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I was with a boy named Micheal..but I never saw him. He was a liar, cheater, and sometimes dirty. I was thirteen and when I was with him and he was 16. The reasons that we finally broke up was because he lied to me one night while I was at bible study...And told me that he was moving to vegas... I am now 14 and still waiting for him to move...One night I met a boy named Keith and he made me laugh so I was feelin him.... I was still thirteen by the way....so for my 14th birthday I called my brother and told him to give me Keith's number he told me no and that he would talk to me later..he called me ten minutes later with keith on the phone...me and Keith offically hooked up on March first..and I have been happy ever since...trouble started when he moved far away and I met this cute boy..we started messing around and although I love keith...I still need someone else...things got really bad when my ex moved back out here and tried to get back with me..I Love my ex still but my love for him is not as strong....what should I do ..stick with keith that is far away...go with my ex who lives around the corner..or play with C the boy I mess around with? Submitted by Honey