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i am what iam,do what ido, but my words are true
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You are a flower in full bloom,
As if, through a mist, a first loom;
You are a fine line that holds beauty
So fragile it seems, yet so pretty.
You are the wind that grace my meadows
Of thoughts and lights up my weary shadows;
You are the sun after my night
That lights up everything in sight.
Of life, you are much of a mirth
As if the joy that welcomes birth,
A beauty personified in earth
A locke of immeasurable worth.
You are the viand for the men’s eyes
Bread for their souls, subject to their lies.
You should be the envy of all women
With skin so delicate as linen.
You are the life that sprouts in spring
And all the joys that life brings.
You are the song the nightingales sing;
The melody on a lyre’s string.
You can make a goddess jealous
And make a mortal over-zealous,
You’re the ditties of a million ink;
You soften warriors with just a wink.
You are the reason why now I write
These simple lines so soft and lite.
Yet, no amount of art can, e’en for a while
Describe the true beauty bestowed on your smile

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Wish you where here, miss your
voice so much my dear

With you on my
mind, everythinggets so clear

My mind,
so simple, just you in there, i hold you so dear

Remember first time I let my
eyes on you,

nothing I managed to do
You, your beauty, gazed upon me, like a
star on the sky,

I was falling but you my dear made me fly
With a single look
on your face,

you just placed my heart with a trace
I was wondering, where was
I, in a place like this?

Wanted so much to give you this kiss
Remember I was
praying " please dont go, here, I want you so"

In a world filled
with suffer, pain and hate, please dont be late,

I need you here, not there
will be your hero, and make your pain to zero

With me, with a smile I alaways
want you to be

No more tears from your eyes, no more lies
A promise I give
you, deep from my heart,

a promise from me for you to keep
Now, if I could
only hold you within my arm,

never I would let you come to any harm

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I was wishing upon a star while driving my car
A wish about her,
A wish to her,
A wish for her

A wish about having her near,
A wish that takes away my fear,
Damn, I miss you my dear.

A wish about wanting her here,
And not there
A wish, that makes everything so

A wish for her and me,
A wish for her to see,
A wish about where I want her to be

A wish I make everyday,
A wish I make between everything I say
A wish I hope will come true some