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Hopeless romantic, I love to love those who love. I wanted to share somethings I kept locked away in my head.
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I never ran

No, I never left you alone

I once thought of doubting you

I dismissed it all

I stand here broken hearted

Feeling like I could be blown in the wind

I never ran

I stood for you bold and tall

Three days before now

One year before then

I met someone like me

I never could let go

I feared it would come to this

Too much have I shown

Not enough to keep you

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Through my heart you pass

In my palms I see you melt through my fingers


I stand beneath you exposed

Drenched with every drop that is you

Growing because you quench me


My thoughts are of you

Body is responsive

Nervous and anticipating

Lightning and thunder


Come to me

Touch me for I need

Let me not escape

Magnetize and amaze me

Move me, I am willing


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Could the angels see you as I do

Is their vision any deeper than I feel

Are the clouds not your umbrella

The sun, your own personal lamp

And I, to admire you alone

Would the wild be tame before you

Birds singing beauty of you in song

Colors of the butterflies not match your smile

Could your glow be shown

In the night, stars blink at you

Your voice to my ear like honey to my mouth

May I lay beside you and admire

Say to you my dreams beneath the moon

It is you, you that I love....forever

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Touch me softly

Win me over

Allow me to open myself to the new

I was still healing and didn't know what I was feeling

Then came you, grey sky blue

What are your plans

Can I trust me in your hands

How I am struck

Should be running, tail tucked

Instead I am in your arms

I have let my guard down

Only you and me now

I turned off all alarms

This love, I am not afraid of

I know that others say I should be

There's a feeling about you

Its like heaven surrounds you

I can't help but want you for me.

So softly, so soft your dealings with my heart

Help put me back together after falling apart

This is my life, wanting to be loved

With it my heart, the piece my dreams are made of.

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I can run to you, but I will never make it Hand you my fragile heart, only that you would break it Let you into my life, knowing you will pour me empty Share with you my dreams, with all of the passion within me You will twist me to nothing But wait I cannot help myself, and all that I feel Call it my imagination, I know it to be real Maybe I am someone that you love only so much Maybe so, but I give it all away just to feel your touch My heart, my life, my dear I do want to give Knowing and expecting nothing I know about broken hearts, I have swept up so many pieces All were mine, tiny delicate pieces Still I want you, only the skies know I do Can't stay away or run, committed to follow through I wont hear the chatter, words from so called friends I will loose my own way the deeper I fall in I will be the the one, even if its just in my own mind I will make you the best I have known You are my hard to find I accept the risk, so too will I bare the scars To never love you would be the worst I couldn't dare depart this earth Not without loving you, loving you till it hurts

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We are riding on a runaway train Next to each other with the load on our backs Holding on to fear of the end Carrying on down the tracks I heard you say, "If we ever make it out of this alive." Rolling with you on a runaway train On a runaway train Things just seem to go on by Moonlight twinkling in your eye Baby, we are going too fast We won't stop We won't stop Rolling with you on a runaway train On long down, in our hearts On a runaway, runaway Runaway train I can see the sun arising, way on down the way We are together holding on now Breaking through the light of day Will we ever, ever stop, I don't want to know I just want to ride alone with you now Never letting go Rolling with you on a runaway train On long down, in our hearts On a runaway, on a runaway Won't you take this ride with me Our runaway train

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I wanted a love You became my friend I needed someone Someone I could depend Then came you, reaching for my hand Afraid of love, I pulled away You broke through all of my pain Showing me the way I never thought, never could it be this way You àre my lifetime wish Never thought it could happen to me Until I felt your kiss And I am your's All of my life Baby, baby, the changes you have made in me Everybody sees my joy The smile on my face is because of you Can't wait to get back to your embrace and ooh You are the one, baby, you are the one I don't want to go without You are my best friend and lover I love you baby, no doubt I never thought, never could it be this way You are my lifetime wish Never thought it could happen to me Until I felt your kiss Baby, baby, I am your's Always your's All of my life

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If you are lonely and down I will make you smile When you smile, I will make you laugh As you laugh, I will share my heart In that moment maybe you'll see If you feel lost and can't find your way I will shine for you I will pray for strength to carry you on Rest upon my shoulder I am strong, hold to me I am bound to you When noone else seems to care Or nothing good comes your way Come to me and I will share your grief We are stronger together If they leave you If it is cold where you are I am on my way to your side Always ready, always warm I will leave you never Here, in this moment I exist to give All of me for all of you More than all is my way More than ever could be told I care for you I am there for you I am here to have and hold

