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Every one goes through life with some kind of dream to what there perfect life will be. Along the way some lose that dream others will achieve it. To some it may come easy and to others it takes blood, sweat, and tears. For some people its fame or wealth to others its power. How do you define ones self? Is it by what you achieve in life, like houses, money, cars or by good deeds we do. I define a person by who they are on the inside and what they have learned by life's lessons and how they thrive to better themselves every day. I believe our reason for living is to never stop growing and changing as a person. God told us to be like children, they learn and change. Just because you are always changing, it doesn't change the core of your being. My dream isn't fame or money or what I can achieve in life. For it comes and it goes. My whole life I have searched for the woman that completes me, the one that our souls will intertwine and become one. My best friend whom I can tell anything to without fear of judgement. The one that I cant stand to be without, for my heart aches when we are apart. The one I will grow old with, the one that stands by my side no matter what we go through. Because shes there, I feel like nothing can stop us. I want to be able to play around with her, like a pillow fight. We will know each other so well that we finish each others sentence. One I can show all my passion, love, and emotions to. I'm just a man with the dream of love. I know it exists. Its just the point of finding it or knowing it when its there right in front of you. I'm a guy who loves to cuddle, who will come up behind you while you are cooking and grab you in a warm embrace and kiss you so passionately. I'm a man who will respect you and care about your feelings, because they do matter to me. I am a man while passing a flower stand will stop and buy you some, just because I love you. When I am out and about and see something you would love, I will bring it home just to see the smile on your face. I'm a guy who will help around the house, not just to make it easier on you, but to spend more time with you. When we make love, that's what it is, passion and emotions. What an incredible feeling it is to make true love, I don't belive in just having sex! This is me. I am honest and real, I cant stand fake people. I am true to myself and I know my girl is out there and she feels just the way I do. All I need in life is you! The woman who completes me. I'm only half a man, come home to me my angel. Together we can achieve anything. Finding each other is our greatest achievement. If you feel a pull on your heart, and you feel the same way as i do about love. Please contact me you never know i might just be your soul mate, your other half, the man that completes you, your best friend, you know what im saying. Yours truly a hopeless romantic ccf five four one nine five two four seven nine zero I actualy wrote this letter on aug 31 im posting it because its part of a chain of letters Im lookin for some company. Im very sad today, is my anniversary, which means a great deal to me. My wife, i loved her so much. She ran off a couple of months ago. Why? I dont know. I gave her everything. I often brought her flowers because i loved her. I cook half of the time to give her a brake. I helped clean the house so we could spend more time together. When it came to intimacy, i made love to her. It was always incredible, I made sure that she always made it to cloud 9. Then i would hold her all night. I would cuddle with her while watching a movie. I appreciated every little thing she did, like unwraping up a piece of gum and putting it in my mouth while i was driving. All The big and little things meant something to me. I would be out and see something she would like and i would buy it for her. She was my best friend. I could tell her anything. I awoke with her on my mind and that was where she stayed until we fell asleep in each others arms. I would have gave my life to save hers. I thought she was my soul mate, I guess i was wrong. I gave that woman all of me and she ripped my heart out and crushed it and didnt care one bit. Im so lonely. Is there a lady out there that would like to spend some time with a loving, caring, passionate, understanding, kind, funny man. I need to forget about my soon to be x wife. My other half, i hope to find one day. My soulmate. I pray God leads you to me, for thats all i ever wanted my whole life. My one true love. For her to be my best friend and i would be hers, to share a special bond that only her and i understand. To grow old together. When that final day comes, knowing in our hearts that we loved each other as much now as when we fell in love. So this is to my soul mate. If you feel a tug on your heart when you read this, Please follow it. For you may not ever get the chance again. Sincerely yours, By a hopeless romantic C.C.F You can call or text me 541-226-1190 yahoo and aim manofpassion4you
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this is a song i just wrote i just got it copy written so im now posting it on hear im working on the music for it right now its going to be on the album im recording right now please give me your opinion of it I live on time I borrow
And all I feel is sorrow
Constant thoughts of my past
Oh god how long is this going to last
I feel like I've been thrown in hell
Oh please just cast your spell
To take this pain away
Its all I feel each and every day
Flash backs of the good and the bad
Invade my mind of what I once had My life I am no longer liven
As you have heard that's a given
For me there is no other way
With nothing left for me to stay
I will not go through this again
So I commit the ultimate sin
As my mind slowly begins to fade
I now wish I would have stayed
Oh god what have I gone and done
Please save me through you only begotten son
I have fallen down onto my knees
I hope and pray that my lord sees
Hopefully I'm not to late
Just one more chance at a clean slate
Oh god I beg you for your forgiveness
For my lord Jesus is my only witness
As I take my last breath I've come to know death
Please open your eyes
And don't listen to his lies
For I have gone and sealed my fateBut for all of you its not to late

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 A lovers heart never diesEven with all your liesI may be broken for a brief moment I wont let you keep me in hates tormentFor I will love again As surly as we beganI will fall in love with some one newThis time it won't be youI have changed My life has rearrangedI have grown from my painI know longer fill insaneMy tears have stopped fallingI hear true love  callingRomance is in the airI have no more despairIn the end you will seeI am as happy as can be



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Temptations arise; heartache and pain subsidies. Fame and fortune come and go; matters of the heart live on we know. Searching for our soul mates; going on many dates. Lost in this universe full of love and pain; sometime i think we all go a little insane. Matters of the heart never fade; they always stay the same. Longing for that warm embrace; as you slowly touch ones face. A gentle kiss to ones lips; softly yet passionate. As our hearts reach for the moon and are souls see shooting stars. Two people fall in love; like a soaring white dove. Happiness is to be; if only we can see. O wont you come to me, my princess to be! By A hopeless romantic ccf