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I am a 19 year old. I had a boyfriend for a year and six months. He and I had plans for our future. We plan to join the NAVY and study in the same field. He also told me that he wanted to have kids with me. Well it was prom night and it was a special night because it was my first time being with a guy in bed.Then one day he told me that he had gone to San Diego and he swear in the NAVY so that he would be living soon. Then the day came and he left. Around a month I found out that I was pregnant. I call him and told him that I was having a kid and he told me that I had to find out what to do on my own. That he didn’t want to do anything with me and the baby. So I didn’t know what to do. I continue with my life I registered in college. In College I meet this guy that was trying to get with me. He was so nice to me. I told him that I was 6 months pregnant and he accepted me with my kid. We started to go out the first month he ask me to do him a favor and of course I did (I make pretty good money where am working at) so I didn’t mind. He ask me to pay his bill and I said yes and then it became a everyday thing, to buy him shoes, clothes, buy him food etc.... He asks me to merry him and of course I said yes. We were engaged. He said he loved me. Then in school there were a lot of girls hating because I was with him and they started to tell him that I was with other guys so he believe them. He left me and broke up the engagement. And now he calls me different kind of names that a female wouldn’t like to be called. Where not dating. We do get together but where not dating. And I really care for him so much. but I don’t know if am just with him to feel love cause I don’t want to feel lonely cause I have a daughter and it hurts me so much that she is not with her daddy and this new guy loves this baby like it was his buys her a lot of things and takes her out to the park and things that a father will do but he treats me like sh*t!!! He just recently asks me to move in with him but I don’t know what to do or if I should just leave him alone and keep on going on my own? HELP me OUT please I need somebody else opinion. Written by Gladys Submitted by Gladys