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a guy who is broken hearted by this dirty world.
and 4 me past is history and 2morow is a mystry.

lonly and love to make frndship with diff people from diff culture to discuss with them.
love to help people
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I need you here when i cry
When thier is a tear in my eye
I just need you by my side
becouse i cannot live without you aside
Im so lost without you
Carry me to were i belong
carry me back with you home
U are my baby
my special lady
you are my world
My eternity
No matter what i will fight for you
Baby i realy love you

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When I feel lonely sad and dispersed she is always there beside me.
When I am sick and tired she is always there beside me.

When there is no one to lend the helping hand she is always there beside me.

When I am in need of someone to take car of me she is always there beside me.

When I am thirsty for love she is always there beside me

She is always beside me, even when she is not there I feel that she is with me .

I don’t know what I will do without here

She is the angel of mercy that god sent here to me .

She is like rain raining on my dry empty soul making me alive as a new born baby .
She is all my life .

Thank you mom for every thing you have done for me
Love you till the end of this mortal time .
My dear mom.

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What kept me alive all these days is thinking about you,

Tell me what I gonna do without you

the brightness of my life

you are my love , you are my life

you are  my wishes that come alive .

Every day every night all I see is your light.

Thinking about you is harming my soul

Thinking about you make me loose control

Baby plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Don’t make me cry anymore

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When your not by my side
I m empty from inside
But  when u r with me  I see a light
That guide me threw the nights.
                                        Baby your my inspiration
My inner deep feeling  and my life is your creation
Whenever I go I c your reflection
And when I remember  that I have you
It give me motivation to hang on to this world.
I m tired believe me , I cannot take it any more
Staying away from you is killing me
And there is nothing  I can do.

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I’m still alive because I’m breathing the air of your love  and living the sweet memories of it.

When I’m in the presence of your love my heart feels feeling like no other

And if this was not love than without hesitation I will say that feeling is meant more than these talk s.

If I wont to give description   it will take me hundreds of years to describe that how much I love you and describe the feeling I have for you in my heart.

Your love is my dream, a fantasy that called me and my heart followed it without thinking.

Your love is sweet and innocent reality and in whole of my life I did not seen any thing like it.

Your love take me to heavens and I found a passion inside me like no other  and found my soul totally lost in  your love.

I thrown my life into your hand knowing that I will never get lost without u and I will life the best moment of my life with u.


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wat is the diffrence between some people if they get sick?
that some people can stay in some louxsurious hospital and the other have to die even without being taking care of them. 
nothin except that some can go to doctor and buy a midicne but other have no money even to buy thier self a piece of bred.
wat is the diffrence between people who have money and the ones who dont?
nothin except that those who have money can buy somthin to play and the ones who have no money cannot buy them self a pair of shoes.
the ones who have money will enjoy the game and the ones without money only have to stiar.
nothin except that some may spend thier money on useless stuff and other have to kill them self for money in order to help him self.
wat is the diffrence between people who take care for others and the ones who not?
nothin exccept that some people will be taken car of them and and ather will go to hell.
what is the diffrence between people who go to schools and college?
nothin except that some people dont care about thier studies and the other type of people know the value of money so they alway s become from the top 10 and among the best.
wat is the diffrence between people when they come to face life?
nothin exccept that some people come with a gold spoon in thier mouth and other have to struggle threw their life.
some people will face life cheerfully and other will always complain about life no matter how it was.
wat is the diffrence between people when they come to face love?
nothin exccept that som pepole will considre love as a sex game and other consider it as a commitment and life.

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kee p ure hAND in my hand and come with me 2 build our world.
cuze with u my heart is in a journy , a journy 2 a wonderfull world full of love.
I love to heare from u and if u r not thier i would simply get washed
away frm this dirty world cuze ur the reason y im alive.

baby ure smile make my life full of joy ,it wash away all the pain and make
me feel to gude that i wanna scream ure name to make people know wat
kinde of angel i do have
baby ur the 2nd half of me with u im a complete person but without u im empty within.
i love u and i gonna shout it loud.

Every were ur ill be thier 4 u

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Baby I wish that my life was an eternal life so I can keep ure memory alife tell the end of time.
Baby:take me away make me forget about the world and the universe and let me melt in ure love
And allow me 2 say the sweetest talk a lover could tell 2 his babe cuze if I searched the world like ure love ill never find.
If I say I love u then love with it greatness is not enough for u .
And if I go away from you for seconds ,ill be coming back cuze I missed u so much on those second
And my heart could not withstand missing you for that long .
Hold me tie and be by my side and come lets live the story of our dreams.’
The most amazing day of my life was the day I met u.
And that time I could not take it any more and without thinking I found my self melting deeply in ure love.ure love tooked me away and I lived the most amazing moment and felt the most amazing feeling of my life. and I forget the world with you cuze that moment u had become my world .
I had kept u inside my eyes and I have the world witness on our love.
Non the moment will come which will make me forget about you .

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wat shall i do now were u had left me ,left me 2 my unknown faith ?

now all alone again in this world
all over again by my self.

what to do now were i lost my hope

and u know that human without a hope is like an empty vase.

All dark around me and thier is no light to get guide and now that im sure uve 4gettin about me.

now love is meant nothin 2 me
its just a worde that people say.


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i draw a heart on a paper than i added an arrow to arrow of love.
i was dreaming about u,ure lips,ure eyes ,ure look it all was crafted in that heart.i remmemberd the way we used to b 2gther.i loved u and that love i thought will remain till the end of time,than i reliased all of the looks ,talks the way u sow me was a lie.
That momment the world come black and cold,and in that momment i hated life cuze i ressambeld life as u.ure love was lefting me to the sky were thier is no sorrow but now im again back down ireliased that all of this got over
those i just teared the paper heart and throw it awy.

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The day she left  was the day of love
the day when people used to give flower
as  a singe of love.

Iwas waiting for here at the valantine
to give here a gift and tellhere how much i loved here

but instade she staped me deep in my heart
she said to me that she dont like me anymore

i said to here this could not happen andleast not this day
i said give me a reason ,iloved u from buttonof my heart
and thisis what you givin  me back
she just  kept  the gift on the table and she left me
without even saying goodby.

The impact of this day was so harsh on me

next day i tryed to call here but no answer.ehhhh

i went to here home  asked about here they told me that
she travelled to france,i cried as a childe and went back to my home
I still remmember those moment.
Ibecame desspresed and one of the day i tried to kill my self
but my father  saved me.
that time i was only 15 years and now 5 years had passed but still i can remmember here look,smell and everythink about here.
I always set by the phone eccpecting here to call  ahhhhhhhhh but no use
hope is whats keeping me alive.
I got over it but i still cannot make any more freinship and love with any girls .
ill never findea gril like here not even in my dreams .

That what the love did to me
it just broke my heart and now nathink and nobody can mend it...................................................................................................................


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I know that our love will not be like an ordinary love

Becouse i have the most  presious  and the most beautifull girl by my side.

Becouse its our love and we only both exsist to live it.

I know that our love is not an ordinary love

Becouse our l;ove is like a fountian full of love joy and kindness.

Becouse our heart is like a garden which will make each other love grow.

I know that our love is not an ordinary love

Becouse our love is an imortal love which will exsist till the end of time

and even when we r in the grave it will grow more and more.

writtn by  me

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