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Now here's the poem that I wrote, That would describe me here alot, The things that I like to do when I'm free. The places to go and places to see. My name is LIZA and I'm 28. I'm very much single & very much straight. I came from Estonia, Tallinn in 98'. I live in U.S for 11 years straight. I speak in 2 languages, Russian & English. The things that I like described underneath me. The songs I love to hear, The dancing I love to do, The music makes me crazy, I know I love it too.. I love to play pool, To watch movies, the shows, I love to cook, I'm good at that too.. I love, and live and enjoy my life, I love my family and friends, I don't think with out them, I would survive.. I love my cat's they are the part of me. I love to write poems, that makes me feel free.. I love to travel, I love to see world.. I love the art, and the poem I wrote.. I love my job, that makes me to live.. I love my life, that makes me be me.. I'm very talkative and caring, I'm very friendly, kind and loving, I like romance and I'm outgoing, I'm energetic, down to earth and easygoing person. Who loves photography and art and like history alot, I do enjoy watching soccer, Hockey and race tracks and drag racing too, I like to go outdoors, going fishing, camping and swim in canoe. I also like to go to dance, and dance the night away, I'm pretty much down for anything and everything each day. I know, you live only once and that's the life you get, I hope that in the future, you wish to not regret. So I enjoy the time, That life is what you have, So I like to have some fun, That's the only chance you get. Well I think that's all I have to say.. So, I'll talk to you later, When you respond to my mail...
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SuicideWhat if I completely disappear?

Will somebody remember me?

What if I have friends?

But are they real to me?

What will they think of me?

When I’m dead and in grave

Will they cry for me?

Will the stand next to me?

Principles of lust

The dark night surrounds me

I love those who love me,

And those who seek me find me,

I can’t take it anymore,

There’s no reason for me to be alive,

The cross of changes,

That moves through the fair sky,

Inside I’m so pale,

It’s all my state of mind,

I can’t leave it all behind

Home that’s where I belong

The eyes of truth

That still finds me though

One mans dream

I’m surrounded in

I’m fragile, I’m in pain

I want to kill myself today

What’s the purpose of me to live?

The miracle of illusion,

Justifying me

Nobody loves me,Nobody cares for me,

Not even my family,

Not even my friends,

Nobody there for me

When I’m in so much pain

My feelings are being hurt,

I’m writing you my suicidal note,

I don’t want to live like that

Where people criticizes me a lot

I don’t want to feel the pain

That is hurting my own vain

I just want to kill myself

And drain in my own bloody hell

I just want to take that knife

And to stab my heart inside

And to think of it I might

Don’t even feel the pain insight

The time has passed to midnight

I might just take that knife

I’m walking to the kitchen

And opening that door,

I’m picking up that knife

Not thinking what will come

And holding in my hands

I’m going to my room

To make a DVD

To give you my last words

“Don’t worry about me.”

My face is going to tears

I didn’t know what to think

I’m thinking to myself

This is my last day to live,

So, I’m telling you wright now

“I love you all very much,

I’ll think of you forever

And we will keep in touch.

Just someday in heaven.

I’ll see you all out there.”

I’m picking up that knife

And taking my own life,

I felt the chill through my body

The pain is going away,

I’m asking myself

“Am, I already dead?”

My eyes are turning black,

My heart is stopping fast,

My hands are very cold.

They are stiff and not moving at all,

I’m dead, my body is cold,

I didn’t feel that pain at all.

Now that I’m turning all blue,

The red river of blood that surrounds me,

Now it’s all over the floor.

Now, that I’m on my way to heaven

Stars of journey, As velvet morning rise,

Hidden from the rain

Purity of love in disguise

I’m breathing as Monday comes,

A heavenly gift has arrived to my home,

Crazy, as I’m running up that hill,

I’m pushing my limits,

And justifying my love,

The miracle of illusion

As dancing shadows come,

A heaven in my eyes

As the cross of changes,

I move through the fair sky,

As the gate opens to heaven,

And on one perfect sunrise,

I dream of machine,

That will teach me to whisper

As I hold your hands.

