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You gave me faith, strength to believe

Never ever thought that you would leave

Never knew what was in store

Til I opened the door

How could I be so blind?

When I said “I just wouldn’t mind”


Don’t pretend as if you care

When all you could do is stare

Don’t tell me that you understand

When you couldn’t even lend a hand

Don’t tell me that you’ll help me through

When you don’t even have a clue

Of what I’m going through

From now on, I’m on my own

Yeah, I’d rather be alone


By myself, I had to live on

But I don’t know how I could move on

Enough with all the lies

These things just make me cry

Now how could I hold on?

When I don’t even know what’s going on


I’ve learned to hold back my tears

I’ve learned to face my fears

Never ask what went wrong

In my world, now, you don’t belong

And this I’m telling you

Right here tonight

I will make things right


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I once told myself “be strong”

“Don’t you give up, carry on”

But now I don’t know

If I could still stand alone

I just can’t take this pain anymore


I’m tired of trying to make things right

I’m so tired of holding on

Just when I thought that the end is near

Turns out to be, it’s just not clear

Where do I go from here?


I used to be so patient

And I used to be so blind

But what I’m seeing right now

I know I just don’t mind

Just want to close my eyes

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