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What can i do to show that i truly love you, what can i say to show this isn't a fairy tale. This is Real, This is True, This is my Love for you.
Hi, my name's Jonathan. Just an average laid back christian guy going through everyday life. I'm only 15 (shhh =]) Planning on finding the angel of my dreams. I may have found her already, she has a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, and a heart so sweet, but i just can't seem to show her how i feel. I write these poems mostly about her, but she doesn't know. I don't think i'll ever be able to show her all this and tell her how i feel. But for now i'll just keep writing, waiting, and wishing...
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When i look at the moon I'm reminded of you Just how God took an entire day to make the moon and the stars He must have taken an entire day to make you a bit more special So that every time i look in your eyes, i'll fall in love for the first time When i look at the moon i remember, just how beautiful you really are Resembling an angel from heaven With a warm glow, that like the moon, Melts my heart and leaves me speechless So when i grow to old to dream I'll look up at the moon and remember, Just how special you are to me And that, will fill my heart again with imagination =]

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I know I'm young but I've known love
And I'd know an angel if i saw one
I must be seein' one from heaven above
'Cause cutties sweet as you, are nearly none
Maybe one day we could be together
Possibly someday it could be forever
So please don't give me your final good-bye
'Cause my fragile heart won't cease to cry
I wish there was something I could do
To show i'll always and forevermore love you
Something that speaks of your heartwarming eyes
Of your smile that makes my heart leap inside
I really truly do like you
Hopefully you like me too
I'm wondering what's on your heart
So now the rest I'll leave up to you...
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She broke my heart

Now to pick up the pieces

I don’t know where to start

Do I need another reason

For me to continue to love

Can you show me how

How it feels to be truly loved

I used to imagine us together

But for how long would it last

I used to think forever

And now I see

That you’re not meant for me

So I’ll continue on the road

Looking for that one

Longing for a real love

With that special someone

And now what can I say

Accept that hopefully

Maybe another day

We’ll meet again

So I’ll wait for you Peacefully

In the new city of Jerusalem

As we head our separate ways

I’ll say good-bye

Waiting to meet another day

Hoping that as friends

We’ll still stand side-by-side

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Would you care, would you be there, in my darkness and dispair, as i shed my tears, would you stay near, as i breathed my last will our love still last, just know that our hearts will never be apart, our love will never end, and i'll be here at least as a friend. Though the heavens and earth may pass, just know our love will always last.

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