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Amor. love. je't adore
mi amore nothin more and  nothin less your better then the rest
your simply the best, ill never settle for less

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I need you
By: fernanda

I inhale i exhale oh ... im breathin i stand still
i can hear you heart beating. Whats the reason for
this feelin? i love you and cant let go
this feeling babe, you need to know.
I hope you never put and end to this cuz i would die for this
they say love is blind but this love is mine. There is no better equation then you and
i.  I could love you till the end of time. You'd be my baby & i'd be your wife
this could last for life. Just be mine. Dont make it to late
cuz i cant stand the wait. Your my life and my soul
i need you by me to make me whole

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Something Differnet

Lets do somethin different babe
tell me that your ready, ill do everything only if youll let me
ill be your supa freak you wont forget me
wanna do smebody else, you wont let me
hold me so tight boy youll wanna wifey
ill show you how amazing one night can be. Nobody
will love you like me. No competition this wifey
and them other females might be, wanting but they wont
cuz this is home grown and this is where you wanna be
dont want something different cuz different is

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I love you
By: fernanda

I love you and of this im sure so in visits and letters
our love ill endure you mean the world to me
and this you will see
comin out the pin we'll live happily
when my baby comes home
you already know its on we gonna make babies
and have a happy home
these other females are no competiton cuz
i know that its me whom you are missin
meanwhile you lovin them females just wishin
and wantin what im gettin
i love you babe and this you will
see meanwhile your in and come out the

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From a Distance
By: Fernanda

From a distance i see that everything around me is persistant. I
 see the Vilence and deaths of young children put to their final rest.
From a distance i see that everything around me is persistant
i see women gettin raped, abused and mistreated.
From a distance i see that everythin around me is persistant
children following the wrong crowd doing things thier not aloud.
From a distance i see the evrything is persistant
beautiful mothers becoming crack heads and abandoning thier children.
Fron a distance i see that everything around me is persistant
and im wishing for a change and hoping for things to no longer be the same.
From a distance i watch the world go on around me
and i wonder if anyone see'd the persistance that around me
from a distance i see that everything is persistant

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look into my eyes you see my past from lies,
look into my heart you so how much it cries,
listen to my soul and you find that its not whole,
listen to my life and learn my struggles and strives,
ive bin threw pain ive lived in vain but i know now,
do not the same. how deep is the pain to not know
your name and to know you have loved ones feelin the same
knowin they cry and wish to die. i never thought one could feel
the same as i.

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