And the sound of still water,

Across an ocean of dreams,

As I’m asleep,

I know it is too late,

But it is my own fate,

I needed to escape

And be free,

As I open my eyes,

I feel free from my own kind,

And it let me pass in peace,

I needed to be released,

Now down I lie,

I did the suicide


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It was the most heart breaking phone call,That ever took a place,On February 22nd of 2009.My mom have called me just around nine.She was crying so much,She had hard time to speak,She called me to tell me,That my grandma was weak,She got a phone call from doctor that night,He told her bad news,That my grandma had 2nd heart attack,She had hard time to breath,That she couln't survive,That she have passed away,Without even saying goodbye,My heart was just broken,I couldn't speak,I didnt know what to say,I just got really weak,I had to sit down,Just to think and be able to talk,My eyes started swelling from tears so much,Of the difficult time, that she have passed.And to think of it I talked to her on the phone,Not long ago, I just said "Hello"I didnt even had a chance,To give her, Her present from the last Christmas.I'm looking at present,Didn't know what to think,I was gonna see her,Just that week.To say "hello", and give her a kiss,To give her a hug,That I really miss,To touch her hands,and hear her laugh,And to think of itThat will never happen.I miss her so much,I can't even think,I'm telling myself,Why didnt I see her last week.I had a chance to say "Hello",To give her a hug and say last "Goodbye",To give her,Her present and see her unwrap,To see her smile, At least for the last time.Who would of knew,That she'll be gone so fast.That will never be able to see her again.Now that the spring is coming,And her flowers are beautifully growing,The once that she planted alot.And to see them grow so fast,Is just a reminder of her past.The most of the things I remember,Is the last time that we've spent together.To see her face light up,It bring me joy alot.Her never endless love,That's what kept us all.And to see her being gone.Will be never forgotten at all.She will be missed alot,But will see her someday in the heaven.The God took her away from us.She will be in a better place,She'll be taken care of there,She wont feel the pain,She'll be happy again. In memory of my grandmother Maria June 20,1926-February 22,2009.

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Remember the first timeWhen I met youI thought "O' wow"!How stunning you looked in that beautiful dress, that you wore that night.The glow in your face and when you smiled alot.Your beautiful hair and your silky skin.You looked so beautiful to me,I couldn't get my eyes of youWhen you picked that dress,Till you walked those stairs,You said "Hello", when you passed me by.I though "Oh, Wow" did she just said "Hi".Then I came up to you and said "Hello"I said my name and asked you to dance.The whole night that we've spent,I told to myself "Am I in love".I just couldn't believe.I had such a great time with you that night.I would like to see you again sometime.So, I asked for your number,I gave you a call,I could of talked to you all day long.Now here we are,Going down the aisle,I'm looking at you and you give me that smile.I thought to myself,How lucky I'm To marry the woman I wanna be with.To share the life, the love and the heart.To be with the woman I admire alot.The woman that gave me the life and the hope.The one who I wanna be with alot..You gave me things that I admire,You gave me heart that I desire,You gave me love that will be with me,You gave me life that I will be free.No person in life will give me those things,But only you will be there for me.I love you so much with all my heart,I wanna be with you,Till death do us apart.

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What we're looking for in the guys!
What we're looking for in a guy
I think that's on every womens mind.
The guy who doesn't really waist our time.
The guy who's caring, loving, kind.
The guy who loves his family
Who brings flowers to us.
Who thinks we are the ones
Who listens to us, like we listen to you
Who cares for us, like we care for you
Who loves us like nobody else,
Who will always be there, just to be our best friend.
Who shares the passion, the love and respect.
Who will never ignore us like we dont even exist.
Who calls us, just to say hello
and say on the phone:
" Hello, I love you baby,
I will see you when I get home!"
These words mean so much for us
You don't even know.
Is that so hard to do for us.
Then why should we share,
 strong feelings between us.
We just don't want to get stabed in our hearts.
And get ignored like we not the ones..

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Mine Valentine! (for him)
When I see you!
You make me laugh,
You make me smile,
I havent met a guy like you in a while,
I do like you alot
You're that guy,
I dont want to leave behind.
You're the caring person,
and you have the heart.
You're a character,
and you're sweet and smart.
When I met you for the fist time
I knew that we would get along just fine.
Plus I knew that you would be Mine Valentine.
You're the guy that I was looking for,
You only the one that I really adore.
I've never in a world, thought it would be you and me.
So,"Happy Valentines!"
From Me.

