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she said im too perfect for her

all i can say is what the hell

Ive been too patient too kind

yet she really doesnt mind

im just a fool in loving you

i thought you loved me too

but now what im feeling is far from heaven

what you make me feel is like burning in hell

i am here offering my arms

yet you chose to ignore my charms

you still want to be with someone that hurts you

are you stupid or am i dumb for falling for you

make up youre mind...

be considerate and kind

be true to me or let me go

may be someone will love me for me

giving her heart freely

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I guess love is really a double edge sword

You could get hurt with simple words

Just the thought of infidels kills my soul

When you gave her your all


How to survive the pain I don’t have a clue

How to turn away when you loved true

Every day would be suicide

Like diving in to a deep tide


Waking up would be pain full since your not there

When I was used to hugging you when I turn

And when I open my eyes your face I would not see

Well I guess you never did belonged to me


I should be thankful for the time you spent with me

For telling me at least you loved me

Even if it was not meant to be

At least you shared part of your love with me


So thank you, now you are free

I never did believed that were meant to be…


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3 days of no seeing you

Do you know what would that do?

Ill go hungry insane and mad

I would definitely feel sad


You know that my world revolves around you

That I need to hear each moment you love me too

With 3 days not being with you

Would definitely, make me blue!


You are what make me whole

To me you are the anchor of my soul

Being with you I know what I could do

Please reconsider to meet a day or two

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I am confident with my self, I know what I could accomplish, my limit my strength, until the day I met you. You of all the people thought me that I am also human, able to feel emotions I did not know was within me, you made me feel so alive and happy in your company, I felt love how to be in love unselfishly, pain and insecurities, and most of all it is the first time I ever felt jealousy, yes the green eyed monster I come to know, though I tried hard for it not to show since it is all new to me, alas I am not successful in doing so since I feel the pierce in my heart the pain in my chest when ever I know that you still have communications with your past. The fact of the matter is I envy them, they have experienced your love as a whole, while I on the other hand is like a beggar happy with a scrap of whatever you throw my way, beggars cant be chooser’s right? I don’t mind though I am happy and thankful that you chose me to be your company at this moment. You gave me the chance to show you how much I love you. If I could give you my life for your happiness at this very moment I would trade my soul to the devil to do so. I am in love with you, imperfections and all,

Do not forget that I am here waiting with open arms for you to love me freely and wholly, though I don’t know how long it would take, I would be here waiting as long as I could take.

If by chance when you look back and I am not there, don’t be sad, for I am in front of you clearing your way, so that you won’t feel any more pain.

I love you honey with all the love I have in me. I hope you find it in your heart to love me half as much as you did before, for it pains me to know that I am not the man you wanted to be with for the rest of your life, if it’s the case then tell me earnestly. One word from you then I would turn and walk away. I wont hesitate to leave you if you say so if in turn would give you the world of happiness you dreamt of.

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I started writing you poems because I want you to know how I feel inside

The feeling of unselfish love that I know my eyes can’t hide

It never crossed my mind that I am just playing around

If you listen to my heart you won’t hear that sound


What you will hear is a single beat

If you lay your face onto my chest you will feel the heat

My heart only beats your name

Nothing that I have doubt or shame


I never felt this way before

I can’t think and analyze anymore

I never thought that I would fall deeply

I never thought I would feel jealousy


I envy the men you loved and still do

Because they have experienced the feeling of the whole you

Now I sit alone and waiting for my time to come

When you will say you will always be mine


Though sometimes I get hurt and frustrated

It doesn’t mean I have succumbed and wilted

No, my love for you still stands strong

Because I know it is you where my heart belongs

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Love is…


When I see your sparkling eyes..

