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My name is Rain, and I'm a broken writer.
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At one time we were so close
Even as little girls
You were my heart's host
Its really hard for me
After all these years
To believe
That we aren't friends anymore
Its different
Unlike before
When ever you pass me by
In class
It feels awkward
And I feel this feeling will never pass
But why oh why is it so strange?
Its only been a month since
And you seemed to have gotten out of our range
And moved on
It feels so long
So long..
I miss having a friend
But in some ways
I guess I'm glad it came to an end
But its to long now
To long..
So long, Kayla.

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Its hard to think about how you'll die
Its annoying to think when you cry
You're never thinking when you lie
Sometimes it hard to see
Who in this world you are to be
Because following the key
By being yourself
Isn't always the greatest help
Hey, I can't give you a great answer
Just take in a deep breath and leap like a dancer
Its impossible to look before you fall
Unless you have a *someone* to call on

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I don't need anyone to help me up
Except you
I can be really simple
Like how the sky's blue
I don't want
I don't need
The only thing I see
Is you
What do I do?
I wonder if you love me too..
If you love me too..
If you had loved me too,
I wonder, where'd we be?

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i've always been there

just 'cause i care

no matter the cost

even when I'm lost

You've always been my idol

Not just my greatest friend

Only now

I still wonder how

You can sit there


And ask "how are we friends?"

How are we friends?

You tell me.

Looking up to see your face

Drifting out in outerspace

"Really, what do we have in common?"

More than you know.

More than you see.

Does it even matter.

I loved you

But I don't think I knew you.

But Ill always be here.

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