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I'll always love you!
I really like you and adore you.
You're in my heart, my soul
I love you!
You're the one, I love the most
You're in my soul,
You're the best.
As I think of you,
To hear your breath
To hear your laughter
Your voice in my head.
When I see your smile,
I smile too.
When I see you sad.
I get sad with you.
When I see you get hurt.
I'll be there for you.
You're always in my heart
I'll always love you!

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I love you, please give me another chance.

 The heart melts awayWhen you love somebodyI know, I want to be with you my darling.The love sweps awayWhen you don't love anymore.I would like to love you more.I love your hair,I love your eyes,I love the way you talk,and when you giving me advice.I love that perfume of yours.I would love to be yours.I loved the things we shared together.I loved the places we've been together.I love the things you do for me.The cooking, the cleaning, washing my clothesand make me be me.Thinking of me like nobody does.I love you more.Please give me another chance.

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You know I'm tired of getting hurt.The guys that would use me alot.I'm not just some booty callI have respect for myself.If you want that girl,You gotta go and look for her in the bar,That's where they are.Why cant I find a descent guy,Who can see me for who I'm I'm tired of playing games,Being used like I'm nothing to them.There's so much you can find about meI'm like an open bookYou can just ask me?I'm looking for love and romance.And be swept off from my feet at once.I'm looking for just one guy,Who would be interested in me.What am I doing so wrong,That I cant find that one love at all.My hands are keep on shaking,My trust dissapearing so fast,That would be hard to replace it.My love fades away so quick.That would be hard to undone.I feel so much pain in my chest.My heart just brakes in two pieces.Funny what love can do.It gives you pain and can hurt you too.

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There's something you need to understand about girls,They are beautiful like pearls,They are sensitive and weak,They are smart but they not cheap,You buy them flowers, give them loveYou give respect and care for them,They are alot of responsability,But you gotta give them hand for the creativity,There's so much about them to know,They are like flowers that grow,They are beautiful from the outside,But sometimes girls can really bite from inside,You gotta be carefull with them,Try not to brake them at all,They give you attitude sometimes,When you dont wanna pay attention to them,But they give you care and love and respect,When you actually care for them,You gotta win their hearts,I know it's alot of work.But if you want her respectYou gotta pay attention to them,You listen to what she had said,You care when she gets hurt,You love them for what they are,You share romance sometimes,Now that you almost there,Listen and give the good care.Now try not loose her at allBe everyday there for her..

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There's so many ways to write Birthday Poems.But there's only one that I decided to write,For you my special friend,With hope that you'll likeAnd keep that poem too.So, save it in your heart  and just keep it there.With hope that you'll never loose it anywhere.Well, Happy Birthday, (Name).What a beautiful day,On your Birthday today,And the sun is shining so bright,If you look in the skyThere's just a few clouds,The sky will be clear tonight.All the stars will be shining so bright,If you see one shooting star,And no matter, on where you areYou make a wish on that very star,And on your special day,Your wish may come true someday. So, I say "Happy Birthday to You"!May all your dreams come true,Even if you have a ton.Have lots of Birthday fun.Be careful on that special night.Just Don't drink and drive tonight.



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Soldiers.With the war in the world.We all love you so much.For all the things you do,That we all really care for you.For saving our countryand the world too.For giving us lives and keeping together.We want you, To come back home,No matter what it takes.As we thinking of you,with tears and thoughts.That you'll survive,To see us again.Our hearts goes to youwith feelings and hope.That you'll get home safe,No matter what.Our love goes to you.So all of us,  really thinking of you.

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Come back home!With all that war in the world.We can only hope.That you are still aliveWe want you to be back home,and have the quality family time.We love you so muchand everyones loveTo be only shared,With heart and the hope.We all really scaredThat you'll never get home,But we try not to think of it,So by sending you love.We miss you so muchYou dont even know,We'll love you forever.So please come back home.

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