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i love to write. yea i do!. im a very down to earth person. its so easy to make me laugh. i dnt go wit married guys and OLDER guys. so if u r please please stop sending me messages. =D
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Letting you go is so hard to do,But loving you is all I can do.You're always on my mind,And all I want is for you to be mine.I'm wondering when will I let you go,Because my heart can't take the pain you left and throw.I've learn so many things from you,And I thought our dreams together will come true.I can't believe that you're gone now,But I'm still hoping that one day you'll come back and be mine.

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my heart only beats for you,but your heart beats for eyes only sees you,but your eyes only sees ear only hears your voice,but your ear only hears her mouth only talks about you,but your mouth only talks about hands only want to touch your face,but your hands only want to touch her sweet smile only smiles for you,but your gorgeous smile only smiles for mind only thinks about you,but your mind only thinks about her.for a long time my dream was to be her,but you took all my insecurities away,by making me feel safe.i love everything about youand no one can top that.i gave you my all,and you have me through the better and worst days of your lives.


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It is not easy to love someone who doesn't feel the same way,

and it is not easy to pretend that you are okay.

I've been waiting for you to love me like i do,

I wanted you to see that my feelings are true.

We've been through ups and downs,

and we got through it without any frowns.

People says that "You don't find Love, Love finds you",

but I found love in you.

Last night I dreamt that it was me and you,

and I woke up this morning realizing that my dream has come true.

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Everyday I wake up I thank God not because I am still breathing,
But because you're still in bed dreaming.
I treasure you in my life not because you make me laugh,
But because you help me get through many stuff.
I will never get tired of you,
Because I am crazy and irrevocably in love with you.

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You’re the only girl in my mind everyday,

You’re the only light in my lonely darkest way.

I will take good care of you and love you,

But I hope you will do the same to me too.

I promise to love you until forever,

We will keep this pinky swear together.

And somehow this love story is about to end,

But my love for you will never end.By: Jerremiah Calo

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I've been waiting for the right guy to come along,but it seems like the timing is always wrong.I love him more than anything in this world,his presence makes my head twirl. My love for him grows each and everyday,I want to be with him every single day.He is my always and forever,and I will treasure him for the rest of my forever. I love him more than this poem could ever say,I love him and he makes my every day.I don't care about other people's opinion and stuff,because all I could tell them is that him is enough.


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You Said Its Over,You Said You Don't Love Her Anymore.I Can't Do This Anymore,I Can't Pretend That Everything Is Okay, Because It Is Not Okay; I Am NOT Okay...I Want You To Tell Me That You Want To See ME,I Want You To Look At Me The Way You Look At Her.Can A Day Pass Without You Thinking About Her?Can A Day Be Just About Me And Nothing Else? It Hurts Like Hell.When Can It Be All ABout ME And Not All ABout Her?I Said I Wasn't Going To Do This; Get Jealous And Everything... But Its Hard.But Despite Of Everything, I Still Love You.No Words Can Describe How Much I Love You.I Just Hope That You Love Me Too.Cry

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Loving you is what I do, but loving me back is hard for you to do. Loving you with all my heart will never break my heart apart. Thinking of you in the dark what makes my night go bright. Looking at your eyes makes me freeze like an ice.I woke up last night and thinking about that dream until sunlight.

By: Jerremiah Calo


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Last night I was looking at the stars above the sky,

Thinking about all the memories that have made me cry.

The stars are glowing,

And my love for you is growing.

Many days and months had passed,

But my love for you will always last.

Everyone was telling me to forget you because all you’ve caused me was pain,

But I cannot do that, can I?

Because my love for you is driving me insane.

My love didn’t have a happy ending,

But someday I will have the happy ending that I am dreaming.

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A Person Like You Is Hard To Find,Because You Are One Of Those People Who's One Of A Kind.I Fell In Love With You In A Wrong Place, At The Wrong Time,Because I Knew Our Chance To Be Together Is Smaller Than A Dime.You Told Me The Reason Why We Can't Be Together Was Because She Happens To Be One Of My Friends,It Hurts So Bad That I Wished She Shouldn't Have Been There To Be One Of My Best Friends.My Heart Was Shattered Into Million Pieces,And It's So Hard To Put Them Back In Places.It's So Easy For Others To Say That You/I Should Move On,Because Those People Doesn't Really Know What's Really Going On.


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I Don't Know What To Say Whenever You're Around,

Those Pretty Eyes Of YOURS Makes Me Day Dream All The Time.

YOU Put A Smile On My Face Every Time We Talk,

And It Makes My Knees So Hard To Stand And Walk.

Hearing YOUR Voice Makes My Day Complete,

And It Makes Me Shiver From Head To Feet.

You Make My Frustrations Go Away,

Because YOU Make Me Laugh Every Single Day.

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when you came into my life i felt different, everytime you do something sweet my heart's saying that i'm in love with you. even though i don't admit it my heart and my mind always want to see you and touch you if only i'm free, i will scream to the whole world that i love you, if only i'm free you're the only person that i will choose, i hope you love me too. if there's one chance that i'm going to be with you, i promise that i will make you feel the love you've been waiting for.