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dont miss me too much people
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Miss-es-sanders was a house wife, she cooked things in a crock,mr. harris was her boyfriend, and he had a great big cock-a-doodle-doodle, the rooster just wont sleep, and I dont want my breakfast, because it tastes likeshitzus make good house pets, their really cute and sweet,monkeys arent good house pets because the like to beat theirmeating in the office, or meeting in the hall, the boss he wants to see you, so you can suck his ballzak was a writer, he lived with ellen bunt, but misses roberts doesnt like him, cause she a flippincuntaminanted water, can really make you sick, your bladder gets infected, and blood comes out yourdicktate what im saying cause it will bring you luck, and if you all dont like it I dont give a flying ****


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If you truly love me.You wont speak to me again.I'm sorry if I hurt you.But we cannot be friends.Just the sight of you,tears me up inside.I no longer want to love you,just let me run and hide.I hope someday soon,I'll be able to live again.But loving you right now,it feel slike such a sin.

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A Halo player is patient.He must wait for his prey.A Halo player is quick.To learn how to play.A Halo player is careful.He does not run into fights.A HAlo player is energized.So he stays up all night.A Halo player is true.To each member of his team.A Halo Player is not.always what he seems.A Halo player knows.exactly what this poem means.A Halo Player shall.always chase his dreams.

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I promised you my love,yet you threw it in my face.I promised you my life,yet you thought it was disgrace.I pormised to keep you close,but you decided to leave.I promised we'd be married,but you caused me to greive.I promised 'Til death do us part'but you decided to tear out my heart.I pormised a new life,for you to try and strive.After all the promises I made,none of them were repaid.So I lay here in my bed,rewinding what you said,and wonder in my heart,why I even tried to start.So I have one more promise,That I'll be sure to keep.I'll say "I love you"one more time,before I put myself to sleep.

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Forgive me for everything I said,For saying the first thing that came into my head.

Upon being so hard I hurt you,another thing that I promised not to do.

I don't know what to think anymore,But it has always been you I adore.

I acted out of being selfish,and didnt think about what you wish.

Hate me, forever, I hope you will,For the words I has aid, were meant to kill.

For now I'll stay out of your life,unless you want it otherwise...

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Who exactly am I to you?

Do you see me for what is true?


Three of me I can truly be,

But one at a time is all you’ll see.

The Wise, The Fighter, The Depressed,

All rest, within my chest.


The Wise is the one I favor most.

Wise enough, but will not boast,

Always doing what it can,

To try and help its fellow man.


The Fighters the one I need in me,

Showing me how to stay free,

From those who hurt me most often,

It tries to put them in a coffin.


The depressed is the one that comes out the less,

He stays here inside my chest,

When I feel Im about to cry,

He makes me curl up, and want, to die.


People always say, “oh you’re a great guy”

I wish you could see what was truly inside.

I can but begin to show,

What it is, you wish not to know.

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In love or in lust?

 Is either one just?


To love is to trust,

But also to bust,

The hearts of the ones involved.


To lust is to feel,

What you only think is real,

But also ends in pain.


To love or to lust,

Theres no way to trust,

Everything the human thinks.

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I stand here,in the Red Square,of the great,country Russia.looking around,taking in all,the sounds,that seem to crush ya.A shot was fired,another after,I didn't know what to do.the American,that was near,knew how,to follow through.He fires at a terrorist,who has his own,big gun,The Terrorist,was part of a team,meant to ruin all the fun.the AMerican so brave,and strong,with a pistol,carried on.He killed two, and pulled me through,The chaos in the square.We crouched down,behind a wall,there was a third somewhere.He span out,from behind the wall, and killed the thid,with a grenadeLord thank you for,The American,Who saved my life that day.


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I sit here in my girlfriends den,wondering how this all began,I sit here in this comfy chair,as she comes out and gives me a stare.She's as white as the clouds,and suddenly I'm proud,she holds up what she left the room to do,I see her grin, she says, "It's Blue"Suddenyl I'm filled with pride,something that I cnnot hide,I pull her tight against my chest,and thank god, He's given me the bestTo one day see my beautiful child,t will be worth all the while,son or daughter,I don't care,I will love them anywhere.

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I'm in serious shit,I think I've been hit,I reach for my thigh,I'm adrenaline high,I draw out a pistol,and hear the whistle,of enemies dropping bombs,I struggle to stand,and grab a friends ahnd,together we run,back to where we came from,We take cover at our lines,behind friendly mines,and then I begin to pray.We use our own wall,and se enemies fall,we fight on for days,in quite a large daze,finally after the smoke,our uniforms soak,with human blood.We are the victors,forever the victors,here in Vietnam

, ,

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Tonight I lay on my bed,replaying what my parents said.From my Dad-"Damn, just your face makes me sad,why couldnt you play sports,rather than writ epeotry of sorts,so, its hard to be proud,when your existance runs me into the ground."From my mom-"your the reason I cant be calm,your a cheerleader,does that make you a dick-eater?why couldnt I have had a son, that strived to be the toughest one?"To them both."Just because I am a poet,doesnt mean, I cannot show it,call me gay,Ill be okay,and I am tough,my words are enough,Im sorry I cant make you proud,but Ill try until I'm in the ground.

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I look into the eyes,of my beautiful Sky, And ask myself why,I cant say whats inside.Here we sit,her hand in mine,and i look into her eyes,and struggle more with my mind.I place a hand on her cheek,because with her Im no longer weak,I say everything in my head,Ive always wanted to be said."SKy your too beautiful, on the inside and the out,we've known each othe for so long,I know without a doubt,I love you now,and always will,no matters what happens,I'll never get my fill"