When I see you tremendous smile


The way you look at me when we kiss

A simple touch, I consider bliss


One look takes away my doubt and fears

One embrace can calm and soothe away my pain and tears


A simple stroll feels like I am getting closer

Your presence fills my heart with laughter


I know I am still miles away

But I am here promising to stay


I would be the only person to love you this much

To me you have the angels touch


I would never leave you

Simply because I love you


If you put the reasons all together

And if you really think and ponder


Love is simply you…

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I may not be the prince you are looking for

But I could be your knight in shining armour

You are my princess even from the start

One look sends out thousand spark

It lights the night sky for me to see

Your beauty that is enchanting me

You have my whole heart and soul

Acquiring your love is my one and only goal

I know you are not yet whole

I will do anything to make you feel special

Even the smallest token wont be so trivial

I am here offering you my heart

I was always here for you right from the start

I would stay faithful and true

Until you learn to love me whole too

It is now 5 months from the moment you said I love you

And I would continue to court you

Until you realize what my love could offer

Until you realize that I too am your love, your fortress and an

Extra shoulder.


I love you with all the love in me

Happy 5th monthsarry honey.

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Do you know how I feel whenever I see your name in my inbox?

Ecstatic feeling of electricity comes over me

I am so excited to read and to see

Especially when you jot down I love you honeyJ

When ever I read those words

I am engrossed in my own world

That you are mine, the person I loved as whole

Whenever I see your name in my inbox

I get so nostalgic since that is where we first communicated

Every joke doubts, fears, poems all enumerated

That is where our feelings connected

I don’t want to think of any thing else honey

Just reading your name makes me happy..

I love seeing your name popping out my email

You just don’t know the excitement it entrails


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Simple man…


I tried to write you the most romantic letter

An ingenious poem what would be better

To convey the love I have inside

Which neither time nor instances can abide

But I am just a simple soul in love with you

Plain and ordinary with no power to swoon you

I don’t have super power to fly you off somewhere

Or riches to give to you and take you everywhere

I am just a simple fool whose so in love with you

I will do anything for you

Climb the highest mountain

Swim the deepest ocean

Pick the moon and stars

Just to be where you are…

I know I am not the man you hold dear

But there would come a day that it would be all clear

You will miss me as much as I miss you

You will even love me as much as I love you

For I am the only fool that would never leave you

I would give up my life for you

Sacrifice my own happiness just for you

I would be the one to stay beside you

I would only leave if you ask me too

I am here and will continue to respect and adore you

Because honey there is no other reason except I LOVE YOU!


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Now I know


Now I know why god gave me you

To take care and cherish you

To show you how it feels to be respected and love

That is why you were sent by god above


I love you though you’re not that into me

Its ok that’s part of my sacrifice

At least you know that all I say and show are not lies

Even though it hurts to the point that I cry


I don’t care if I am hurt and broken

I will lay my life down the line for your happiness

I never want to see you sad because your heart was stolen

Ill pick up your broken pieces with gentle caress


Just give me a chance to show you how much I love you

Just say the words and ill go to hell and back for you

Ill do anything for you

Simply because I love you true

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inspite of all the paininspite of the heavy raini am still here behind youto catch and hold youincase you fall or falterill be ready to catch you in any disasterthough i never been unselfish beforeto you i offer my life forever morethough somehow i hope youll seehow much you mean to mei love you and you know that is trueill always be here loving you

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Broken heart


I knew you before, your voice but haven’t really met you personally

But once I did there was something there which I tried to ignore

till the time we had the chance to talk eventually

There was a strange feeling overwhelming me

Tried so hard to lock it up inside since am not free

You on the other hand were trying to move on from the past

But still up to now you’re still caught up in the delusion of his love

I offered you my heart and soul wishing that I could mend your

Broken heart

I was doing all I can to make you happy in the process I was

Falling deeply in love

But what ever I do what ever I say still the same

No there is no one to blame

Except my yearning heart

With you I don’t want to part

I don’t want to push my self on you

But I want you to love me too

I love you unconditionally

Your worst and best

Up to now I think I am in a serious test

I told myself not to love you, not to fall

So I won’t get hurt, but it was too late

When someone forwarded me the message you have for him

I felt I was going to die; I want to disappear from here

To vanish and relinquish all my troubles and fear

But I was more concerned about your feelings and what you were

Going through that I don’t mind being used and hurt by you

As I promised I would wait till the time you could truly say you love me

I will be here with open arms to catch you

In all the things I do

It’s because I love you