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I am a woman with a kids and Im 33 yrs of age.Im happy for taking care of them.They make my life complete.
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When I was younger,
Younger than today
from then on
I am still the same person
who love's you so much
with all my heart.

You filled my heart with gladness
take away all my sadness
Youre my knigth and
 shinning armor in my life
Youre the apple of my eyes
Youre the air that I breath
You are the one
who make my dream come's true.

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Turn around and you will find the answer
The question that's bother into your mind.
Why I choose you,why I love you?
Because you are so understanding,
very loving,caring, trusting and most
especially just like the apple
 it has two variety green and red
I'm the green one into youre heart
and youre the red into my heart
But its only one kind of fruits.
Meaning, we are one of a kind in our love
'cause God bless those people
who have patience and faith in life.

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Eversince I was a kid
There's one thing in my mind,
  to help my family and
to finish my studies 

But when the days has past
everything has changed
All my ambition in life
was vanished
because of the hardship
that we have encounter
And I know that its not easy to pursue
The ambition in life
that it will never become true.

When one of my family got worked
 It help us a lot
She give us some support and advice
Don't loss hope and have faith in life
Holding each other is the only thing
 to face all the problem
We can do everything.
If we hold on together
There's nothing impossible
we can achieve our goal.

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