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Read the poems and you will find out all you need to know about me or you can form your own opinion, fantasy, whatever
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I would dream a deep and passionate dream, where we both lay naked and free. You are standing behind me. Your hands are caressing my every curve. You gently grab both my hands and raise them slowly towards the wall. With both my hands planted firmly against the wall, you sweetly, sexily whisper in my ear, "Don't Move" I stand still, ready for whatever. I can't see you but ohhhh can I feel you.

There's a kiss on the nape of my neck, another on each of my shoulders, another at the center of my back. My legs start to tremble. "Don't move" you whisper again, but never stopping the pleasure you are giving me. Your hands steady my legs and spread them apart. I lean my head into the wall making sure to keep my hands in place. They are sweaty and trembling but never leave the wall. Your hands steady my legs and spread them apart. I gasp but I follow your lead. Your kisses are getting softer...almost to a fade. Soon, I realize you are kneeling.

Your hand makes its way to my wet and throbbing ocean of love. My knees start to tremble. You take one hand and brace me but never miss a beat with the other. Caressing and stroking ever so gently from behind. Im dripping with juices......heat arising in me....hands almost in a fist but still holding the wall...head tilted back...and without notice, you stand up and enter me fully. Caressing my body, loving rhythmically. First its slow and gentle thrusts, deep as deep can go...I'm about to lose my mind....lips are dry, eyes closed shut, I can feel you in my spirit....your love touching my soul. Then without warning, as if you can read my mind, you thrust deeper, faster, harder and harder until we both climax beyond limitations.

And as our bodies settle down and our hearts return to normal pace, you sweetly, sexily whisper in my ear "I love you mami" and with every ounce of will, I whisper back "I love you too papi"....I can see you know...and oh can I feel my soul.......and the night is beautiful once again.

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The arch in my back, the curves of my thighs
The thickness of my hips, the lust in my eyes
The warmth of my skin, the tingling within
The softness of my hand upon the golden of your man
In the heat of the moment, we have just begun
The rhythm is there so we still carry on
The hotness of your breath as you kiss my skin
Your fingers touch me, gentle as can be
And just as expected your tongue continues where they left off
The hair stands up on the nape of my neck as you go in
My body trembles as 2 become 1
The passion of this night is so very strong
The stroke of your tongue has me ailing for more
The aroma fills the air as my mind begins to soar
Im trying to hold it in
But where do I begin
And then all is calm
We cuddle by the fireplace in a sweaty embrace
Whispering I love you in each others ear til sleep takes over
For when we awaken, we shall start all over again

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She who finds a guy who calls her beautiful instead of hot,
Who calls her back when she hang up on him,
Who will lie under the stars & listen to her heartbeat or stay awake just to watch her sleep.
Who kisses her forehead,
Who shows her off to the world when she's in sweats,
Who holds her hand in front of his friends,
Who thinks she is just as pretty without makeup on.
One who constantly remind her how lucky he is to have HER...
She who findeth this man finds true love.