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This must be the most that I have ever felt With the inside of me arching my frame I am but dust in infinite existance Yet I ride on the wind My heart is flying away Troubles are so far distant You are here with me Does your heart beat with mine Can you feel the rush that you stir Am I the adorer of your thoughts Say forever more Something inside everything wonderful Absolute ray that brightens my path A pleasure to have a second to gaze Smile of wonders to be shared I feel you looking at me from the inside So much behind each door I, the one to call you my dream Amazing that you make me so much more

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Through time, you came to me My heart beat so hard when you first touched my life I willingly offered myself, dispite my selfish way You filled me with your love for what you see as right I must admit that I ran What more can I be that you would want me Undeserving as I am You opened my eyes to divine destiny Oh, my Lord, I say yes Yes to you for my breath The beautiful skies that blanket my dreams I say yes Yes for the times that you never left Even though I was thoughtless or mean Creator of my future Measured and fitted to this earth I fit as you would have me Giving me your all Allowing me to be Shame held my path Defeat was branded to bone My head was covered in dust My soul traveled alone Days of confusion were destined Days that I forgot my own name You remembered me Now I stand changed I dream of you I hurt for your pain of me I hope to one day replace Replace the man I am Feel the touch of your grace Unworthy as I am Why do you love me so I am searching for your face Though I may stumble, please never let me go

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A doubtful heart, she looks away Fear for his love, he pleads for her to stay The words she said began to rip out his heart His voice and lips trembled as the tears began What he said next sealed the end And he says, Helan, I am the last to know you are hurting I have givin all of my soul Noone else could ever make me do all I do I have become ragged and my beard has grown The grey I am sure you see For just one minute Put your heart in it Look what this love for you has done to me I put up a good fight But standing here in this light, I can clearly see I have so much love for you I can see, baby I see you have none left for me Chained and bound to your approval Fused to your sweet charms I have needed you to hold me Never do I make it to your arms All of my friends are gone, I pushed them away Your friends are here when I get home each day Momma, dear momma, she is dead and gone All the time I spent away trying to provide you a nice home Even my faith and this really hurts Following you kept me from church I can only blame myself Helan, oh Helan I am giving you up Though you are leaving me, I am letting you go You, the one I thought was mine You have shown me what I never wanted to know All of the games All of the other guys No more, No more of the lies Thank you for breaking the chain This is the best thing you have done for me I will fix my broken heart I did love you, but now I am free

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With whole world, in which we live As we loose faith and take instead of give Financial horrors and the polotics to blame Left to be lost children loosing their lives to gangs Killing of the innocent, hearts with no remorse Racially motivated hate, status symbols set course Fear of being the eaten, many with no job Once respectable people now going out to rob Babies having babies, granparents at twenty two He said He knew us in the womb, but we are murdering them too We wonder why people stare into the sky Afraid of everything that pops that passes by Everyone in power seems to want more Everyone in need seems to get even more poor Unrecognized negligence runs rampid in our way No money to pay a bill, but money to throw away Is this our cycle We are pedaling ourselves away Removing worship from everything, they don't want us to pray Our world given to spoiled children, mom and dad always provide Not knowing how to earn their own They figure gain is gain, so the take it with honest lies Technology making the lazy, good and bad misused Mothers and fathers in fantasy world While their children are robbing banks, making the news For correction of a child, they lock away you and me Seeing that, these children are left to horrify free We are lost, morals and values that paved the way We wanted better for our children, so we threw them away Media causing curruption, private lives don't exist Identity theft is rampid, my name is surely on some list "Just do it", is more than just a nike shirt Well, I guess we just did it and did it so much it hurts We all want to be heard, whether it is just or just to be seen We don't listen, instead we fist in Worried about whats green Marriage is a rarety, more failing each day What happened to forgiveness, working for each other everyday Now the children suffer, while we smile at our new lover Did we try to save it, or just let it slip away Whatever grounds for this I am sure we can set it in reverse One thing about change When change is good, sometimes it hurts Either way, we are still here All of us bracing for shock Careful to open the door We don't know what comes to knock