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My poetry has been published throughout the United States primarily as magazine verse as well as used as e-cards. I have peformed poetry readings in Florida. Some of my blues song lyrics have been published in a book out of Louisiana.
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should the moon
retreat forever
behind a darkened sky
and all the stars
fall earthbound
without their
twinkling light
if the sun should
cease to rise
the clouds go
their separate ways
and all the birds
no longer soar
i still will
not forget you
for, in all truth
i am forever yours

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Prove me right or
Prove me wrong
It won't matter
Once I’m gone
Prove me weak or
Prove me strong
Don’t wait to love
Me till I’m gone
Written by faithmairee
Submitted by faithmairee

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A woman's face wears many masks
Her precious secrets to conceal
So a man may sit and ponder
If what he sees is truly real
He’s a very clear-headed man
Who takes his time and sets his goal
He’s sure to see the masks diverge
As he taps on the door to her soul
Faith Elizabeth Brigham
Written by faithmairee
Submitted by faithmairee

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