goodbye.
i never understood.
you were everything in my childhood.
time will only tell.
we wont have to dwell.
i know deep down in my heart.
that we'll never always be apart.

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dreams come true,
through and through.
never have a doubt,
whatever its about.

time will only tell,
when you will get well.
show me your strong,
and you'll never go wrong.



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sometimes ii dont get iit.
why cant you ever admit??
ii was your only benifit.

the times you said ii love you.
makes me feel like ii had not a clue.
iit seems like this just came out of the blue.

ii loved you every second.
after you left all my feelings lessened.
my world seemed flattened.

all around me iit felt like everyone was staring.
iit seemed like all my feelings were drifting.
iit felt like ii was dreaming.

ii pray one day that things will get better.
iin his life people swear ii was just a rumor.
ii swear to god ii knew just by looking iin the mirror.

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