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i love football...i play for cy lakes high school...i like poetry(obviously)....and i love reading
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Tears keep falling from my eyes.
My heart is hurting from the pain and lies.
I spend so much time looking for the truth.
Finding myself beneath my youth.
Deciding what is right and what is wrong.
Feeling the hurt much to long.

Mates betraying,
Enemies there,
Parents hurting,
Strangers who care.

Girls breaking hearts,
Guys burying the pain.
Take a place of shame.

Still the tears keep falling from my eyes.
My heart is hurting from the pain and lies.
I have spent so much time looking for the truth,
Burying the hurt beneath my youth.

Only now,
My friends have stopped betraying,
Enemies aren't there,
Parents stopped hurting,
And strangers don't care.
Yet the tears won't stop
Even though now the pain, I can bare.

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The silent broken heart,
Beats without a sound.
Hiding under cover,
Not wanting to be found.

Its this silent broken heart,
That paints your subtle mask.
It kills you from the inside,
That undesired task.

It breaks the former structure,
On which you based your life.
It tells you to put down the light,
To embrace the serrated knife.

It creates a brand new you,
The second you turn your back.
Its the little broken heart,
That prepares you for attack.

So my little broken heart,
Seal in my face.
Ill let no one reveal,
Your secret hiding place ...


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“I Thought God Had Reached His Limit”
“But He Turned Around And Created You”
“The Beauty That You Carry Is Tremendous”
“And Held By A Chosen Few”

“I Tried To Put The Words Together“
“But Nothing Would Ever Fit“
“Like Tongue Tied Forever“
“So Nervous That I Couldn’t Even Sit“

“I Watched Your Every Step”
“Tread Upon Your Steady Move”
“Protected You Without You Even Knowing”
“I Am So Sorry If I Was Being Rude”

“Years Later I Am Still Here“
“The Fear Of Age Is Now More Clear”
“Wanting This To Never End“
“Only If Time Was Easy To Bend”

“Give Me Your Hand”
“We’ve Waited So Long”
“My Heart Burns Heavy For You”
“Your Natural Grace Will Never Be Wrong”

“I Close My Eyes To See Your Face”
“I Cannot Think Of A Better Place”
“To Dream On Forever More”
“Your Constant Beauty Will Forever Sore”


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I promised I'd get over you,

I find myself thinking, totally consumed,

totally entranced by your face

your laugh and your smile

and no matter how much i try

that second, even though

being only a moment of time

reminds me of how i love you

Yours friends say its because of your beauty

i agree

your beauty doesnt end with the surface

goes in deeper, to how i can trust you

can talk to you

and how when i think of approaching

i find my self hyperventilating

I want to say/scream I love you

but what i feel is more advanced

just the words are meaningless

there has to be a way to show it

prove it and even live it

but until i find out how

i must say that your in my every thought

my every being

my every tear and that i truely...


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here comes my story

u better prepare

cause my lifes a roller coaster

trust me even IM scared

but even in the darkness theres one little spot

that spot is you

some people call it light

some people call it love

theres no way i can describe it

im just chasing that light

cant wait to make it there

so when i finnaly reach it

when i know who it is

ill be able to open my heart

and say I love you

u'll be able to tell

cause ill treat you right

and hopefully you wont break my heart

and say it back

we''l live in holy matromony

we'll look into each others eyes and say i do

and with every heartbeat ill say


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Theres always a problem

always in the way

no matter how much the love is there

there's something in the way

you can prove your love

you can give her your heart

but there's always something

in the way

Theres a time when u dont understand

u dont understand why

why u love her

why u know u should stop

but you cant

One of us will get hurt

mabe both

but you wont stop because you love her

you'll try your hardest

but with that doubt in your mind

that this wont work

i dont care about anything accept for her

she cant get hurt

all theres left to do

or say is

I Love You Baby

Ur now my way


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She doesnt listen

i try to explain

that I am dangerous

Im not playing a game

because i love her i warn her of me

but she truely believes

that i wont cause her any pain

im giving this a chance

with all my heart

im starting to believe i wont hurt her

but what if im wrong ?

ill lose one of the very few people i care for

my life will die and wither

it was very close to happening until i met her

but i heard her voice

and it made me do something unfamiliar

i had smiled a true smile

not one i had to force

i had a feeling inside of me that

she was different

that she was special

i wish i could tell you how

i really i wish i could explain

its something called love

and i truely believe that if u have

a reason why u love her

ur excuse is pretty lame

because when u love someone

its something u cant understand

There doesnt have to be a reason

there shouldnt be a reason

all it should be is that you love her


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She's amazing im just a man

She loves being in the rain

I love running in the sand

shes very modest and doesnt think much of her self

i Know im hot yet iv fallen for her

Love is mysterious

No way to explain it

All you can do is enjoy it

Express it with all your heart

in every form you can

because if u like it or not opposites attract

I tell her I Love her at least once a day

She says she wishes i didnt

but i can tell the size of the smile on her face

Your the guy remember that

but that doesnt mean ur the man

She should always feel special

should always feel loved

If you can't do that for her

Then dude tough love

Cause they can always get someone else

Were the ones who cant live without them

So treat your girl like shes amazing

Or ull be left standing at her door with

only a flower stem


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I just lied to the person i love

I got caught and i think she was really hurt

Im usually filled with pain but she made a new me

It was stupid of me and now im really sorry

I dont blame her if she never talks to me again

But i guess its the pain i must take for lieing

wish i could go to her and stare into her eyes

but she lives in Florida and the last i heard from her was Bye

My poems are usually about pain and true hurt

but this one is different its from heart

Right now im in Houston hurt really bad



if u have seen me ull understand my life

ull understand the reason why

this is about to go from sorry to her

to mad at me

I wish i could take it all back

and tell her the truth


im a fucking fool

but im hoping she'll read this

and see that im truely sorry

cause i only wrote this for her

well the truth is out

I am a lier

heres another truth


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