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Mid-Autumn evening party

After two requin nike months of preparation, nervous, "on the emotion" in the wuhu by CCTV Mid-Autumn evening party 8 September 22nd, through the CCTV - 1, CCTV, CCTV 9-4-3 channels to live, the global designer length 2 hours. In yesterday's ", "on the wuhu CCTV Mid-Autumn evening party conference in wuhu, general director GuoJi CCTV Mid-Autumn evening party, said the red all the preparations for the party, ready to open the curtain, etc.chaussures shox According to GuoJi red, the director of the stage, complete, big screen, acoustics technology project is basically complete docking debugging. From September 18, actor and various performance team has arriving in wuhu and rehearsal. "CCTV Mid-Autumn evening party held in wuhu, anhui and wuhu, nature is little not." Guo said, in the lead in the evening, the badge of local nike air rift culture and wuhu will get full performance features, such as original ecological stage integral style has been gloriously enrolled for the "painting", "love" in the Mid-Autumn festival in wuhu epicureans this bird this element, and can be called the city of wuhu song mountain half of half the water in the party, make arrangements and Chinese people around the world can feel the most typical wuhu style. The reporter shox chaussures understands, wuhu rebrand CCTV autumn night as the global expansion in the ascension of the influence and visibility in the first time platform, has established "the republic", wuhu month late autumn, CCTV omni-directionally to make preparations for the party. During the preparation of the "column group is specially made for wuhu" poetry ", air max "poetic wuhu Mid-Autumn festival" two special programs, poetry appreciation would have on September 11 and 18 September 4 sets of CCTV.To ensure that the day in a safe, orderly and harmonious site, Mid-Autumn evening party site shall be hard, organization, system. sac à main bandoulière Ticketing real-name system is registered, all the audience in square organization. The three regions, several districts division between hard isolation, district are equipped with the security, the police and enough. In addition, the health care, equipped with communication power supply, fire, such special emergency vehicles, near the water with professional arrangement, in order to ensure the safe lifeguard. Because the Mid-Autumn air max classic evening party wuhu may appear rainy weather, many people worry about miss sky round full moon. CCTV autumn night, this has always been attaching great importance to the stage effect on the stage, colorful elegant wind stage effectCraig. Stage in the lake peninsula, sunshine fan-shaped elegant in the mountains, like heaven above the bridge into earth, in order to highlight wonderland "autumn" huamei verve, the party with golden tone of ink film do the whole art packing, manifests the Mid-Autumn festival of classical culture, a traditional Chinese classical culture, the meaning of visual beauty. And the image of the city of wuhu, symbol, will the landmark building of wuhu "this square", "wuhu changjiang river bridge" and huizhou amorous feelings sac à main mode "housing", "green tiles horsehead walls", reflect elements into one "in" wuhu under any of the "reflect". According to the general director GuoJi red, the first party, super abnormity waterscape stage giant moon modelling GaoQingCai LED, the tabernacle of the congregation, radial xiangyun, match with water and ice, mercury reflected light, color laser, music is the most advanced modern fireworks as multimedia effect and special methods, especially underwater camera and the special high- speed cameras cat flew to create a shadow, and charm of quietude linked to global Chinese visual effects, create "autumn reflects the huizhou, moonlight leaching of wuhu" special landscape. CJJ


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Vitamin C YinQiao piece

The state air shox food and drug administration has issued bulletin, remind of medical workers, pharmaceutical production enterprises and the public, should understand traditional compound preparations YinQiao chips and vitamin C, in order to reduce safety risk.In recent years, the drug "adverse reaction" problem occurred frequently, reason is complicated. The vitamin C YinQiao slice events triggered public again about food and nike rift drug safety attention -- as consumers, how to protect their safety? What responsibility to society to the greatest extent should avoid risk?On September 19th, issued by state food and drug administration, 32 "adverse drug reaction information bulletin" pointed out, on January 1, 2004 to April 30, by 2010, adverse drug reaction monitoring center case report database of vitamin C YinQiao related cases reported in 1885, number of serious cases reported in 48 cases and no death. Case report air bw database information analysis shows that vitamin C YinQiao chips with the safety problems of related components have certain relevance. Analysis showed that vitamin C YinQiao chips are super instructions for use, according to specification recommended usage and dosage, and combined with vitamin C YinQiao slice pharmaceutical and other similar components of vitamin C YinQiao piece contains ingredients shox chaussure allergy medication.In November 2001, China has established the adverse drug reaction information reporting systems, according to the production and sale of drugs already approved in the use of the safe hidden trouble that information, the purpose is to find drugs security risks, to take effective measures to control risk.Vitamin C YinQiao piece isn't exceptions, in recent years, the drug "adverse events. According to statistics, nike requin in 2009, adverse drug reaction monitoring center from adverse drug reaction case report, of which more than 63 million new cases of severe 9.4 million over a number of reports.12 February 2009, national regulators, stop using and sales of heilongjiang outline pharmaceutical Co., LTD, jiamusi branch of production ShuangHuangLian injection, 2009 September 16, stop selling used for more marked the chaussure shox pharmaceutical Co., LTD. ShuangHuangLian injection, 2009 on January 8th, dispatch stop production, sale and use of hydrochloric acid the drug substances and drug products, 2009 on December 11, dispatch withdrew phlogistic poisonous clear injection and ginseng stem total saponins injection drug standards.According to the understanding of Chinese medicines, aderse eents in the report of the most common drugs is anti-infection, air max bw 2009, such drugs report the number of 55.2% reached chemicals, Second is the cardiovascular system, chemical medicine of 7.6 percent."Adverse reaction" problems "safety" strikes At present, vitamin air rift C YinQiao chips with the safety problems of related components is how much relevance. Although this event get high attention, but the "bulletin" mentioned in "super instruction using less problem", etc.Reporter survey found that consumers are suffered unnecessary risk, causing "adverse reactions from various reasons. Besides drug problems may own, but also by the consumers' own medicine knowledge and culture and society of medical assistance provided by such restrictions."The drug in 5 mg, 5 mg exactly? There are some, not all professionals. These are easily confused by the consumers. Guiyang medical hospital pharmacy department FangQin said vice director, especially in the vast rural areas, because education level is low, just read the instructions are patients.


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