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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart." Helen Keller

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To those of you who became friends, who really were friends, I miss you all the time and hope we cross paths again.

To all who took the time to share.....thank you, I'll always remember. Hope you find your love and that your brightest dreams come true.

Note: Some of my poems here look to be invisible but can be seen by draging the cursor over the blank page.


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Special note to someone: Butterfly....miss you! Miss your hello.

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My friend
Remember me
I gave you a big part
Of my heart
My love and care
We used to share
Emotions honest, bare

I think of you
Lose sleep about you
Miss you more and more
Don't close the door
I'm not keeping score
But I can't go on
Without you

My friend
You're not someone
Come and go
You're special to me
I wish you knew
You should know
I need you so

I'm having trouble
I can't exist
My heart is crushed
That's how much you're missed
I feel the pain of care in vain
I'm humbled and undressed
I find no rest

In a facebook world
I don't belong
I find no comfort in numbers
It feels all wrong
I just need true friends
A few friends, heart to heart
I held you close from the very start

I pray we meet again
Promise to stay close
And vow not to be apart
There are few things in this world
One can keep
That follow everywhere we go
Except those that we take to heart

Feel my silent prayer
I know you're somewhere out there
There is a place for you
Where you're appreciated
Loved and needed
My heart bleeds unrequited
Until you and I are reunited

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Have you ever known
A beautiful heart

A beautiful heart
Is a simple treasure

Heavensent, a blessing
Beyond earthly measure

A kiss of softness
Far greater than pleasure

Have you ever known
A beautiful heart

Where just a smile of an angel
Will give your own heart start

Where just a wink
Such sweet dreams you'll think

Where just a simple touch
Means more than anything; so much

Have you ever known
A beautiful heart

It will change it all for you
You'll feel the touch of something "true"

Everything will shine a little more
And life will suddenly feel brand new

The stars will twinkle and shine brighter
Your burdon will suddenly feel twice lighter

Have you ever known
A beautiful heart
I pray you do!

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A true test of your love
Is that you go on loving
Long after hope sharing
Has faded away

While I felt that way
About some in my life
I can say my hope for you
Still remains

Remains like a
Small fire
Burning in the distance
A beacon of love and hopefulness

Though life may not allow us
To ever live a truly shared life
My heart remains open to you
A place of care and hopefulness


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Why does the hello
of a certain friend
Brighten our hearts so much
It's hard to say
But if I may
I think it's becasue we felt their touch
And of our heart
We've taken their spirit in
They remain a part
For better or worse
Happy or sad
We will always care
And from this we won't part
And if sadness
Is our lot
If in the end
Lonliness and longing
Is all we've got to show
Though it feels we've been forgotten
Or that somehow they've let us go
At least we'll always know
And dream of meeting that dear friend
Who still means so much
That feeling we bravely hold never does end
And if you should ever meet a friend true
Time will tell they miss you too

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I've uncovered your secret
You didn't want anyone to reveal
I gave my heart to you
You're not real

You greeted love with silence
Your silent claim to fame
I've accepted the blame
All my love in vain

You came like a gentle breeze
That precedes a Spring storm
Hit me like a hurricane
But only cozy and warm

You left like a whirlwind
With deafening silence
To you I had my heart pinned
I felt the hurt and the violence

Now I understand
Just want you to know it's OK
Just something I had to go through
I still love you anyway

I found care in another
Guess life works out in a way
Just know in your heart
I'd never throw you away

I'm going to love you
In spite of your game
I'm nobody to you
But you sure remember my name

We'll meet again someday
I promise we will
I will still care about you
Heaven or Hell

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There is no way to know
If your praise is genuine
Your "genuine" praise
Is plastered everywhere

There is no way to know
If yours is real care
Your care is handed out
You say, to make things "fair"

Your smile is bright
But so is your darkness dark
So supportive
But so your silence is stark

You never volunteer about you
Your interest; gossip and foo
As if you're a young girl
Observing the monkey cage in a zoo

What's a poor boy to do?
Wanting to believe it's all true
You say, "think what you want to"
You don't care if we bid adieu

Still, I'll miss you
Because I know
There's an injured little girl inside
She didn't need to hide...

