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I love to experiment with writing and I am open to discussion. Love to share experiences and philosophize on the nature and meaning of life. Invite comments and or criticism on my own work." In the end it's not about the life we live but how we choose to live it."
Please be so kind as to leave a comment. Even if it is just one word describing feelings. It helps me to grow as an artist.

In appreciation.

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In lands that seem so far away

my hands are idle

my spirit sways

In pastures silent bountiful

may well be miles and miles away

In my dreams I had touched the bow

wide awake and sleeping now.

I had heard the siren sing her song

She left me weeping to the bone

I had come to her as day is long

seeking this which I could never own.

Had felt her breath through the leaves

tasted death where she breathes

and still had brokered a foolish deal.

but the wind was crisp that day

and the chill in my bones did fade

and I the weary traveller

were no match for her blade.

Here and now in rank self pity

and know what I know will know no more,

take heed ye who follow thee,

and bargain not what ye bargain for.

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Had I beheld the glimmer of your waiting eyes,

Had I fell for the relentlessness of your beauty,

Had  your spell left me adrift in the sands of your paradise,

Had I known Love.

Had I trembled inside in anticipation,

Had my mental faculties been on vacation,

Had  your smile been my salvation,

Had I known Love.

Had I placed my hand upon your breast,

Had I traced the landscapes and the crests,

Had I sacrificed to the alter of your lovliness,

Had I known Love.

Had I met you in the in between,

The fleeting rhythm, the heated screams,

Had I known the sweetness of your Being,

Had I known Love.

Had I held you close and kept you safe,

Had I offered you so much more than good intentions,

Had I honored the implied,

Had I known Love.

Had I provided in neglect of my needs,

Had I offered flowers for your weeds,

Had I been blind after all,

Had I known Love.

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Eyes open

wide and teary

Wild is the wind

through the branches

of mourning.

Enchanting is the sunset

over a restless sea

Beauty is all I can see.

The sunrise brings ships

through the fog of aberation

and cannons three fold

in deaths celebration.

The thinking man comes

taking thinking delight

but no thoughts at all

to the innocents plight.

Strange are the ways

of self serving cause

and stranger days

for those who play God.

Reason without reason

like thieves in the night

and Greed becomes treason

and justice takes flight.

Repression has ended

for those who stand tall

Agression befriended

by the weak and the small.

Life does not sleep

as self righteous believe

and debts that are reaped

become diseased.

The plan is unfolding

there can be no delay

These cards for the holding

should be thrown away.

The sunset approaches

before the red dawn

over the depths

shallow ships sail upon.

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Like spring breeze

through the chimes

all is well,

when nothing rhymes.

And all is well

when rhyming ends

for He who knows,

knows pretend.

A song of chimes

and I remain

long is time,

and know it's pain.

Beauty in it's random hymn

the Sun and the rain

are without sin,

names of change

remain the same

the breeze that fades

and comes again.

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And lo you speak of darkness

in the halo of the flame

your words are marred in starkness

of a fear without a name.

And lo casting spells

distortions of perfection

and all the desert ills

marring His reflection.

And in the cold hard blackness

you have named it just as well

and cannot see the Beauty

past the self created Hell.

And lo you dream of monsters

to explain away your Hate

and you speak of madman

as if they wait outside the Gate.

I have watched you building castles

to shield you from the light

commissioned these epistles

and steal away the night.

And lo there standing silent

to all that could never be

the sleepless fervent wishes

that can never make you free.

And lo you speak of darkness

almost as if it known

and fall deep and leave to the abyss

of this your eternal renown.

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These words

falling flowers

into the night

these letters binding

building prisons

to protect me from the light.

I sing the songs so quietly

and I barely know they're there

but the thorns rip in sublimely

and I'm bleeding unaware.

I cannot remember

the beauty of the dawn

so I paint crooked pictures

upon these prison walls.

I have seen the irovy towers

are built of humble flesh

and darkness that moves in shadows

feigning death.

