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I live to see the moon rise and fall, but it has not been lovely to me at all,
The rainbow surrounded me today, untill your memory took it away.
I began to smile once I think and then your face appeared in each blink.
Pretty flowers outside my door can not bare beauty to me anymore.
A new sun shines each dreary day and you are not  here to ease the pain.
You have stolen the magic from my world, and taken it with you, while I live a storm.
Raging waters and bright shooting stars can not take the bond within my heart.
My soul has no peace, I will linger in tears. Untill I see you and hold you near.

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for all of my friends i am here for you and i don't need aything in return

Added a post come tell us about your day and meet us. We love to chat and for you with broken hearts Love doesn't die, emotions do.

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 You asked if I will stay and love you, for all the days are long.

 You wish for me to know you, and never iflict the wrong.

 You said, you wish to be the one to haunt  my dreams.

 The one my spirit finds compfort in, and guides my heart to see.

 You wish to be the path for me, the road that I will choose.

 You are the warmpth upon my face.

 To all these things, I do.


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