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Falling into darkness...
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your heart in shambles,your mind filled with pain.your life filled with anguish,a neverending rain.your pain is indescribable,a pain never felt.your thoughts scream at you,pleading for help.your hand shakes uncontrollably,from this persons touch.who could have ever thought,you could like them this push them from your life,youll not go through it again.your defenses never let down,lonely nights you will spend.they come back to you,much to your dismay.nothing could prepare you,for what they will say.the words come out so easy,as tears stream down their face.your body begins shaking,your heart starts to race. they pull you close and say,while looking in your eyes.ill love you till forever,even if it means my demise.


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Now as he lays down to sleep.he prays his heart will cease to weep.though his heart may be dead.he cant rid the thoughts in his head. 

the pain and anguish in which he's felt.his soul to the devil he has dealt.doomed to hell for all eternity.he hopes his heart might possibly see. 

love is lost from his empty he holds the steel bladed knife.he thinks again about what he is doing.he realizes how his life is going. 

he screws anything and everything he digs in and sharply cuts.slowly he bleeds, his life is done.will anyone miss him when hes gone?

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i carry you with me, your with me at all times.nothing will ever change that, because you are always mine. theres nothing i wouldnt do, to have you to myself. through everything possible, poorness or wealth.i love you always, with my entire soul. without you here, my life feels i am alone, wondering how you are.your beauty unsurpassed, found nowhere near or far. living life without you, is like breathing without air. why does it hurt so, it seems you dont care.i feel nothing but pain, when night comes around.i lay in wake for hours, wishing our hearts were bound. yet here you are, directly in front of me.but so far away, so far i cant barely see.your heart is unreachable, your soul is your own. you are independent, your pride i condone.i want nothing more, than to hold your heart. to carry you with me, to never be apart. my heart is yours, take it or leave it. im here only for you, if only you could see it...


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The love he felt, the pain he feels. The life that changed, seems so unreal. In love for once, she was his first. Gone from his life, a neverending thirst. A broken heart, bruised to the soul. Promises shattered, a life unknown. Happiness gone, replaced with sorrow. Will he love again, or mourn the morrow. He yearns today, for her of course. The depression elevates, the heartfelt remorse. On this day, he lies in wake. Longing for her, to change his mistake. The day never came, here he lies. The lonely man, alone as he dies. His heart in shambles, she walks in. His chest pounds, he speaks from within. Tears of joy flow, so overwhelmed. He loves her even now, with death at the helm. He spills his feelings, says all he can. He finally lets go, he dies a happy man.

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Money is tight at this moment

The bills are piling high

Trying to find the extra cash

Searching for what we cant find.


Supporting us is my big thing

No job no money what do I do?

Economy is slumping.

Can’t do what I’m supposed to.


My life revolves around you,

You are my entire world.

You told me if I can’t support you,

That I would have to find another girl.


Truth be told it hurt my heart.

To know that money means so much.

Money ruins all things

I don’t want to miss your touch.


Our lives will change and get better,

I promise to do all that I can.

I will do my best to make us workI will try my best to be your perfect man.

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Fears are things that you can’t control,

As they all but define everyone.

Most fears are not easily conquered,

And won’t be when all is said and done.


What I fear most out of the ones I have,

It’s simple really, being alone.

Being without the one I lost most,

With true love never being known.


It’s hard to imagine a long life,

Not having someone to have and to hold.

We all need that one person for us,

To be by our sides as we grow old.


My life felt empty for quite some time,

It felt as if my worst fear would come true.

Lonely, depressed and in denial,

Until the day that I met you.


I felt like I could breathe again that day,

As fear released its grip on my heart.

I hope to never live in fear again,

Nothing will ever keep us apart.


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I Love You Because...

I love you because...

Of the way you make me feel.

There is noone else for me.

Everything just seems so surreal.

I love you because...

Of the way you flaunt that perfect smile.

I think about you all the time.

You make everyday for me worth while.

I love you because...

Of the way your eyes always glow.

Looking into them mesmerizes me.

My love for you is only going to grow.

I love you because...

You love me with no objections.

Everything about you amazes me.

Including your flaws and imperfections.

I love you because...

Of how I am so loved by you.

Without you in my life...

I just don’t know what I would do.

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Always and ForeverDreaming about you is like being in a fantasy.Every second with you means the world to me.I try to go to bed early every single night.Because dreaming of you helps me with my fight.


Though i know the dreams are not real.They put into perpspective just how i feel.I'm so in love with you and everything you are.That won't change no matter how far we are apart.


My dreams are so vivid like i am actually there.Then i wake up, much to my despair.I wish i could just sleep away the time.Until the day i officially make you mine.


The day nears when it will be just you and me.I can only imagine just how happy we will be.That day that we are finally together.The way we will stay always and forever.

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As the day creeps closer,

to finally being with you.

My nerves are going crazy,

I don’t know what to do.

My feelings are getting stronger,

with every breath I take.

When I sleep I dream of you,

I wish I would never wake.

When I finally wake up,

you are still on my mind.

You are the most perfect woman,

A truly extraordinary find.

After looking for years,

You were right in front of me.

I regret the time we lost,

The years I couldn’t see.

I wish I could give it back,

We could make up for lost time.

Those days are gone for us now,

But now our love is in its prime.

My heart is hopelessly devoted,

To the only woman I love true.

My whole heart is always yours.

I’m hopelessly devoted to you.


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From day one till it was over,you meant the world to me.I went into a deep depression,that noone could really see.


I was deeply depressed,for no apparent reason.No matter how close we are,It doesn't matter the season.


Noone can remain close,When i get this way.It never fails to happen,I always push them away.


But you i regret the most,I never meant to hurt you.When i let you out of my life,I couldn't figure out what to do.I have done many things,while in my saddened state.All i had to do was be tough,All i had to do was wait.


I can't change anything i did,I think about it everyday.You were, are and always will be.The one that got away.

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You Complete Me 


I know we haven’t seen each other much,
And I hope to remedy that as soon as possible.
When I’m not with you I’m thinking about you,
Not thinking about you is almost impossible.

I find myself dreaming of you nightly,
Always dreaming of how things could and should be.
I want nothing but the best for you,
Even if the 'best' ends up not being me.

I find myself daydreaming at work,
Daydreaming about your perfect smile.
Waiting for the night to come around,
To hear your voice, to make my day worthwhile.

All this thinking about you has made me fall,
I’ve fallen harder for you than ever before.
It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had,
I just want to show you love and passion galore.

I love you with all my heart and soul,
I hope that’s something you will soon see.
I guess what I’m really trying to say,
You are my world, you complete me.


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I wish I could describe you,
You're nothing but a dream,
Leaving me nothing to hold onto,
I feel like I could scream.

I would sleep forever
Just to dream you again.
Oh, can't you come to me
and put this pain to and end?

I'm lying on my bed again
Waiting to fall asleep;
To spend another night with you
To explore the ocean deep.

I'm back in our world, I'm happy again.
I see you there, and you whisk me away,
And then like a bird, the time flies by,
The morning arrives, much to my dismay.

I cry out loud as you fade away
Begging desperately for the night to stay.
My eyes open, and I close them again
Hoping to see your face for once, but nay.

Again, left with nothing but the thought
That if I were to die and go to the heaven
I'd beg to live a night with you instead.
After that, I'd never think of you in vain.

If only I could see your face for once
If only I could feel your touch
I'd tell you how much I love you
Is that really asking for too much?