I have known the sorrow

of the masses underfoot

and I have seen the horror

I had bartered for a look.

So many nights I've trembled

cold sweats and concrete floors

Imaginings I have tendered

I can pretend no more.

I had been the wretched

I had been a paltry King

I had been elected

but had not led a thing.

I had felt the pangs of hunger

false piety of ancient lore

gluttonous and ravenous

I am these things no more.

And now I give this fear to the fire

This Love like no other beneath the nails

and pity to the funeral pyre

because the pyre never fails.

I had surrendered madness

to the grave where it belongs

that I may watch my sadness

turn to gladness in these songs.

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Trembling in the Shadows weeping

will not protect you

from who you are.

Denial soon to lose it's favour

in the thinning of the veil

Deceit as well will lose it's flavour

Truths spoken unaware.

To Thee Thy Brothers keeper knows

The sacred pact has He declared

To Thee Thy mothers Reeper crows

and still He does not hear.

Blasphemy in words unspoken

and choices not concieved

and frozen still and separate

but not beyond reprieve.

Let that which pass to pass away

Surrender to The ground at hand

Give leave to mindless errant plans

and sorrow not for ignorance;

for it deliver thee into Thine hands.

Love in depths for all I see

and cannot see

Love in heights and Hearts

for Thee and only Thee.

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With Love and Trust and Charity

Reach for that beyond your grasp

Know that that which holds you back

Surely cannot last.

Be the change you seek

beyond the confines of your mind

The Heart is full of Love and Light

and cannot be denied.

All those things of fear and doubt

need not be rejected

Parts of you and parts of me

need only be accepted.

And change will come on guilded wings

and Truth revealed in everything

You need not think Nor act or speak

Just Be the change you seek.

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When She comes,
                   She comes,
When She goes,
                   She goes,
My silent refrain,

What She knows,
                   She knows.

What She knows,
                   She knows,
What She sees,
                   She feels,
Into the Fire below,

Into the Fire below.

When She comes,
                   She comes,
When She spreads,
                   Her wings,
When She goes,
                   She goes,
She doesn't feel a thing.

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You push,
 I pull,
You break away,
I remain.

You rise,
I fall,
your pride,
my shame.

You twist,
I turn,
Your fist,
but I learn.

You hide,
I seek,
Your kiss,
my turn.

Your lies,
my heart,
your shame,
new start.

Your drama,
my part,
your stage,
I depart.

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The intellect in all it's glory
pales and fails to tell the story
Look here the depth
Let's play a game
Let's make it simple
Give it a name.

Let's make up words
and call them real
so when they're spelling
we can steal.

Let's scare em plenty
they'll eat it up
and we'll be sailing
while they are stuck.

Let's make some problem
and play our roles
so we can live
in our kings robes.

We'll point our fingers
snicker and sigh
those retched souls
don't live nor die.

We'll make up Gods
invent beliefs
and we'll make good
like bands of thiefs.

But wait, no wait
I didn't know
where is my heart
where did it go?

How did I become this empty husk?
How did I learn not to trust?
and why can I not feel
this thing called Beauty?
My monies good
but my hands..
They are so... dirty.

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Words fall like tears from the eyes
of self professed saints.
I had had no recollection
of asking it be so.

Words fail the Truth,
stretched over gaping jars,
liberties of nulification
until they all mean the same
to the specimens inside.

I had prayed for Truth
and spoke the Word
so many times that it
became meaningless
sound without feeling,
Just jibberrish
cast upon the dung heap
of ill intention.

I put down my pen
for the words seemed unfit
and my thoughts unexpressed.
...and the Silence wrote sonnets
and soliloquies and prose
and scriptless scripts;
carved sculptures out of the nothingness,
painted the sky.

In the magic of the carpet
I could not utter a word,
for days
for the meaning had truly faded
and in it's place
the vivid landscape
without a voice.

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