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I've been married 9 times. Let me tell you what was wrong with each of them. Husband #1 was a doctor. All he wanted to do was examine "my cat" Husband #2 was a lawyer. All he wanted to do was question "my cat" Husband #3 was a musician. All he wanted to do was sing to "my cat" Husband #4 was a preacher. All he wanted to do was pray to "my cat" Husband #5 was a policeman. All he wanted to do was beat "my cat" Husband #6 was a scientist. All he wanted to do was study "my cat" Husband #7 was a photograper. All he wanted to do was take pictures of "my cat" Husband #8 was a chef. All he wanted to do was taste "my cat" BUT HUSBAND #9!! He's the one I'm married to now. He's a MECHANIC! HE TORE IT UP THE FIRST NIGHT AND HAS BEEN WORKING ON IT EVER SINCE Modified by nishasweetie20
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To fell your warmth inside of me The greatest pleasure there could ever be The way our bodies intertwine Just the thought of it blows my mind Then your tongue teased me, licking it up and down Your huge manhood pleased me, Gliding slowly in and out Oh my body just wants to shout MORE!! Your hand is caressing my every curve and essence Your tongue is pursuing my wet presence Your body is trembling with surprise at my "Love" My toes are curling--the suspense is killing me My heart is pounding--the peak of the moment has arrived My skin is pulsating--hot from body chemistry As you are stroking ever so carefully in and out of me The juices are flowing like a river ever so flowing The rain is pouring--the calm of the storm has come at last My mind is racing with visions of what has just happened My breath you have taken--stolen!! As I climax excessively--all I can think of is The Pleasure You just Gave Me!
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Letting go of the past and embracing the future Only seeing whats right in front of you, no more and no less Vibing with each other as if on one accord Embracing sexual pleasures to fulfill every fantasy That's L.O.V.E Leaving behind everything thats not of true meaning Openly showing affection without thinking twice about who's watching Viewing the pros and cons of any decision--never taking sides Empowering each other to be and do their best That's L.O.V.E Longing for the moment when apart becomes together again Oathing to one another the truth at all times no matter what Vacating all thoughts of negativity--friends and family included Exploring and remembering every hot spot of each others body That's L.O.V.E Letting life be beautiful even when its ugly Obeying God's will and trusting in His word that Vibrant moments will keep the relationship alive Easily and expectedly finishing each others sentences Now that's what I call L.O.V.E!!!
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If you were to ask me: Can you hold me? Love me? Tease me before you please me? Can you listen to me? I really need to talk. Can you cook me something to eat while wearing my favorite outfit? Can you run my bath water? Would you love me beyond tomorrow regardless of what it brings? Through all the rights and wrongs Good and bad Ups and downs Turns and twists Could you massage my back-I worked hard today Can you smile for me? Can you sing a little song so I can sleep a little better? Can you call me every once in a while and let me know you're ok? Can you not go to work today and spend the day with me/ Can you forgive me for whatever I do, have done and will do/ My response? ANYTHING FOR YOU!!
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All your friends have been telling you They have a fancy car, diamond ring But girl you know that good things come in time Girl you know i'd do just about anything ... to see a smile on your face so don't let your friends go messing with your mind Girl u know there aint nothing I wont do for you And baby don't, don't ever doubt my love cuz its true Baby hold on to me see im a special kind know that its hard to find told you a thousand times baby hold on to me Baby hold on to me see im a special kind know that its hard to find told you a thousand times Baby hold on to me Oh girl, wasn't I there when he made you cry and who was there to comfort you when he said bye bye bye bye baby girl I give you my time here is my money all of my heart You'll be so sorry baby if we were to ever part-part Cuz girl you know that I will never hurt you Oh girl you know that I will never desert you Baby hold on to me See im a special kind Know that its hard to find told you a thousand times Baby Hold on to me Baby hold on to me see im a special kind told you a thousand times know that its hard to find baby hold on to me Hold on my Baby see I wanna be everything that you need and i promise baby i promise baby I'll be there for you alllways baby hold on to me see im a special kind know that its hard to find told you a thousand times baby hold on to me
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Girl, I called you up to say That Im having trouble sleeping ever since you went away Girl I know you need a little time ... to get your head together But baby I can't stop crying Girl, why'd you go away What can I say to make you stay Girl, I was a fool dont know what to do Still in love, in love--still in love with you Girl, i guess i was a fool to try and tie you down and make you play by rules Girl, I guess I may have realized that keeping you close to me would keep me alive Girl, whyd you go away what can i say to make you stay Girl, i was a fool don't know what to do still in love, in love--still in love with you

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For the BABY MOMMAS of the world, ALL IS NOT LOST For 7 years we have been off and on We have been happy at times but those days are gone ... ... I have loved you with all my heart But you do nothing but drive us further apart I told you I didn't wanna shack up anymore And since that day, you've been eyeing the door For 7 years I thought we would have grown Now I realize you want to be on your own But you have no car and must use mines You have no job-only spare time You have no house so with me I let you stay "Let's Just Be Friends" is all you have to say How in the HELL could you say that to me The only one who loved you and tried to help you be Ok, its cool, I can be your friend Just remember all the goodies go in the jar again O, now you wanna trip cuz I say no sex?! Too damn bad, you aint felt the worst yet! No more cooking for you, do that s**t yourself No more cleaning after you, its bad for my health No more driving my car, Im sure you can get your own You can sleep on the couch, this is not your home How could you hurt me and expect it to be ok "Let's Just Be Friends" started a new day Bet you didn't think I could just let go Guess you found out the one thing you didnt know I have to be strong for all the real women out there And put my foot down, but I do still care But you must realize we have needs too This "Lets Just Be Friends" s**t came from you! Modified by nishasweetie20

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When I met you-you already had a child A sweet little girl that makes you wanna run a mile You took care of her just like a father should And she loved you for it like a daughter would Two years later our son was born And that's when our perfect world became torn "Baby Mama" said you don't do this and you don't do that But all she really wanted was to get you back She started telling lies and playing stupid games Using your child as a weapon was so lame Then came the time she took you to court Knowing d*** well she didn't want the child support I did what I could to keep our family strong Bottom line is I knew what she was doing all along She played your son like a deck of cards And when you defended her-it broke my heart We argued and fought like never before With 2 kids and 6 yearsof this I couldnt take no more She couldn't accept the fact that you moved on So I did what I thought was best and gave her my home And then you realized she was telling lies U came running back to me with tears in your eyes Our relationship was ruined by all this drama Why did you have to be the one with crazy a** Baby Mama
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He came to me in the time of need I know it was wrong but I was filled with greed For six years I have longed for this day The day he would say, Its time to walk away And even though I knew there would be sorrow I kept telling myself there's always tomorrow You see I was in love with a married man A well kept secret no one would understand And even though I knew it was wrong to begin The feelings got harder and harder to do in A daughter with her and a son by me Seems like a episode seen only on t.v Never mind the fact that her pain I understand I'm just tired of being, The "Other" Woman
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