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I can’t hold this anger inside anymore.


Don’t know what to do with this entire sore.


Swim, write, paint…


It just isn’t the same.




Closing almost every door.


With only one still open


Leading to my self harm store


There I really don’t want to go;


Long lasting scars,


people staring and


thinking I am insane,


but it seems as the only way


to ease my excruciating pain.




Red rivers from my arm to the floor


releasing the anxiety, anger, guilt and pain


devouring every bit of good in me


that I so difficultly gained.




As the silver blade slices through my flesh


the feelings inside me feel new and fresh.


Screaming in silence to stop this crappy mess


I’m still not listening to the advice


and keep on hurting.




No one can take away my mistakes of the past


All left for me to do


Is to learn my lessons


That must ever lust,


Live a life in the present, the now


And to create my future so good and pleasant.

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