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I am active, yet still have time 2 write poems =) I am in many sports. I am in gymnastics, cross country, swimming, and track, I am flexible and I love what I do.
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I never realized that I would be in this spot. I actually thought it would be you that end up boiling so hot.


I never meant to pull away from you.It probably makes you feel like some dumb fool.

I know that a relationship is built on trust.I really have no reason to fuss.

You've been here for me from the beginning. I hope you will help me create OUR happy ending.

We will be together forever.I'm sorry I said the word never.

If you only knew how I felt.You may have understood, what I have been delt.

Please don't ever leave my side.I need you right here, because if you weren't, I might have died.

Please don't take this the wrong way. Please, just stay.


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Waiting for the time to comeWith my heart beating like a drum

Wanting to be with youHoping you’re waiting for that day too

Plentiful romantic nights Rose petals and dim lights

Why does it seemThat I may only dream

This, which could never be wrongWith a feeling so strong

With you I’ll stayI don’t ever want to be away.

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Raindrops fallingThunder boomingScary to someBut calming to meThe raindrops are gracefulAs they fall one by oneOne in each puddleWith beautiful ripples to comeThe thunder is loudJust to calm hatePutting people togetherTo ease each other's painEase my pain stormFor I am alone on this dayPut me to sleepSo I may dream of one day feeling peaceInspired by an actual storm     = ]


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She sits in the corner

All balled up



What could she do?

Why was it happening?

Her mother was hit before

More than once

By her father…

Everything was fine…

Right? …

It seemed that way,

But everything was not fine

Her mother has been hurt

Both physically and emotionally

Her problem is

She hurts too,

This is because she can’t do anything

Nothing to do

She sits there and watches

As tears fall down her face

All the pain she holds

Wishing he would hit her instead

In this thought

She screams, “STOP!”

Wanting to distract him

So her mother could run

But her mother

In protection of her baby

Stays there so he wouldn’t come after her

She begs her father to stop

He does for now…

As he walks out of the room

Only to get a belt

She should’ve kept her mouth shut

But at least her mother is away for now

She lets him beat her

He then stops

She looks at him in tears

He walks out the door

She runs into her mothers arms

Her mother kisses her forehead

She kisses her mother

She says, “I love you mom”

“I did this for you”

Her mother silences her

Her mother knows it’s not over

She wishes it was

Her mother knows when she speaks out of turn


Here we go again…

Right back to the beginning…

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Nothing 2 see here


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She falls to her knees crying,

She doesn’t want him to go

He is the only thing holding her together,

He is the reason she hasn’t broken down

They were once happy together,

They were the perfect couple

Until things went wrong

Until he started relying on seeing her every weekend…


As the rain falls

So do her tears

As the lightning strikes

Her pain strikes even harder

As the thunder sounds

She screams out in agony

Just wishing he would come home


Her heart is breaking

She couldn’t take the pain anymore

All of his anger; she couldn’t take it

Nights where she waited for him to call

She wanted to give up loving him

But for some reason, her heart wouldn’t let her

She needed


The truth be told

Everyone knows, in some way, love hurts

But no one knows why

She knew about this

But she didn’t think he would do this

She had no reason to believe

No doubt she will break down now

It’s just a matter of time

Her heart is now broken

She doesn’t think it could be mended

Until he…came along…



He is the kindest friend in the world

He makes her smile when she’s down

He holds her when she cries

He says he loves her when she needs to hear it most

He talks her through everything

He is now the reason she doesn’t break down

He is now the only thing holding her together now

They would be the perfect couple

But he doesn’t want to hurt her

She just can’t seem to show him she needs him

She can’t tell him she loves him

She tries to show him but he looks past it

Why won’t he realize how much she needs him?

Why won’t she show him what he needs to see?

Why won’t they ever be?…


The answer to those questions is because they are both scared to see the outcome…

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Chasing your love Happily I have you Obviously I'm in love, and Candy is the taste Oppressed to your sweetness Loving every moment Admitting I don't want you to leave The door never opens Enclosed in your love and heart, and i love it

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All want to know Why this girl feels so alone Yet she is as quiet as a doe Bothering no one, heart like a stone Easily shattered into a million pieces Her heart could break any minute Yet she still waits for the one to save her Knowing one day he will come Every sunrise she has hope Yet every sunset leading to the sunrise It may be another failure as this day to come She knows less and less hope that he will appear Because now he is invisible When she needs him the most Just when almost all hope has been lost He catches her eye Yet she still cannot say a word Though she still feels alone She knows she needs him She knows he is the one Though she can't help but let him walk away She feels as if he didn’t see her Though she caught his eye as well She was glowing like an angel Sparkling in his eyes He knew he needed her He knew she was the one So as he thought of a way To make her see why they should be together She wondered if she would see him again Knowing she would have maybe had a chance If she’d have said hi Finally he made the decision To go to her and tell her exactly how he feels Not knowing she felt the same way about him Finding him She instantly falls into his arms, and He holds her without hesitation Telling her how much he loves her She smiles, telling him she feels the same way Softly he kisses her forehead, promising to never leave As they lay down, drifting away into a dreamless sleep Seeing as they have all they need There with them, Together.

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When I first met you I had no chance I can't believe you let me love you When I see your smile I can't believe you're smiling at me When I see your eyes Looking into mine I feel home Nice and warm and no other girl Could feel any luckier It feels so good to know you're mine When I see you I can't believe I have you When you do what you do I fall in love all over again and no one will ever take your place

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Thinking of you and when we were together what we did become and what we could've become You made it this way now I have someone and he's a great person one of the best in my eyes I'm sure we could've made it but it's your fault and now you're out of my life but to tell you the truth I don't really regret it I miss you but not enough I loved you but it wasn't enough so I have someone new and at least he loves me back...

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I'm sorry to feel that I love you It's just you aren't like another If I could only show you There can't be any other In time I will miss you so much But I don't know how you can walk away I could show you I'm better than your ex But I don't know what to say I wish you could see that I'm different And facing your fear is how to get through it Please just give me a chance You'll never know until you try Nobody is like you You make my soul fly Whenever I talk to you Chills rush down my spine I've come to the conclusion a week ago You could be the one But today I KNOW You ARE the one The one for me The one I need The one I see Perfect for me

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Alone, on the snowy windswept hill, she waits for the one to come and save her. Alone, on the dusty plain, he searches for the one to make him complete again. Wearily, she looks to the rising sun, praying that with the night, her long wait is over. Wearily, he looks to the setting sun, knowing that another day has passed in failure. She hangs her head, wondering if she is doomed to wait forever. He hangs his head, wondering if he is searching in vain. Sighing, she looks to the south, making up her mind that no one was coming. Sighing, he looks to the north, trying one last time, in a place where he could be alone if he failed. Giving in, she settles into the ground, no longer fights the weariness, she succumbs to sleep. Giving in, he sets his sights on a far away hill, knowing that the soft snow on the side would offer what he wanted. She hears the boots crunching through the snow up the hill, but cannot believe her ears, she fights her hopes and remains still. He sees the indention in the snow ahead of him, and does not trust his eyes, he fights sleep to see what had fallen. She looks up now, now believing, and catches the eyes of her savior. He looks down now, now trusting, and catches the eyes of his true angel. She blinks, he smiles. He kneels down, she sits up. He reaches down, and gathers her into his arms, no longer feeling that emptiness. She reaches up, and clings to his neck, no longer fearing, for she has been saved. Together, they travel back south, neither in pain, neither in danger, they journey home under the midnight moon.

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