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As years go by
Pain remains
We appear not to notice
We walk on by
But inside there is an emptiness
Nothing can fill
The memory still
Can cause me to cry
But the tears I swallow inside

I hide
I pretend not to notice you
I find it hard
To admit that I do
To say hello
I feel so blue
At the recollection
Of dreams felt so sincerely
They still make me blue
Whenever you're in view

We bid each other
A long time ago
But the hurt is still fresh
Your memory cuts like a knife
I guess this is something
People will say
We've got to chalk up to life
But there is something I wonder about
When I feel my heart jump
Wondering, waiting to know
How I would respond
If you ever simply say hello

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We have shared
So many feelings
Some spoken
Many more felt within

I am one to believe
That to love
And to be loved
Is a blessing, not a sin

Since we first met
I took you to heart
I cared
I let you in

I'm brave enough
To take the heartbreak
To lose in love
Love is not something to win

I love you
As much as anybody
I know of sorrow
From where I've been

Sometimes you say you care
But often I feel forgotten by you
My love turns back upon me
As pain within

But I remain
Steadfast in my care
I search even as
Light of hope grows dim

You're someone to me
Much deeper than a friend
A love, it doesn't end
Like my next of kin

Happy Valentines
I send my love to you
A kiss upon your heart
A piece of me I gently pin

We will always dream
Kisses we've longed to share
Never forgotten

I am one
Who holds you dear
Always here
I am him

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Many have promised love
But yet, we'll see
I give all the love I have
And I give it for free

And still I'm crying
I wonder about you
Do you still think of me
Hold me; miss me too

You're my friend
So distant and so far
But to me remain
A glistening bright star

You're a big part of my heart
But you don't know it
I cherish you, not to hurt you
So it's hard to come out and show it

But I silently love you
In my own special way
And it hurts more than I can bear
Whenever you go away

Hold my hand softly
Lay close to my heart in your dream
Hold me closer
Than you've ever been

I love you
Like the soft snow in December
All the little touches we exchanged
I still hold inside and remember

It hurts sometimes so much
To realize that I'm a lover
Giving love, not feeling loved
On the run, hiding for cover

But in my distant dreams
I often dream of your imagined touch
You're spirit is so dear to me
I seem to miss you so much

So if you love me too
Please somehow let me know
I can't promise you the moon
But I'll care and won't ever let you go

These are among the things
I hold inside
That are hardest to show
Still, I wish you could know

We meet as friends
I pray that never ends
But you're ever a part of me
And I do love you so

Across time and space
If you would, gently hold my hand
I need you more than I can say
If only you can somehow understand

Hold me close to your breast
Give me your forever care
Where lonely souls find rest
We'll share in our loneliness

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Heart Aching
To share
With those dear hearts
Whom I most miss

For cherished souls
Who have touched me
With love, care
And tenderness

For the hands
I've imagined holding
For this kiss
Held for those I most miss

For the dear women
Whom I hold a care ration
The special friends
Who touched my heart's passion

For another chance
For kindred spirits to touch
Missing distant hearts
I care for so much

For a chance to touch again
If just to say hello, wish you all well
Miss you more than mere words
Are able to tell

Loving and holding on with constant care
Missing you dearly, wishing you were here
Trying but unable to hold back a tear
Pray we stay near

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Friendships are my treasure
Touch my heart beyond measure
And in my hopes
Friendship never ends

I love you as my friend
I sometimes dream of you even more
But relationships bind me
That were there before

Still I save for you
A healing embrace and a kiss
Deep down inside
Your someone I most miss

Why is it this way
Why do only some touch me so
And make me feel
The feeling so strong and so real

And all I know is this
Your spirit touches me softly
When you're here I feel bliss
I wait for a someday when we might kiss

I always have warmth for you
Comfort and care
I'm so glad you remember me
So happy you are there

Love is something in the heart
A feeling that lingers so long
The future is still unwritten
I keep a feeling for you strong

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You likely have another lover
I do too
But if my dreams you could uncover
There would still be you

Years hurt in passing
More not less
Only love truly felt is lasting
Painful too I must confess

   Just any girl would never do
   I need a girl with love all in her heart
   Through and through
   Just like you...just like you

But your memory stays on my mind
A simple feeling recalled, I rewind
Of all the girls I ever knew
I still miss you

   Just any girl would never do
   I need a girl with love all in her heart
   Through and through
   Just like you...just like you


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