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You talk like me but you don’t understand me We think a like and you pry think I’m crazy I feel sorry every day cuz I have done so many things to make u made I want to start agene but I know we cantI cant change the way we are now I think of the two of use all the time I don’t know why but every time I look at u I want to cry but I don’t cuz I know u don’t like it when I do I know u can’t forget the stupid and childish things I have don’t to make u made at me Every night I pray to god that u wont leave me that we will stay to gether for ever Every time you get mad at me I pray to god that u will forgive me for what I have done and that u will sill love me I will do what ever it takes to keep you I love you so much I never want to loose you You mean every thing to me I am so sorry for every thing I have done I wish I could take it all back but I cant I love you with all my heart Even if u don’t love me I will never hate you Even if you hate me I'm sorry I can't be perfect I hope you can love me back but u pry cant Just remmber the good times we will and have had I love you I feel like there is something missing when u are not around But when u are I am so happy I want to cry When you hold me in your arms I feel safe like nothing can hurt me I will love you for ever by kassy bokman kass666@wmconnect.com