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i am a young woman who seek for happiness and not for loneliness.. at times i wanted to be alone just to reflect on my own life. i always wanted my decisions to be as perfect as it could be.. but i know that won't gonna happen.. I'm an emotional type of girl but knows how to enjoy life..
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My patience had gone through a lot of  finish lines.. Now I guess I'll be needing a break..A break that would prioritize myself,A break to ease my wounded heart,A break that will refresh my life..I love youBut my love for you would never be enough to suffer from this pain.

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I love youI care about youI always think about youIt's all about you.And now, I already have nothingNothing but the painThe pain I've been hiding for so longThe pain that keeps on hurting me more everydayThe pain that is killing meThe pain that you've caused me..

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Never assume you can handle your own problem when the truth is you can't.Its okay to reflect on your own once in a whileCause you'll learn a lotBut when the time comes you feel like crushing down,Never assume you can still make it on your ownCause it may only lead you into a bitter decisionThat would make a bigger problem.I've been there.. I've done it..It hurts.. It really does..

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How I wish someday I would have strength to tell and fight for what I feelI wish that someday I would feel the true happiness I've been longing forTo wish for the person I love to realize my worth,and for him to realize how I've been sacrificing my happiness just for him.I understand him, but does he ever think of understanding me?

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I thought I'm already strong enough to face our relationshipI thought I won't let myself fail againI know I've tried not to failBut I've fallen so deep againI've already learned from my pastI know what to doBut I don't have the strength to do so.

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As i go on with my life now,

I've given you myself, my everything.

You've changed me a lot.

You've successfully made me the way you wanted me to be.

I've shown you a lot to prove how much I love you.

The only thing I want to know is that,

Have you ever asked yourself if I'm happy being who am I right now?

Have you ever think about what i want?

Are you happy and contented with me now?

Or you're still asking for more?

I've already built my world around you.

I love you..

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Through these years,How I wish you're here with me.You're the only person I know who can understand me.The only person I know who loves me above anything else.As I close my eyes,The glimpse of your smile is all I can seeWhen I think about how much I love youTears running through my face.How I really miss being with youThe way you hug meThe way you wipe away my tearsThe way you make me laughThe presence you've given me when I feel aloneThe way you treat me like a PrincessThe random "I love you's" you sayAs it lingers to me on and on..I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOUDAD

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Haven't thought about myself in a whileI thought I'd be okay.I thought I'm strong enough to hide the truth.The truth that I'm already hurtingI always cared about you and how you feel.I always wanted to do things in your way.I thought I'd be happy.I thought letting you role my life would lead me to where i want to be.But now, I'm so lostLost and don't know where to find that missing part of me.And that's HAPPINESS..

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I just can't speak the words from my mindToo many questions without any answersI just don't know how i feel.Everyday that full of doubts and fears,Every night that's drowning me in tears.If i could just borrow a bit of time from my past,And think, what I've done wrong in my lifeAnd on which way i would go."LOVE isn't matter about how you feel at the moment you are happy,but LOVE is what you feel when you're suffering from pain".

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Being in a relationship is not as easy as you know, It can be happier than you think,but it hurts more like hell..if you know how to love,you should also know how to take care of it.When it comes to relationship,too much pride is not necessary,cause it destroys understand is what you need,cause it stays your relationship much stronger than it should be.

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I've broke your heart in twoAnd told your love goodbyeI've tangled up my destinyand interrupted fateYou was my one desireI need you in my life nowI can't go on this wayYou're the one I needYou're the one I loveThe one whom I've left behind